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... Hello, What does the following mean? Patent patent canal and foramen Endplate degenerative changes (4 replies)
... I finally went to get a 2nd opinion w a spine specialist and he found alot of things that weren't done and that my L4,L5 were bulging again among other things. ... (4 replies)
... :confused: Newbee to this board I really didn't know I had any back problems because my hip hurts so bad. The report does list multiple hip problems that I did recognize but I don't have a clue what "bilateral facet joint arthropathy at L4-5 and L4-S1 level. Localized fluid collection. " is taking about. That stuff sounds like spine. (2 replies)

... Just don't think this is a walk in the park, and dont let your Dr. tell you that it isn't bad. Spinal Fusion is the top dog of spine surgeries. There really isn't much that can compare with it. ... (7 replies)
... Grade 1 anterolisthesis of L4 on L5. Straightening of the normal lumbar lordosis. Trasitinoal segment representing a partially scralized L5 vertebra. Rudimentary ribs at T12. ... (54 replies)
... Hi Teteri66 thanks for your reply. So far I've seen 4 surgeons including one last Monday-2 ortho.spine and 2 neuro. they are all private sole practitioners as I was limited by my medical group. Their recommendations split by trade: both ortho spine surgeons recommend L4-L5 laminectomy and fusion. both neurosurgeons recommend L4-S1 fusion with the last one I saw... (54 replies)
... aid, you have to try to weigh the risks vs. the advantages....Sometimes this opportunity doesn't present itself. Sometimes surgery has to be done. But for most spine surgeries, it is considered an "elective" surgery...and that's what makes the decision so difficult. ... (42 replies)
... I am scheduled to have this axialif surgery done on Monday, May 18th and I'm not really sure about it. Helppppp!!!!! I hurt my back at work in December of 2005 which ended up being 3 buldging discs that caused severe pain. The first Dr. I was sent to (by workman's comp) put me on percocet and sent me to pain management for those epidural injections over a 6 month period,... (1 replies)
... My spine does not like being fused. I have the muscle spasams to prove it. Life is not fun just because of these. ... (17 replies)
... bad tears are, a discogram is when dye is inserted in disc and then ct scan run. Let me know if you need any further info, I've read alot and seeing a very good spine surgeon. ... (5 replies)
... has progressed when compared to the previous examination. Marrow edema involving the posterior elements of L4 and L5 most likely represents stress reaction. ... (54 replies)
... Thanks for the info! I thought it was probably related to old "Arthur" creeping up. I have some joint issues due to a Horrible gymnastics injury in 1968. I have had 6 knee surgeries. I had total knee replacement in 06 and it is indicated for my other knee. The hip problem started almost a year ago after TKA when I returned to my normal exercise routine. I go back to... (2 replies)
... s can end up causing lots of pain. And I can't be sure, but the fluid collection might be localized inflammation because it's all irritated in there. So yes, the L4 through S1 are in your lower spine..and yes, problems in your spine can radiated to other areas of your body. ... (2 replies)
... unds like you are being rushed into this surgery. Unless it is truly a medical emergency, it is always a good idea to get more than one opinion when it comes to spine surgery. ... (8 replies)
... Unlike other spine problems like herniated discs or back spasms, spondylolisthesis can only be fixed by surgery. ... (15 replies)
... L5 is starting to bulge again. I also have some serious arthritis in the spine and SI Joints, and some mild stenosis. ... (29 replies)
... Thank you Mel you have been alot of help...18 months to fuse ? My Dr.'s told me if your not fused or close to it by 12 months your not going to fuse ? I already had on revision because I didn't fuse , I find out today , I see my PainManagement Dr. I hope he can read the report's. Thanks again :p (12 replies)
... making your lumbar spine sturdier. ... (12 replies)
... waiting to see a ortho. spine surgeon soon for a 2nd opinion. ... (54 replies)
... I asked the spine specialist why my testicle hurts or aches so much. He said it is becaue of a ligament in your back that gets inflamed because of your back. ... (7 replies)

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