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Sciatic pain?
Jan 8, 2003
... Hey Peanuts, One procedure to help alleviate sciatica is: OUTPATIENT PERCUTANEOUS ENDOSCOPIC DISCECTOMY. Their claim to fame is you go in on Friday and go back to work on Monday. No knives, bone graphs, nothing. They give you a bandaid to cover up entry point and send you on home! Who should consider an Endoscopic Discectomy procedure? Endoscopic Discectomy is... (9 replies)
... I am 49 twelve years ago I had back surgery a disc ruptered at L5-S1 and I did really good. July 9,2002 I was in a car wreck and I had a friend of mine do a MRI and this is hat the report said: L4-L5 & L5-S1 mild degenerative spondylosis. At L5-S1 there is a small diffuse posterior disc bulge slightly deforming the anterior aspect of the thecal sac and minimally extending... (2 replies)
... Posterolisthesis of L1 on L2 measures 3 mm. Diffuse disc bulge effaces the ventral epidural fat. Anterior disc bulge with spondylosis displaces the prevertebral soft tissues. Neural foramina are narrowed bilaterally. ... (2 replies)

... ng there are degenerative changes going on pretty much at every level of the lumbar spine and a few segments of the thoracic spine that adjoins the lumbar area. Spondylosis is sometimes called osteoarthritis, which means degenerative changes in the vertebral joints and degenerating spinal discs... ... (6 replies)
Please Help ME!~
Sep 9, 2012
... disectomy on L5 june 28. And also july 3 do to reherniation a few days later. ... (10 replies)
... I have Spondylolisthesis, which is the next stage of Spondylosis. Because of the fracture, it is causing my L5 vertebrae to slip forward and my spine is very unstable. I am waiting for surgery. ... (5 replies)
... Finally, spondylosis is a fancy way of labeling what we laymen would commonly refer to as arthritis of the spine. It is usually a degenerative process, coming on as we age. ... (3 replies)
... L-S SPINE Mild degen @ L5-S1 with no root impingement noted. MRI CERVICAL SPINE WITH AND WITHOUT CONTRAST CLINICAL. HISTORY : Pain. Myelopathy Multiplesclerosis TECHNIQUE: Sagittal TI, T2-weighted and inversion recovery technique was performed. An axial gradient-echo T2-weighted sequence was performed as well as an axial proton-density. Post-gadolinium TI-weighted... (14 replies)
... level spondylosis within the lumbar as well as lower thoracic spine as detailed above. ... (6 replies)
... Also, Annular Tear of L5 disc.? ... (19 replies)
... Lumbar Spondylosis is a generalized term that means degeneration of the spine. ... (15 replies)
MRI results
May 15, 2013
... S1 level, there are signs of a bulging disc that includes an annual tear which is pushing into the L5 nerve on both sides in the foramen. ... (4 replies)
... level cervical and thoracic spondylosis deformans. ... (2 replies)
... s it, know it! My pain is driving me insane, I dont know how much more I can take and I feel like a wimp for even saying these words. This is my MRI report. Mild spondylosis L2 to S1 disc level with diffuse annular disc bulges and annular tears without neural compromise at L3 to L5 disc levels. ... (4 replies)
... L1. There is spondylosis of the lower lumbar spine. ... (4 replies)
Back and hip pain
Jan 31, 2012
... as hip bursitis. My MIL was treated for a couple years, receiving injections into the bursa, only to find out her hip was fine, but the disc between the L4 and L5 vertebra had disintegrated and the L4 and L5 nerves were compressed. ... (11 replies)
... L5 there is prominent spondylosis, with disc space narrowing end plate irregularity and also endplate oedema extending into the vertebral bodies, especially L4. L5 is a transitional vertebra. All the changes appear to be degenerative. Can the chemo be responsible for this? ... (1 replies)
... I am also having these symptoms and it's become debilitating. It comes on the longer I stay on my feet and then is so painful for quite a while, even when I elevate it in the recliner. I have not had a "back" issue, but did fall on my hip about two years ago. X-Ray was negative and I have yet to find a solution. (5 replies)
... I am also having these symptoms and it's become debilitating. It comes on the longer I stay on my feet and then is so painful even when I elevate it in the recliner. I have yet to find a solution. (5 replies)
... S1 Mild diffuse disc bulge, asymmetric to L with superimposed small L foraminal protrusion, mildly compressing L L5 nerve root. ... (0 replies)

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