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... Hi! I had an L4-L5-S1 fusion on March 20. I had spacers put in too, they used my own bone. The first few days, in the hospital, were really hard for me too. I was on a morphine drip and couldn't stop vomiting. As it turns out, the morphine was the cause of the vomiting. Once I got off the drip, my recovery was much easier to handle. I had a very hard time walking at all in... (5 replies)
... Hi I had my facet joints injected yesterday an i have never been in hospital before an was quite nervous. I had L3/L4/L5/S1 and the same on the right. I had it done under sedation an they didnt numb my back. Didnt feel a thing through the procedure but was quite sore( no actual pain) when i woke up. It is the day after an it is feeling very sore an i find it a relief to... (7 replies)
... My husbands first surgery they went in and cut out around the disc because it was pressing down on his spine and causing him to have terible leg pain. They said cutting around the disc would free up some space where it wouldn't press down on the nerves and that should help the pain. Well it didn't help at all. His back trouble is at L3, L4, L5, S1. When they went in and done... (5 replies)

... Hello everyone. My name is Ann. I have lurked here for a while and now I have some questions I hope someone can help me with. I had lumbar fusion of L3-L4-L5-S1 exactly one year ago. I have not progressed as much as I thought I would by this point. I am 41 years old and before I had these back problems I was very active, i.e. working out, working, doing fun things,... (3 replies)
... Can anyone tell me what I am to expect ? All I know is the script said, L3-L4-L5,S1. Are you awake for this test? how long does it take? I was awake in 1999 when I had my 1st round of epidural's, So I figured the 2nd round would be the same. Boy was i wrong the doctor in a nerve & did i almost jump off of the table. My whole right side went numb. so for shot #2 & 3 i took... (3 replies)
... Your right, I was vague wasn't I. The stinging just comes at anytime, sitting/standing it really does not matter, and it is a stinging like a hot poker kind of stinging, and I thought it was because I am suppose to be doing my "excercises" meaning the one they give you to do on your bed in the morning, The pelvic tilt, the one knee bent, and lift the other in the air, then... (10 replies)
... My husband had fusion of L3/L4/L5 & S1 on December 10, 2004. He is still in lots of pain and has trouble sleeping because of the pain. He is still on oxycontin 50mg a day, down from 60mg a day because the pain management doctor wants him to get off of it. Sometimes he drinks at night to help with the pain. Why would he still be in pain after such a long time? He... (6 replies)
... well its 9 mo. i have seen no changes in my symptoms i have been to 4 drs pt 5 mo. i have had a mri lumbar L3/L4/L5/S1 DDD /total body bone scan had the classic runaround by w/c . had the last w/c dr tell me i have busted rib that was causing all my problems so i asked him if a broken rib was causing my grion pain he said why sure he wrote me a perscription not to go back to... (3 replies)
... i have ddd L3/L4/L5/S1 its not getting better i would like to know who has had surgery and what they did and how long did they wait till they had surgery mine has been 8 mo but i cant see going any longer its killing me my pain besides the rest of my back problems is mid line waist hips buttocks grion and some leg pain but not to bad leg pain just real annoying and pain as low... (6 replies)
How Many Of You
Aug 3, 2005
... hello ajd i recieved your reply on another sight that i had about a pinched nerve i do have ddd in L3/L4/L5/S1 and really nothing has changed with me just the classic w/c runaround all i have been told is about the ddd and then a bone scan which showed costochondralitis which is in my chest that really hurts it also causes back pain my neck is as bad as the rest if not worse... (2 replies)
Pinched nerve?
Aug 2, 2005
... hello ajd i do have ddd in L3/L4/L5/S1 and really nothing has changed with me just the classic w/c runaround all i have been told is about the ddd and then a bone scan which showed costochondralitis which is in my chest that really hurts it also causes back pain my neck is as bad as the rest if not worse at times but to my low back symptoms i have low back pain that is into... (5 replies)
How Many Of You
Aug 1, 2005
... well i will tell you that i also have grion pain for 8 mo now it did start on left side as to which i thought i had a hernia well after going to several drs i finally had one a mo ago check me for a hernia i didnt have one i would have thought i should have been checked several mo ago but no one did and my sysmptoms are low back pain sometimes very bad/ left butt / grion now... (2 replies)
... ok i have had a mri on my lumbar which showed L3/L4/L5/S1 ddd my symptoms are pain and stiffness in lower back pain in left butt cheek pain in hips sometimes my leg bothers me well w/c sent me to another dr he said i dont see ddd and gave me a bone scan will it show up on bone scan ? b/c i guess it didnt butt i know how bad it hurts but dr says he sees more on mri films than... (3 replies)
Help someone
Jul 21, 2005
... ok ill start from the begining i was in a tractor trailer rollover 8 mo ago heres my symptoms i have stiff neck still neck pain left arm pain mid back pain chest muscles its like someones ripping my chest apart (muscle spasm) low back pain into my hips real bad grion pain leg pain if i drive or sat to long and headaches all i have had done is a lumbar mri and now a bone... (5 replies)
... hi i really cant tell you if it does or not but i have had bad grion and testical pain for 8 mo i have only had mri on lumbar and came back with ddd L3/L4/L5/S1 but i really think im having problems in thoratic too so i sure would like to know where mines coming from also. (2 replies)
... thanks tirzah well i went to spine spec all he did was xrays b/c i really never had none except in the emergency room he said nothing really but sent me back to pt that i have all ready did pt for 4 mo with no help. then the next day i went to another w/c dr and he said i needed a bone scan and he looked at my mri films of my lower back that showed ddd in l3 l4 l5 s1 and... (5 replies)
Why? a bone scan?
Jul 10, 2005
... ok let me start from the beginning i was in a truck rollover in nov.of 04 i went to pt for 4 mo. i have had mri of lumbar only it showed ddd of L3-L4-L5-S1. my symptoms are i have left arm pain and neck mid backpain & real bad chest muscle spasm low back pain left butt cheek & hips both sides grion pain (bad) i finly got w/c to find me a spine doctor went to him last... (3 replies)
... hi i have never been told why my groin hurts so bad but i also have ddd in l3-l4-l5 -s1 they act like it dont hurt me and im here to tell you its driving me crazy (2 replies)
... OH BOY!! Mike... So you are dealing with the Metlife crap too? I have been dealing with them since this past March with my disability... got short term disability, but had to give them new documentation everytime I had a doctors visit to see if they were going to continue my benefits, and I was going to the doctor every couple weeks..... NOW I have went into Long Term... (11 replies)
... HI, I also had BMP used. I won't lie to you...Recovery is hard! When I woke up from surgery I felt pretty good, until I got up to use the restroom and I realized that my tummy hurt soooo bad from the incision. My back still hurts every second of every day, but it's liveable and better than it used to be. I am not allowed to lift more than 10 pounds and I limit myself so... (12 replies)

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