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... Mild multilevel degenerative spondylosis at other levels as described. ... (6 replies)
... Welcome to the board. There is good news, and, bad news....Good news is that MRI report seems to support and explain the symptoms you are experiencing. Bad news is that there are a couple problems causing the symptoms. Keep in mind that the MRI is just one piece of the puzzle. To get an accurate picture you need to see a spine specialist (this could be either a... (2 replies)
... I'm 55 and have had back/neck issues for around 8 years. I was referred back to Pain Management and in the exam at the very end the doc twisted my back around to the right while I wasn't looking and hurt like a *****. I have been pretty hosed up for about 5 weeks now with back, leg and feet pain (more than when I came in) as I really don't think he should have twisted me... (2 replies)

... Thank you so much for responding back, I have only been to my family doctor who basically sent me to a Neurologist. Which I go Jan 17th. She put me on work restrictions and my work does not accomadate them . so now i am on medical leave. Basically I am not allowed to lift anything greater than 10lbs, no bending, sharp turns ,squatting, kneeling, no sitting or standing longer... (8 replies)
... Welcome to the boards, LadyBella, and I'm sorry to hear you're having such pain problems. Please know that you are in good company as far as dealing with chronic lumbar back pain. From looking at your MRI radiologist report, I think the most concerning issue isn't your back, but rather the fluid build up in the right side of your pelvis. This isn't normal and something is... (8 replies)
Back pain
Nov 25, 2013
... My MRI shows mild broad-based disc bulge with central annular tear conclusion MIld degenerative lumbar spondylosis at L4 and L5 and L5-S1 without evidence of canal lateral recess or forminal stenosis My symptoms are lower back pain worse on sitting sacral pain weakness in right leg and coldness of same. Any advice /diagnosis would be welcome. (9 replies)
... Unfortunately with degenerative issues, these are not issues that will clear up with time. Spondylosis is an "umbrella" term that is used to describe lower back pain and degenerative disc disease. ... (2 replies)
... Hi all. I have read some very good advice here about back pain and what to do about it. I have had it for years, sometimes had to take percocet but it has worsened and for the last three months, I have taken 10/325 percocet 4 times a day, and have had another MRI. My mother and sister have had back surgery for congenital DDD, herniated discs, and spondylosis (or something... (8 replies)
... type of arthritis that causes vertebrae to fuse together. Hypertrophy of a ligament means the ligament is also getting very hard , almost like bone. And finally, spondylosis just means arthritis of the spine. ... (7 replies)
... Thanks for your response... No, no spondyolothesis but, spondylosis and a completely collapsed disc space at l5-S1. And disc herniations at L5-S1, and L4-5, as well as moderate to severe bilateral foraminal stenosis. Back pain 8+ years. I do feel confident, just a little scared! I guess that is normal. I had two opinions but, number two was the one I chose to go with. ... (31 replies)
... >>>>>>>> You really need to make an appointment with a spine specialist ASAP!! How old is this MRI? What kind of doctor is treating you at the present time? You have central canal stenosis that is putting pressure on the spinal cord and that is why you have so much pain and why your foot drags. That is called "foot drop" and is caused from a damaged nerve. I can only say... (1 replies)
... Can any one help out there I have had constant leg pain first on the right side for several years. The docs said it was because I had shingles chronicaly for years on the saiaitic nerve Then i had a fall down the steps and the pain shifted to the Left side Yea go figure. Its been 3 years and still hurts Some days i dont get out of bed from the pain and thats when i am... (1 replies)
Back pain
Mar 4, 2010
... (2 replies)
Back pain
Mar 4, 2010
... I been disable with disc Herniation L4/5 L5/S1 and early spondylosis L2/3 and Bone Hemangioma L4 Vertebra. Also some disc bulgeing in the neck back in2001. I in a lot of pains. On 2/14/10 My legs gave out on me and I fell. I just got a new MRI. It tell me I got Diffuse Disk bulge with effacement of the Lateral recess Bilaterally At the level of L2-3 as well as L3-4. At L4-5... (2 replies)
... I am two weeks out from a hemilaminectomy and discectomy at the L5/S1 level and am going insane. I am only 25 years old and have always been fairly active in sports and life in general and originally hurt my back in my younger teens playing baseball; went to classes the next day and had extreme pain and my left leg began giving out on me. Well the symptoms returned off and on... (3 replies)
Lots of pain
Aug 6, 2008
... i got in a mortorcycle acc. about 7 years ago and now i think it's come back to hount me now. from the last doctor i seen he said the bones on both side of the L5 to S1 are still broken and that only rods and or fusion would fix it . can somebody help this newbie out? ... (0 replies)
3 Level Fusion
Nov 9, 2007
... First post here. In May I went in for a 2 level Laminectomy/Decompression/Fusion. I had Grade 3 Spondylosis at L4-L5. During surgery it was determined that they needed to do L3-L4-L5, so I have had the surgery your husband will be having/had. I was lucky in that I did not require any hip bone and the surgeon only used what bone he harvasted from my back. I was out of... (9 replies)
... Thanks all for your comments... I'm just confused since the previous MRI & EMG confirmed stenosis (moderate to severe at L4-L5) & bilateral radiculopathy at L5-S1. Even the 1st Neurosurgeon that I saw said that he was evaluating me for lumbar spondylosis. This is the 1st mention of DDD (with my latest 2nd neurosurgeon's PA opinion)which I always thought was a much more... (6 replies)
... I'm 33 years old and I've been having chronic back and neck pain for 4 years with increased problems in the last 9 months (+). I recently had an MRI of my lumbar spine and cervical spine. My general practicioner says that the results of the MRI do not indicate that I should have any pain. He wants me to see a chronic pain clinic. I think that they're might be something more... (3 replies)
So confused
May 5, 2005
... Hello, I am very confused about what to do. I had a stroke in Feb. that left with me problemsw with my left leg. I go to PT for that. In April I had a TIA and was hospitalized again. At that time I got a very "Heavy" feeling in my right leg and numbness/tingling in my right foot. This has not gone away. I had MRI's of my lumbar, thoracic and cervical - here is a synopsis... (4 replies)

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