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... I had a MRI scan last year in October. I am sorta having trouble understanding what it all means: No significant bone marrow abnormalities were noted. the conus appears normal terminating at he T12-L1 level. There is low signal intensity in the dural sac extending from approximately T12-L1 through L2-L3 on the axial transverse images, likely artifactual. Epidural lipmatosis... (0 replies)
... L5, and then two years later had surgery to fuse L3 to S1. ... (1 replies)
Jan 8, 2012
... crews, so they had to be removed. So he took off the rods, removed the screws, drilled new holes, put in new screws and then ran two long rods that connect from L3 to S1. Just a little carpentry project....what happened to me is fairly typical of a revision surgery.... ... (3 replies)

... Dear Experts Recently I felt that I can't grip any thing with my right hand for a long , I went to a specialist and he advised me to do the scan for the lower part of the spine and wrist and neck Those are the reports of the scanning (0 replies)
... (5 replies)
... It seems to me that surgery is no cure, and I am destined for a life filled with pain. I am only 28 years old! I had my first spinal fusion 7 months ago, and now I need another fusion at another level. I am hoping that this second surgery will be my last, but I am so afraid that with every surgery I am causing more harm than good. I have tried all the conservative... (5 replies)
... there is mild diffuse disc bulge with a partial annular tear. There is minimal truncation of the proximal L4 lateral recesses, left greater than right. There is mild facet hypertrophy. ... (2 replies)
... Thanks Lizzy, maybe I should do discogram one more time before I make a decision. So basically....This is the theory that the reproductive pain during discogram is the main factor to determine whether it is the source of pain or not. I wish I could find the course and deal with the ugly pain as soon as possible. It has been two years and it is really a suffering. I have... (16 replies)
Need some help
Jan 23, 2007
... Hi Everyone, I am back again, with yet more problems. I had a fusion at L4/5 with instrumentation last March. Since the fusion, I have had problems above and below the fusion, and the foot drop that I had before the fusion has gotten progressively worse. I have nerve pain, shooting pain down both legs, can't sit for more than 15 minutes without my legs going numb, can't tell... (24 replies)
... There is a tiny central disc protrustion evident, that does appear to just barely contact, or come very close to the right more so than the left budding S1 nerve roots. This disc protrusion is only about 2mm in AP dimension. ... (1 replies)
... Post operative change secondary to left laminectomy noted. The is approximately 3 mm anterior subluxation of L4 on L5. The disc is narrowed but there is no evidence of bulging or herniation of the disc at this level. ... (2 replies)
Back Pain
Jan 30, 2006
... There is 2 mm retrolisthesis of L1 on L2 and of L2 on L3 in standing neutral position. These each reduce to 1 mm in flexion. ... (3 replies)
... Jitterygal, Hope your mother is doing better. I to suffer from bone spurs I think. I've had 4 test. CT- states facet arthropathy narrowing the dorsal spinal canal at L3-L4 L4-L5 diffuse disk bulge in both lateral neural foraminal (4 replies)
... I have not had the ADR but I have been told by my new Ortho that I should because L3 has degenerated to the point it is pushing against my spinal cord and has a lot of arthritis. ... (6 replies)
... Hi, I am needing assistance, The following info my current MRI reports, and SPECT scan. Can anyone help me understand all this terminology? Can anyone identify the diagnosis? 6/2004 - 1st MRI: FINDINGS: The spinal alignment is normal. THere is partial disc desiccation at all levels. At most there is minimal disc protrsion at 2-3, L3-4, L4-5. There is no significant... (6 replies)
... Were you aware that stress is one of the number one reasons for back pain? See if you can go one or two days not thinking about your back. Lay off of the pain killers as they set up a cycle tricking your mind into believing that you are in pain. You might be able to get through this entire thing with exercise, positive thinking, breaking old habits, and more tests to set your... (2 replies)
... i cant understand this,,,,,,,ct scan done 1991,and my back is killing me if someone could tell me what could be wrong or what should i say to the doctor what was missed,,,,,,,,,,,'''''ct of the lumbar spine..tomographic cuts at l3-4 l4-5 and l5-s1 were obtained at l3-4 and l4-5 no abnormality is seen,at l5-s1 a soft tissue density i seen filling the right recess which proceeds... (2 replies)
... S1. Assoc. end plate degenerative changes involving the inferior and superior aspects of the L5 and S1. Mild hypertrophy of the superior articulating facets and ligamentum flavum. ... (7 replies)
... S1. Assoc. end plate degenerative changes involving the inferior and superior aspects of the L5 and S1. Mild hypertrophy of the superior articulating facets and ligamentum flavum. ... (52 replies)
Surgery or wait
Sep 7, 2003
... yeah i had my first surgery in kuwait after which i left for india to start college...n my second one in india thats from where im originally... now im back in kuwait doin MBA u kno wat? wat if u end up damaging ur nerve just coz ur wary of surgery?wudnt it b better if u deal with it as early as possiblle? i kno its easy fer me to say but think about it. howz ur job?... (7 replies)

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