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... Thanks to this board, I am so much more informed about the L5 S1 fusion with Ray cages tomorrow. ... (7 replies)
... I am 5 weeks post op of fusion L4 L5 and laminectomy L2 L3 L4...I started back to work this week about 5 hours a day....I was in the hospital for 5 days...that was rough....the more you get up the better.... ... (9 replies)
... Since you've already had surgery you probably know extreme yoga type stuff is out. The addition of S1 to your fusion won't make any difference in functioning, flexibility, etc. ... (3 replies)

... Hi, glad to hear that surgery went smoothly and most importantly you are out of pain. I'm 10 days post op for Disectomy/Laminectomy at L3/L4. Had L4/L5 done exactly a year ago. Am experiencing the same numbness and tingling/burning sensation as you but for me its on the left leg. Thats the opposite one to where my pain was on this op but the same side as last years op. ... (7 replies)
... Hi again You previously replied to my post with such detailed advice and only responded with a thank you. I just wanted you to know that I really appreciated your response and sound advice. I decided to postpone my surgery and proceed with our vacation plans. I'll revisit the idea of the surgery in late spring or early summer. I've read other post about this procedure and it... (3 replies)
... Welcome to the board. I have had three surgeries, first fused at L4-5, then a foraminotomy at L5-S1 and finally fused from L3-S1. Oddly the first surgery was the most difficult to recover from. It is really difficult to compare one person's experience to another as the variables are vast...but if I were in your shoes and could wait, I would wait. Unless you can get out... (3 replies)
... S1 fusion. The immobility of that segment puts additional stress on joints that normally have almost no mobility. I am fused from L3 to S1 and had trouble too. ... (2 replies)
... with herniated disc at L5 pinching my left sciatic nerve...the 2nd MRI only showed herniations were bigger... ... (22 replies)
... Help.....Has anyone had surgery, and then had the same problem again. I had 3 ruptured disks in Feb.2000. L3,L4,and L5. I had surgery in April of 2000. It worked right away... I was all but pain free. It took some time for the recovery from the surgery, but have remained pain free for 2 years. Then all of the sudden the pain in my left leg was back.....I can't tell you... (3 replies)
... Aloha all, :wave: I can relate to the anxiety, but not the micro-discectomy as I opted for the full on fusion. Everyone is different, but I think there is one common thread that everyone who has had a successful back surgery has, and that is a positive attitude. I am sure that once you are back home again recovering, you will have no regrets. Just make sure you follow... (18 replies)
... Less than a year ago I had a decompression and fusion performed on L2, L3, L4, L5 and S1 because of spondylolisthesis and other problems. ... (7 replies)
... Hi every one, My name is Max and like all of you my back is pretty screwed up.It started almost 7 years ago , I know that well because i got hurt 1 month after marrying my beautiful wife.In these seven years of painful living I have had 5 surgery`s.My first was a discectomy and lamenectomy at L3,L4.One year later struggling with tons of pain in my back,and hip area and legs I... (13 replies)
... S1 was rupturned i hate to tell you this the L3 and the L4 WERE rupturned because they made me work for 3 weeks on my injury SO if they do make you work please be careful AND Tex get a lawyer just in case. ... (30 replies)
Facet block
May 6, 2002
... My sister had 2 facet blocks and helped her. She has a protruding disc at L3 L4. ... (7 replies)
... After 2 back surgery's 1st Dec 22 08, 2nd Jan 17 2011 today it is difficult to walk. I finally had a low back MRI which it did not show much but it was from that I had 4 injections that did not help. So my doc ordered a 3 phase bone scan which it zeroed into the pedicle screws and talks about L3-L4-L5-S1 uptake from minimal to mild to intense uptake from screws to plates I do... (5 replies)
... Hi Woody, First of all, welcome to the board :wave:. I think you'll enjoy it here. There are many kind, knowledgeable people here that have gone through what you are going through, so don't be afraid to ask questions. We also don't mind if you vent, we know how fustrating and lonely it can feel to have back/pain problems, friends and family can say they understand, but... (5 replies)
... Hi lala Thanks for your response. I read your posts, and congrats on your new baby! I know the recovery is going to be tough, but reading everyone's threads and posts, and the responses I have received have been very informative. Had pre-op testing today, it went well, and the staff at the hospital were very helpful. I was told that after the surgery I'll go to recovery... (19 replies)
... (Here is my problem -37 year old male in good physical shape with the exception of my lower spine with herniated l3,l4,l5,S1, degenerative facet joints, spinal Stenosis, abnormalities in the ventrolateral & dorsolateral portions of the spinal canal what ever that means and lots of other things I donít even come close to under standing). I see allot of posts asking if they... (0 replies)
... I will give you a quick response now as you said you have an appointment this afternoon. If I were in your shoes, And having L4-5 fused, I would go ahead and have L5-S1 fused as well. You will not notice any difference in how much you can move or bend, and with the sacralized vertebra, it will insure you are more or less lined up properly and diminish any movement between... (54 replies)
... Is he planning on fusion from L4 to S1? ... (54 replies)

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