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... Hi there. My PT thinks I may have an inflamed disc (like around L4 or L5) that is "pinching" a smaller nerve that runs to my sciatic nerve. It's gotten to the point where my leg hurts more than my back does. In PT, she has me doing strengthening excersises and stretching. The stretching feels good, however, one of the exercises she INSISTS I do, which I won't is laying... (5 replies)
... Ray. But, you can have both. Because everything is connected, you can have disc damage, which is causing ligament damage, or vice versa. ... (5 replies)
... How do they go about diagnosing a torn ligament vs. disc damage? ... (5 replies)

... Hi Betty! The pain originates in my left buttocks actually (it doesn't even feel like it's originating in my spine or back at all). I also had torn a ligament in that area a month ago as well. When I let my belly hang to the floor while doing the sphynx, it actually hurts my SI or whatever it is much worse. When I keep my back in neutral spine, it barely hurts at all.... (5 replies)
... The stretch sounds like she is trying to address your disc issue. I read that PT should hurt. I am not happy with that, but I do it anyway. That stretch is called the sphinx. I have to get up on my hands. ... (5 replies)
... The torn ligament might be your only problem. It takes up to 18 months to heal. Did you tell your PT about the ligament. They are doing an exercise that is used to treat a blown out disc. The ligament stretches are completely different. Tell them that before you go any further, you want a specific diagnoses. Also, have they had you wear the SI belt? It really works if you... (5 replies)
... After my MRI, It was discovered a had a very large herniated disc in this region. A week later I had surgery. ... (3 replies)
... and it was sore, so I mentioned it to my PM doc, and he said it was probably an inflamed trigger point. ... (9 replies)
... rry! It is probably 1 inch or so, above the top of the crack of your would also be quite understandable to have pain at the tailbone with this disc being injured.... since it is right above the tailbone... and if it is inflamed enough it is also quite possible to have a visible lump their.... ... (9 replies)
Disc Degenerate
Jan 7, 2004
... Degenerative Disc Disease is a bummer and I'm sorry to hear about all of your pain. ... (4 replies)
... I haven't had problems with a disc in my mid back for about 12 years. It was all inflamed about 12 years ago. In between two vertebrae you could see that it was swollen there and it hurt to bend. It felt like arthritis in that spot. ... (0 replies)
... al surgeons in the past years. When I started to get this decease on May 2008, I was suggested to surgery by at least two surgeons because I had a big herniated disc at that time. ... (13 replies)
... pain. However, I did not feel pain during the discogram, so it is not the disc! I definitely have the facet syndrome, but he thinks maybe my sacroiliac joint is inflamed too. All these areas can have similar symptoms, which makes it so hard to figure out. Did you show fluid in your facet joints on the MRI? ... (3 replies)
... and says I definately have bulging disc with s1 radiculopathy and refers me for ESI x3. First one hurt alot and didn't help. 2nd one, 2 weeks later, didn't hurt at all and that was 8 days ago. The dr. ... (4 replies)
Hernitated disc
Jan 30, 2016
... An epidural spinal injection would usually be the next step. It helps to shrink any inflamed tissue and sometimes to shrink the bulging disc so that it moves off the affected spinal nerve. Since you cannot do that, and if the nerve is still compressed, I would think surgery might be the next step. ... (1 replies)
... sion, it can cause nerve problems. The nerves that feed the bladder, bowel and sexual organs are located down in the lower lumbar area. Depending on where your disc bulge is, and what other tissue may be inflamed, it may be pushing into the nerve that runs to the bowel, causing some issues with function. ... (12 replies)
... But at least you are better than before surgeries. That is what I am hopeful for as well. I had 4 ESI injections this year, but I think it was in Sept. when the disc actually became fragmented. In late Sept. was the first time I developed numbness along the S1 nerve route. It got a little better after my October ESI. ... (7 replies)
... I've known several people who thought they had bursitis of the hip and even had corisone injections for bursitis, only to find out that the disc between L4 and L5 had herniated. ... (3 replies)
... Hi all, I would like to get some opinions... what are your views on Osteopathy? I'm a 25 year old female & paid a few visits to the Doctor with incredible pain in my lower back which would intermittently become a nasty case of sciatica. As I'm sure many of you know, the pain is in another league, & even if you're surrounded by the kindest most patient people, no one... (0 replies)
... Hey, Please remember that all chiros are different first of all. You don't come across people bashing the entire dentistry profession if they come across a "bad " dentist. They go to a different one. For some reason chiros get a bad rep for simply trying to aid in the pain relieving process without the patient having to take a controlled substance. If something is putting... (11 replies)

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