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... I have started having hot spots on the front of my legs, if I touch them they don't feel hot on the outside but burning up inside. This only happens at night when i get into bed, I have to hang my legs out of bed to get relief. ... (3 replies)
... I'd like to know what this is too. I've been having weird feelings in my legs. Like they are really hot inside and feel heavy or like I'm wearing really tight socks and my feet feel weird. ... (3 replies)
... Dr thinks these are muscle spasms but I think they are something different. When I get the back cramps, I get nausea and feel really sick. I didn't have these before. They just started up a couple of weeks ago. That and the tingling. And, they are getting worse. ... (5 replies)

Sep 1, 2005
... ions in 1998. The doc who did the test injected the medications too quickly and the pressure it created bruised my spinal cord. I immediately could say that my legs felt tingling as though they were asleep. When I attempted to get off the table, the nurse slung my legs around and told me to slide off the table. ... (10 replies)
... I had burning down the back of both legs, in my feet, buttocks, with a intense pressure in my calves. I then started to feel hot all over, burning all over from head to toe. I had checked my BP during this time. Sometimes it was a bit high, but not dangerously so. ... (0 replies)
Restless Legs
Sep 1, 2004
... I have experienced restless legs on and off for years. ... (19 replies)
... ave a baker's cyst and the specialist said I was not experiencing those symptoms from that. Woke up a couple of months ago with a "hot" feeling in my right leg, hot to me, not to the touch. I also have some back pain. I get hot spots on my thighs and back which will come and go. ... (2 replies)
Aug 29, 2005
... I was just wondering if anyone could tell me what feelings u get when u get feeling back. My best friend was in a bad car accident about a month ago and she cant feel below her waist. she had trama to her neck and back. ... (10 replies)
... If you think you are doing too much, back off a little bit and see if that helps. Try alternating hot and cold packs and see if that helps. The hot tub does wonders for me.... ... (5 replies)
Hernaited L5/S1
Dec 7, 2002
... I feel hot and cold feelings on legs but inside they feel the opposite My feet r constantly freezing they feeling like what i would imagine freezing to be like it is more of a burning cold feeling. ... (13 replies)
Ice cold legs?
Jun 10, 2002
... ht so too hehe.I have been having that cold feeling you were all talking about it is strange to be hot all over than have sweats and blankets wrapped around your legs I also feel that in my feet and have gotten so scared of these episodes that I always have socks with me now. ... (6 replies)
... I have those "hot spots" too. Mine feel like sharp, hot needle jabs. They come without warning and leave. ... (3 replies)
Restless Legs
Sep 10, 2004
... I have had restless legs for about 40 years. the only thing that helps for me is a very hot bath just before bed. I have taken all kinds of meds and nothing really worked. they get so bad i want to put my legs thru the wall. ... (19 replies)
Ice cold legs?
Jun 10, 2002
... What really hurts is when I stub my toe or my foot. Cuz i have no feeling in my feet, i can't feel the "couch" so i slam it which feels like I just broke my whole entire foot. I'll take numb anyday, lol. ... (6 replies)
Ice cold legs?
Jun 10, 2002
... I feel so sorry for you both being so scared , I just had to send this !! I live in New Zealand, across the World from you!! it's almost 1 am in the morning .. ... (6 replies)
... and sometimes feel like I've just been stung by a bee in my rib. The worst "pain" I have isn't even pain at all. ... (16 replies)
... I just am hoping to get to where I was a couple of weeks ago. The electric like feeling that runs down the legs is the worst. This is on top of the leg pain. Before my surgery I had alot of pain in the hip. ... (10 replies)
... I have pain in my feet and feels like I was 9 months pregnant and need to get off of them. My legs always feel weak and tired feeling. I also have pins and needles in my feet, and my hands. I was diagnosed with lumbar stenosis. ... (4 replies)
Prickly legs
Jan 24, 2003
... o my feet. To tell the truth, I guess I've had it before, but not nearly as intense. This lasted several hours last night and off and on all night long. I can feel it just a bit now, but it's not nearly as bad as it was. ... (8 replies)
... last June. A few weeks later my legs started aching in the early mornings. Later it started at night. ... (3 replies)

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