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... I had an appoinment today, one I waited 4 months for at a prominent spine center in my city for opinion about about relief of si/joint, piriformis syndrome. I asked for a spine doctor but out of the 30 doctors I got a physiatrist. The doctor at this institute referred me to an intereventional radiologist he knows to do an ultrasound of the piriformis and if they see there is a... (38 replies)
... Hi Monkey, to answer your question about how far down the leg the pain goes: My pain is intermittent and it goes down the side of my leg from the center of my right glute to the top of my foot, then the whole pain line goes numb still painful and then I feel the pain as a wave inside my being. This is what makes me weak inside and I really hate it. Sadie (38 replies)
... Hello fellow periformis muscle and hip bone problem people. I was so glad to find this site because I relate to most of what I have read and it is a comfort to know I am not the only one who has these problems. To begin I bought a pair of MBT tennis shoes and have been wearing them constantly. They have a raised area in the center of the foot so you are walking without... (38 replies)

... Hi Monkey Just wanted to tell you I'm impressed you stood your ground to the docs! Don't give up! With your gumption, you'll find a helpful doc! Wouldn't it be nice if their receptionists could TELL us if they have experience with SIJD? Or anything particular issue for that matter? You can't ask; you always have to make an appt. Sheesh.... (38 replies)
... ll, i feel for you and glad to see you being your advocate and such! It has to be done sometimes! I have a similiar problem i think and i am gonna mention this to the ortho this week as i was told two years ago that when i bend my left hip doesn't rotate and i think this is were i am experiencing alot of my distress from and possible causeing me pain and falls. And it seems to... (38 replies)
... It feels as if my muscle is strained and can't recover - almost as if it is 'caught' somewhere and can't move right. The Physical Therapist has pinpointed some areas in what I'd consider my hip where pressure on the muscle is painful. It never felt like typical back pain for me - as it wasn't all over the lower back. It has remained confined to my lower left back/buttock/hip... (38 replies)
... +deleted+deleted+ (38 replies)
... Kross I was just wondering how you found it you had a piriformis problem.What symptoms are you having that you think you have this? Thanks , G (38 replies)
... KK I know how you must feel wanting to work. Do you really think you could function with a high pain level? I know I cried all day when I had 10+ pain I couldnt concentrate or sleep at night. I didnt have a desk job so it was impossible for me to keep my job, I was put on sedentary duty. I miss my job and will never be able to do what I love the most. I am not sure what... (38 replies)
... Hello all Monkey, to answer your question about the leg pain, when I was first injured I bent over and had immediately a shooting pain in thr ight leg that traveled down the back but didnt go to the foot. I had what felt like biting in the right buttocks, as well as burning and throbbing. I couldnt wear clothes,like my scrubs or anything like jeans. I wore spandex mostly to... (38 replies)
... hello ginger and monkey how are you feeling? sorry I have not been on much, this pain is just getting out of control and I want to go to work so bad. Sometimes my whole left side hurt from back down, it is too much to deal with, but I am trying to make it. I was just checking in on you guys. (38 replies)
... Walksginger, i am wondering, cause this would help alot in my searching, how far down the leg do you have pain, or anyone? Thanks for any help with this! Love, Monkey (38 replies)
... Karin, i was wondering what your symtoms of this are, and how it effects you, as i am trying to pinpoint my symtoms? And what actually might be going on, as my husband agrees that i may be suffering with alot of ms stuff Thanks, Monkey (38 replies)
... Very interesting. I had a spinal fusion 14 years ago and thought the back pain I had was from post-fusion changes. Wrong, it is from the piriformis muscle! I know a bit of anatomy and had never even heard of this. But, it appears from what I've researched I may be lucky - no sciatic involvement. Just started week 2 of PT and I think it's helping....I'm just not sure yet. (38 replies)
... G, yes, it started as mild low back pain, and radiated down the leg, and they did an Mri and EMG because i fell and showed nothing unusual ,thats when i started getting the fullside weakness, numbness , ect, and it just keeps getting worse and even the PT person said it is a nerve or something affecting nerves, but with all the other symtoms i have being on one side and my arm... (38 replies)
... Monkey When you say MS, are you speaking of multiple sclerosis? Are you having weakness in the muscles? I am not sure what symptoms you are having for someone to say that. I sure hope you get things worked out. Another thing I forgot to mention is the this new doc of mine is ordering a full body bone mri to tule out si/joint.I didnt make an appointment yet because I had to... (38 replies)
... G, thank you, i am exploring this as well, as MS on that spot also as i have nothing showing up on anything ithier, my main thing is it's great to know that i was told i should see a Neurologist for nerves ect., but i seen an orthapedic dr. as well and i go back in about a week to follow up after a shot wich gave me no relief, but that could be becomes my symtoms werre worse... (38 replies)
... Hi Monkey I did not have a test to determine I have deep tissue injury. The original doctors (saw spine doctors) I saw didnt say that neither did order any tests. From what I was told from the start, there isnt a way to diagnose si/joint or piriformis on ct, mri etc. It was a chiropractor I saw which I was referred to by my general practice doctor who is a DO. He originally... (38 replies)
... Walks, thank you for the information, can we ask what test do they do to see if you have deep tissue injury of the piriformis? I am trying to research everything i can while on wait on dr.s referals ect. Love, Monkey (38 replies)
... Hi Monkey Thanks for your interest in the post. Yes it is so difficult to go from doctor to doctor and pt to have them not give answers. It is very draining for me. I just now after 2 years found a doctor who listened to me when I explained the hip and leg issue. My first year after onset of the injury I couldnt rotate at the hip and didnt abduct more than 10 degrees. (... (38 replies)

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