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... I had inflammation in the joint and my surgeon gave me a shot of cortisone that helped immediately. ... (4 replies)
... pain, SI problems, and rib pain. Cross post in either the arthritis section or immune disorders, include tests info... ... (17 replies)
... problems in thoracic spine. One of my ribs is not connecting to my spine right, I guess. ... (17 replies)

... the rib even upper left chest area swells with alot of muscle spasms. No one as of yet has found the root of the problem but little things are showing up in tests. ... (17 replies)
... The inflammation is in the tissue, my pcp think it's a muscle problem. Myofascial she said. But she has no diagnosis. It's frustrating.... ... (17 replies)
... The reason I'd stay away from the chiro for now is in the event that there is something amiss with your spine or ribs, a chiropractor could inadvertently cause more damage. ... (17 replies)
... No, it was an abdominal MRI. Showed inflammation of the subcutaneous tissue in that rib area of my side/back. That's it. Nothing of my spine. (17 replies)
... tion. There are several layers of large muscles that connect to the spine, go across the shoulder blades, around the torso and connect to the ribs. If they are in spasm, they will probably exhibit some of the symptoms you are reporting. ... (6 replies)
... I have had many, many tests, without a positive diagnosis. I have had an abdominal MRI which showed increased signal in the subcutaneous tissues of that area, which I was told by my general surgeon that there seems to be swelling in that area. ... (17 replies)
... Welcome mammy, wow you got your hands full, will add you to the list of others to keep in my prayers (with your permission). Thoracic outlet has been brought up but at this point ruled out for me. Over worked again this week end so got the whole pain in ribs/chest, back,arm & neck going on, would love to eliminate one by one off my list. Any of you experiance numbness in... (130 replies)
... ray blood test, injection done. In January of last year, or this year 2007, they found I need neck surgery from a workmans comp injury three years prior. ... (17 replies)
... Sammy has some good suggestions. Maybe a nerve pain medication would be something to request at your clinic while you're waiting for the medicaid to kick in. A common generic (so, inexpensive) medication is gabapentin. It works for some people, not for others, on nerve pain. Obviously, you'd want to discuss this with your doctor to see if it's appropriate, but it may help... (17 replies)
... Those nerves only hang in there for so long before they permanently get grumpy. It sounds like you have "radicular pain." That is that pain radiating around your rib cage. ... (17 replies)
... ft a message pertaining to what the PT said. I need guidance because I am so confused. I know you said I should continue with what I am doing, but it seems to be in vain.... ... (17 replies)
... I am so sorry you have no insurance, I know it can be a long wait for medicaid. We are in a state that is hanging by a thread financially. ... (17 replies)
... And that in AM is better than later in a day? ... (17 replies)
... b cage, they are weakened as the after results of being rear ended. As to the chiro, everyone is different. I first saw a chiro after the accident and wound up in more pain than when I first started. I was having horrible muscle spasms between my shoulder blades and PT wasn't helping. ... (5 replies)
... the inflammation is interferring with my ability to inhale properly on the left side,the lung does not expand like the right, he said can't even see the upper ribs when I take a breathe in vs. the right side due to the inflammation. ... (49 replies)
I need help guys
Nov 22, 2012
... tissue issues and the other thought both. Getting adjustments to my back makes it way worse. When he cracks the injured side I will feel, it feels like a muscle in my back that tears, sharp pain. The next day I will be in pain. And my back will feel looser, and more weak. ... (2 replies)
... About 4 weeks ago I came down with some horrible flu.. Real flu, not a cold. Was stuck in my bed unable to eat, motivate myself to get up, operate, anything really. ... (0 replies)

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