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... L5 S1 grade 1 anterolisthesis with bilateral L5 spondylosis. ... (40 replies)
... When I finally got my MRI with contrast before my L5 S1 PLIF, lamidectomy. It said L5 S1 grade 1 anterolisthesis with bilateral L5 spondylosis. ... (54 replies)
... spondylolysis or spondylosis or neither? ... (3 replies)

... r and more focal left paramedian disc protrusion flattens adjacent thecal sac but doesn't result in canal stenosis. There is some narrowing of the superior left L5 lateral recess. ... (2 replies)
... On January 4th of this year I fell on an icy driveway and fractured my sacrum. Below is a timeline of events that had led to where I am today. I welcome any knowledge/insights from anyone who can better help me understand my diagnosis and possible treatment options. Please note that on Aug. 5th I changed my Primary Care Dr. As I read the second MRI report I was surprised... (8 replies)
... You also said you were given a diagnosis of spondylosis with myelopathy.. Was this on the written report? ... (22 replies)
... My CT scan also showed bilateral spondylosis at L5. The problem is that everyone is saying it develops because of aging. I just turned 22. The doctor says I was born with it. How is this possible? ... (0 replies)
... traversing L5 nerve roots in the lateral recesses. ... (5 replies)
... From what I have been told, spondylosis and spondylothesis are 2 different things. I asked my pain manangement dr what spondylosis was and he said it was a fancy way of saying degenerative condition. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative condition, too. ... (20 replies)
... Need help interpreting the following MRI Report. MRI of the Lumbar Spine without contrast History: Lumbosacral spondylosis without myelopathy Comparison: none Technique: Sagittal T1-weighted, T2-weighted, STIR, and axialT2-weighted spin echo and gradient echo images of the lumbar spinewere obtained without intravenous contrast. Findings: There are 3 bars along the right... (2 replies)
L4-l5 disc
Mar 9, 2013
... MY MRI REPORT 1. Lumbar spondylosis 2.Mild facet arthritis at L4-L5 LEVEL 3.Dessicated disc with minimally bulged annulus at L3-L4, L4-L5 and L5-S1 levels. 4. Dessicated disc with diffusely bulged annulus and type 3 tear at L4-L5 level, indenting thecal sac and compromising neural canal bilaterally. (0 replies)
... Ruth, I thank you for your response, and i greatly appreciate it. :) GBU and may you have continued success with your recovery. (7 replies)
... My consultant took one look at my MRI and recommended a fusion due to lumbar spondylosis and spondilolisthesis. I have permanent nerve damage down my right leg which has resulted in numbness. ... (7 replies)
... Welcome to the board. I'm sure you know that on this particular forum the members do not have professional medical training, so you must always take that into consideration when reading posts....I can give you a general idea of the main points of your MRI just based on my experiences with my own will give you some general ideas of what you may be discussing with... (8 replies)
... A child of this age with multiple problems should be consulting a pediatric specialist and nobody else. James (6 replies)
... Just received report on sons lumbar xray yesterday and it states spondylosis at l5 s1 with some deformity. My son is only 13 yrs old, what could cause this at such an early age? ... (6 replies)
Severe spondylosis
Dec 15, 2007
... I am in constant pain...can barely eat, sleep or anything else. I am 32 year old male with several different back diagnosis among them are severe spondylosis, bilateral facet hypertrophy, facet joint disease and several other things I don't 5 bulging discs and moderate radiculopathy in C4-7 my recent Mri reports said broad based disc bulge L5-S1 with... (21 replies)
... Hey All!... hope your day is going well... 2 questions... i was looking over my MRI & I am not sure of a couple of things... 1) I show moderate to severe facet spondylosis at L5-S1 any ideas what this means in lay terms? 2) I was reading that a protruding disc means that the annular ring is still intact... if so, in a disectomy, wouldn't they be cutting that away and... (2 replies)
... Hello there. Roolmo and TomL, I can relate to your situation so well. I too have back problems. I don't have what you have but I have Spondylosis and DDD in my L1-5. I also have it in the thoracic area as well. Not to mention DDD with Spondylosis in my C-spine along with nerve degeneration as well. Along with axonal neuropathy and hemangeoma on my L-3. As with yourself I have... (14 replies)
... Hi GracieGirl, I remembered this thread yesterday as I looked at the diagnosis code on my discharge sheet, flipped it over, and saw it meant lumbar spondylosis. No one has ever said this word to me. I came to your post to see what it is! I'm confused, too. Does this mean I have osteoarthritis? Well, I had good results (1/2 day pain relief) from my facet injections/nerve... (20 replies)

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