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... Jennybyc has generously offered to help translate my MRI results, so here goes. Of course, all comments are much appreciated. Some of you are probably tired of reading about my danged MRIs. I kinda sorta get what the doctors have said, but I'm totally unclear as to what they mean about the future/prognoses. Are these conditions likely to get worse? Am I doing things to... (7 replies)
... Thank you in advance for your time and insight on my cervical and lumbar mri report help. Im a 28 yr old female who had a labor intensive job and started to experience pain and they found that I have thoracic scoliosis, and the pain has continued to get worse. Here is my last mri report, and I am looking for as much info/stories as possible so I have enough questions for my... (0 replies)
Mri results
Mar 4, 2008
... Nondisplaced pars interarticularis fracture in L5 on the right side. ... (0 replies)

... Monkey, thank you so much for your email. I am so tired of feeling alone in this. I would definately show your doctor the info on transitional vertebra, but not that long study because it was kind of negative at the end toward treating people with transitional vertebra. My doc was hesitant for surgery for me after almost 2 years of pain. It is not a usual reason to perform... (33 replies)
MRI Report
Apr 2, 2007
... angeds reflect evidence of prior PLIF and interbody bone cage intgroduction. Paired intgerbody bone cages are noted, which appear to be appropriately positioned. L5 pedical screws are similarly in good position. No thecal sac effacement is noted to suggest central canal stenosis. ... (4 replies)
Nov 4, 2006
... 50 yr old female occupation freight delivery driver long periods of setting driving sometimes 18 hrs or mor alot of heavy lifting. had l5 s1 surgery 20 years ago recovered from it till i did stupid things recently fell down stairs carrying freight landed on tar broke both wrists and exteme back pain had mri findings were l4 l5 paracentral disc herniation with... (4 replies)
... S1 posterior spondylosis with osteophyte on the right side projecting into the thecal sac. ... (12 replies)
... I'm a new member of the board and have been looking thru the threads for the same MRI findings as I have. Unfortunately, I can't piece the puzzle together. I'm 35 male and have back problems for more than 10 years. Initially I have scoliosis since I was young and lower back pains for over 15 years. I do a lot of weight lifting so I just ignore the back pain and hip... (4 replies)
... Narrative Exam 1: MHM 3112 - MRI C-SPINE W/WO CONTRAST - Sep 11, 2015 08:53 Acc#:15084861 Exam 2: MHM 3122 - MRI T-SPINE W/WO CONTRAST - Sep 11, 2015 08:53 Acc#:15084862 Exam 3: MHM 3132 - MRI L-SPINE W/WO CONTRAST - Sep 11, 2015 08:53 Acc#:15084863 (0 replies)
... I had a MRI lumbar spine w/o contrast and the findings are : FINDINGS: Routine MRI of the lumbar spine was performed using sagittal and axial imaging . incidental finding in the right pelvis shows a moderate amount of free fluid. the tip of the conus is seen at the L1-L2 level and appears normal. L3-L4 shows some broad based buldge or protrusion causing some... (8 replies)
... l2. Spondylosis deformans. Accentuated lumbar lordosis prone to instability. ... (5 replies)
MRI results
May 15, 2013
... S1 apophyseal based retrolisthesis of L5 over S1, small subligamentous protrusion with an annular rent abutting bilateral L5 nerve roots within the root foramen. ... (4 replies)
... I just got my MRI results back from an MRI I had done last week. There seems to be a lot going on and my regular Dr doesn't really do well with trying to explain things. Last year I was having some pretty bad lower back pain and had an MRI done and was told I had bulging disc at L4-5 and L5-S1. I was referred to another Dr but found out I was pregnant so there wasn't a lot... (3 replies)
Help with an MRI
Mar 23, 2012
... ostelphyte complex producing right exit neuroforaminal narrowing and compromising the exiting right L5 nerve root. There is bilateral facet degenerative hypertrophic arthropathy. ... (2 replies)
... Okay, so first, no doctors here. The first thing mentioned is a straightening of the lumbar lordosis. This means that the natural curve in your back is currently not as curved as expected. This could be due to muscle spasms from your back trying to protect a current injury. At two levels, L2-L3, and L3-L4, you have mild facet and/or ligamentous hypertrophy. This... (4 replies)
... Hoping someone may be able to help me understand my latest MRI Scan as the Secretary of my Pain Management Consultant will not even give me an appointment to see him at the moment and my Orthopaedic Consultant who carried out my surgeries says she cannot do any more for me,it is now left to my GP to prescribe my medications and I do not know where to go. Brief History Fell... (2 replies)
Bad Back
Jun 29, 2011
... Had a discogram last week got the results yesterday they dont sound to good to me but i guess i just someone else opnion also L3/L4 diffusely bulging disc contour mild stenosis mimimal facet degenerative changes L4/L5 diffusely bulging disc, servere right greater thanleft facet arthropathy with erosive changes bilaterally and widened facet on the right. Bilateral right... (4 replies)
... L4. Also, degenerative spondylosis with spinal stenosis. Also Old compression deformity of T12. ... (0 replies)
... There is minimal retrolisthesis of L5 relative to S1. Spinal alignment is otherwise within normal limits. Vertebral body height and intervertebral disc spaces appear maintained. ... (6 replies)

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