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... Your husband's spine sounds identical to mine. I had an L4/L5, L5/S1 fusion done 4 years ago. My L2/L3 was bulging at the time. It has been 4 years and my L3/L4 is now herniated (with the L2/L3 still bulging a little more than it was). I am trying to decide how to proceed with the pain treatment. I won't have another surgery until it becomes unbearable. I do have some... (4 replies)
... S1 looked much better than expected...but since he was already operating, he made the decision to go ahead and fuse it, too. So I ended up being fused from L3 to S1. ... (54 replies)
... Aloha Guyz, :wave: Other than kastenm, who I believe is describing pinched nerve symptoms, which I had experienced both pre op and post op, I agree that you are experiencing muscle problems. I had the heater coil sensation emanating from my right buttock down the back of my right leg to just below the knee, then I had pins and needles sensation on my right calf, and I also... (13 replies)

... Indeed! As a matter of fact, I am going in an Friday due to severe stenosis at L2-3, but this time I am not having fusion. My surgeon said if it had occurred five years ago, he would have needed to remove my current hardware at L3-S1 in order to address this issue. But now with the changes in technology, I am having a less invasive procedure and will only be in one... (4 replies)
... Hello I'm new to the board but I've read many articles on this message oard for the last few weeks. I've lumbar stenosis and disc bulge and herniated disc throughout my lumbar spines since 2007. I also have lupus and RA and other autoimmune diseases. The chronic pain on my lower back has been manageable until last October(2015). I started having numbness on my big... (54 replies)
... I have had other epidurals and had the temporary increase in pain but this completely different. It is hard to explain...the pain is incredible and it does not go away. I have had the pain since September. I can tell you exactly where the spot is and it becomes very crampy in my case and hurts like h*ll. Here is my surgery info: 1982 Fusion without hardware s1/S2 for... (6 replies)
... Great advice. He's been doing way too much post surgery. He needs to relax and take it easy and just walk. He wants to work out again and hasn't grasped the fact that he can't lift weights like he used to. So here are his issues: Over the years he has thrown out his back, mainly with wrestling. At districts this year, he threw out his back in the first 20 seconds. ... (8 replies)
... Thank you so much for your story!! I hope you are feeling better by now! I just got mixed opinions from a very good and conservative surgeon. I saw him 10 years ago and told me to WAIT for as long as possible....Well, based in the 2008 MRI he suggested a fusion at L5-S1 (which 2 neuro suggested as well). Then, when he saw the new MRI, he thought a 3 level discectomy from... (10 replies)
... Hi everybody :wave: Today I had my discogram, and it wasn't as bad as I feared! I thought I would post a description of the procedure for others who are about to go through it. They tested 3 levels (L3-L4, L5, S1), thinking only one would be bad, and the test confirmed the diagnosis of an annular tear in the L5-S1 disk. ... (21 replies)
... has progressed when compared to the previous examination. Marrow edema involving the posterior elements of L4 and L5 most likely represents stress reaction. ... (54 replies)
... so a revision was planned. When the surgeon opened me up using the same incision from the previous two surgeries, he was surprised to find that the facets at L3 were worn away and were just tiny little nubs that were allowing my spine to move all around at that level, badly compressing several nerves. ... (8 replies)
... I have been going through severe back pain now for about 18 months. I currently have compressed disc in the L3-L4, L4-L5, L5-S1, with tears in two discs and ofcourse degenerative disc disease(arthritis). My pain stems from the lower back out to my left hip with shooting pain down the left front leg, sometimes on the right leg, pain in the back of the left leg, minimal... (2 replies)
... Hello everyone! I just found this board, and I am scheduled to have the 360 Degree Lumbar Fusion at L3-L4, L4-L5, and L5-S1 surgery on 2/17/09. I am a little nervous, and I am starting to prepare my house and everything else for the surgery. I found the "sticky" on the main page, and I think that will be a very usefull list of items. I am currently on Dilaudid 2mg every... (12 replies)
... nerves start in your lumbar back area so when you have a disc bulge or herniation with nerve compression, more than likely the nerve will be compressed either at L4 or L5...did I confuse you? ... (48 replies)
... Doug - Wanted to raise one issue that my neuro told me about ... just in case you're not hearing this from your docs. You indicate you're considering an ALIF at L5/S1 (I'm looking at L3/L4) ... my neuro told me that at L5/S1 there is a chance of impotency resulting from the surgery. Remote chance, but never the less a chance. He told me this in the nature of "this... (12 replies)
... S1 causing mild impression on the thecal sac and slight impression on the right S1 nerve root. Just to give a little history...I had a bad fall back in March of 06 where I fractured my sacrum and wrist and have had back problems ever since. ... (9 replies)
... wo more years to convince a doctor that something was still compressed, whether it showed up on MRI or not....eventually I had more surgery and am now fused from L3 to S1. When my doctor opened me up, he was surprised to find that my facet joints at L3 had worn down to little nubs... ... (2 replies)
... Hi, thank you for taking the time to read my situation. Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated. I had a strong back my whole life, I played hockey from 13 until the accident in 12/2008 and my back had always been strong. I was turning on a green arrow when a driver ran the light and hit me just left of center, pretty much head on. At first I was optimistic, I... (4 replies)
... :(:eek:Well I will try to make this short but sweet:) I have been schuduled for a for vasive surgery and it has only been 11 months since my 3 level fusion back in Dec. 07. My ortho keeped saying my body was rejecting my screws and I couldn't except that answers since I have been in the same pain since before surgery!! I had my L4,L5,S1 fused with hardware and also... (4 replies)
... inal bilateral annular tear. Bilateral facet joint hyperthropy noted. Mild narrowing of the neural exit foramina bilaterally with potential irritation on exiting L4 nerve root weight bearing. ... (2 replies)

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