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... S1 predominant a gauche entrainant un conflit sur la racine S1 gauche. ... (11 replies)
... I have the same symptoms, and have for over 6 years. I had asked docs for 3 years of more for a left hip MRI, which finally was done. I had torn my piriformis muscle and half of it healed back onto the sacrum further up and more medially in the sacrum. ... (3 replies)
... S1 area and I also have a segmentation defect in that area which causes my hips to be not centered and shifting towards the left side. The pain in my back, hip, leg, and foot are all on the left side. ... (7 replies)

... the past couple of years, my back has really taken a turn for the worst. My back hurts the most, and only when it gets really bad is my left leg, groin area and hip really involved. ... (34 replies)
L4/L5/S1 probs
Jul 20, 2010
... buttock. then whole right leg went numb from hip to ankle. ... (0 replies)
L5-S1 options
Feb 27, 2004
... ever reason, even so simple as childbirth, they don't go back into place. They become like worn out rubberbands. Due to my stretched ligaments they pulled on the L5 disk and now it is bulging. I was stuck. I could keep getting put back into place or have a ligament from my L5 to my hip replaced. ... (3 replies)
... (5 replies)
... an not get comfortable, I cry all night I can not get comfortable, before I was able to get relief as I laid down but now even when I lay down I get the Terrible pain down my entire leg hip and knee, I started doing decompression therapy and have done 7 therapies and still no relief. ... (5 replies)
... do to hurry it along. When people try to hurry the process, that's when problems tend to develop. When one does too much it can set up a vicious cycle of nerve pain than can be very difficult to break. ... (35 replies)
Severe DDD L5-S1
Jul 31, 2012
... I'll try to make a long story short, but I'm not very good at that. I started having "hip" pain in October 2011, right before I had knee replacement surgery. ... (12 replies)
Mar 19, 2012
... what your pain is, I respond a 6. Evidently that doesn't trip any alarms for an Ortho. ... (10 replies)
... Hi there Jack, I was 31 as well when I finally had to have my L5/S1 fusion. The pain & weakness in my leg/legs was horrific; I couldn't walk half the time. That was 13 years ago this surgeon gave me the same speech about fusions every decade too. I found the most success was in the relief of the nerve pain or pain in the buttock & down the legs. It left me with... (3 replies)
... I can tell when mines is out because of the pain of course, but my pelvis feels twisted as well. ... (11 replies)
... In May 2002, I was injured at work.I was standing on a tall stool, I lost my balance and fell back..and thats when all the pain began. I have lower back pain that radiates into my left hip, into groin area, and then radiates down my left leg into my foot. Sitting, standing and bending increases the pain. ... (18 replies)
... Hello all, my names Jeff and I'm a 28 yr old male. I currently have some really bad pain in my butt, hamstring, and calf area. At first I felt like it was a pulled muscle but the issue has lasted for over 1 year now. ... (56 replies)
... S1 hemilaminectomy with microdiscectomy and it was successful. The right sided sciatic pain I endured for 2 years was finally gone. I had done PT, epidural steroid injections, chiropractic, but nothing was helping until I had surgery. ... (1 replies)
... Anyway, sounds like you are in a lot of the same kind of pain as me. Your MRI results could be taken directly off my file, nearly word for word. ... (3 replies)
... I feel your pain... I am 22 years old, and am going to have a fusion on L4-L5 since my Microdiscectomy earlier this year failed. Have you tried Aquatic Physical therapy? It helps a lot for most people. If you have to have a fusion, L5-S1 is the least of all evils.. There is not too much motion at that joint, and the success rates for the fusion are very high.. You also don't... (33 replies)
... post out of the ground while on a job. He ignored the pain for about a week and then, on the advice from a "friend", went three times to a chiropractor who ended up just making him worse. ... (1 replies)
... My Boyfriend,age 40, Had A Left "hip Strain" 10 Years Ago In The Army. In Recent Years The Hip Pain Has Gotten Progressively Worse. The Veterans Hospial Doesn't Seem To Be Helping Much. It Took 9 Months Just To Get An Mri Done, It Has Come Back Negative. ... (6 replies)

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