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... how to interpret mri report (0 replies)
Repeat MRI results
Aug 19, 2013
... surgeons will interpret MRI's differently. I remember a cervical MRI I had done where I got a report from both the radiologist and my spine surgeon doing a report on it. ... (4 replies)
... Well, primarily what it changes is that it is a DISC protrusion, not a bone. A bone - they could go in a minimally invasive surgery and shave it off. Since it is a disc, they will probably try conservative measures first-meaning physical therapy and maybe epidural injections. Your thoracic spinal cord is minimally affected, so calming the inflammation might help it self heal.... (5 replies)

... Thank you for your reply. I am 37. Well I asked for the MRI result to be sent to me and I am glad I did. Dr and nurse both said it was a bone protrusion slightly contacting anterior margin of thoracic cord. ... (5 replies)
... Got a new dr last month who said to get MRI of upper back. Finally after waiting for insurance approval got one 2 days ago and dr. called today and told me that she is referring me to orthopedic surgeon. ... (5 replies)
... Thank you! I appreciate the time you took to explain my MRI. That definitely explains my sciatic pain and lower back pain overall. I have an appt with my primary this afternoon to discuss all of this, but I am glad to know more about it prior to seeing her. (4 replies)
... Because the MRI caught a bit of your abdomen, it saw a small umbilical hernia. ... (4 replies)
... surgeries. Well, now it seems it is me that is having the problems. I am going to post what my lumbar MRI said. Any insight would be appreciated. Thank you! ... (4 replies)
... The report does not indicate how large the disc bulge is. The doctor should correlate the MRI with what he finds upon physical exam, neurologic exam and from listening to your description of symptoms and what effect this has on your daily living. ... (2 replies)
... Got MRI results today and have NO IDEA what any of it means! Of course doc will explain, but I would like to have a few other opinions too... ... (2 replies)
... my PCM has to do all of the referring which doesn't make sense since she didn't know what was going on and sent me to a Nuerologist anyways. The Nuero wanted the MRI but my insurance rejected it intially since it didn't come from my PCM so now I am playing matchmaker between the two offices to get something done. ... (10 replies)
... Feelbad, you mentioned that you would guess I have myelopathy. That is what the MRI says. It states that definite cord myelomalacia is now present at these levels and I am trying to understand just what that means. ... (10 replies)
... tly going to sleep. My feet are cold and get the same pins and needles feeling but it is not constant. The Nuerologist did some sensory tests before ordering the MRI and was concerned about the pain that her pricking me in the back with a tooth pick caused. I felt like I was in the worse pain of my life. ... (10 replies)
... just a suggestion here but i would most definitely ask to be referred to a good neurosurgeon who has the training to actually go within the spinal canal and the cord(not all NSs are created equal)i really don't mean to freak you out here or anything but you may be getting that phone call from your neuro telling you you may need to prepare for that surgery as what you have... (10 replies)
... My Nuerologist won't be in to view the MRI report until Monday and I am a nervous wreck. ... (10 replies)
... Hi, I have been having severe mid back pain with numbness and tingling in the groin and loss of senstation in my right foot for one month. I have been to the ER to no avail then finally a Nuerologist who ordered an MRI. I picked up a copy of the report and need help deciphering the lingo. This is what is says... These images show disk dissecation at t6-7 and t7-8 levels. At... (10 replies)
... Could someone PLEASE interpret These findings into more layman-like terms. This is very important because I need to be able to make an informed decision on whether or not to have surgery to correct the issues shown in the MRI's. thank you to anyone who can help. **This is the first MRI Report:** MRI Spine Cervical WO: 7/5/2016 10:06 PM (3 replies)
... I am hoping someone smart can interpret this for me into words that make sense.. normal words not doctor words! ... (2 replies)
... Can somebody help me interpret this MRI? ... (4 replies)
... i have an mri report can someone interpret what it means. ... (1 replies)

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