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... Hello Carl - about two monthes after surgery i got to feeling better - then i started trying to do a little housework every day - i did more and more everyday - then my thigh pain came back - the area above the hardware has hurt since day 1 - it swelled all up - then i was sent to the ER for blood work - dr thought i had a infection - sit at that ER for 8 hours - ( six of... (29 replies)
Lydocaine patch
Nov 3, 2007
... just a little helpful hint i started doing before putting my patches on that helps keep them from "rolling' off? ... (12 replies)
Lydocaine patch
Nov 3, 2007
... I have worn up to 3 at a time, stuck all over the place. My rheumy even gave me a bunch of lidocaine shots into my back muscles and put my patches back on. I even asked him if that was going to be much going into my system and he said no. I didnt have any effects that I was aware of. ... (12 replies)

Lydocaine patch
Nov 8, 2007
... I went to a "Specialist" once who gave me lidocain patches for my bulging disk / electric shocks in my legs and it gave me major headaches, norco 10mg and over the counter kava are the only thing that has helped my arthritus and back pain. (The KAva and norco will knock me out if i take it together, so I take the norco in between the kava.) (12 replies)
Lydocaine patch
Nov 7, 2007
... e giving you some is always a very highly individual thing as far as these working for you or not working for you.they should at least be tried tho.the patches also work extremely well for all my upper back trigger point crap too. ... (12 replies)
Lydocaine patch
Nov 6, 2007
... My doc just gave me a perscription for the patches; they cost $50 for a box of 50, with my insurance. Tried one last night on lower back and it did help a little with the knawing pain I get right in the lower middle of my back. But, the darn patch kept rolling up and falling half off while I was sleeping, so I am going to try Marcia's suggestion concerning cutting the... (12 replies)
Lydocaine patch
Nov 2, 2007
... key to using them is that you find the right spot. I have put one on and gotten zip relief than added a second one and it helped immensely. You can use up to 3 patches at a time. ... (12 replies)
Lydocaine patch
Nov 1, 2007
... I use patches off and on with mixed success - depending on what kind of pain I have. They're great for muscle pain, so-so for bone pain, and not good at all for nerve pain in my experience. My understanding is that you can wear them for up to 12 hours and you then need an 8-12 hour break. I think you can use them for quite a long duration (weeks, months) because the side... (12 replies)
... Anyhow this doctor is very sympathetic. He is taking over my PM and my care. He gave me a tens unit, lydocaine patches and in the next week he will be switching my pain meds over to long acting medicine. FINALLY. ... (5 replies)
Hardware Block
Apr 16, 2004
... Hello Jeanne and thanks for all the helpful info - looks like our problems are about the same . Mine also has been swollen since the fusion was done . You can also see that mine is swollen just by looking . And when i sit i also have to lean forward .My back stings and the right thigh just hurts all of the time . I am going to ask my reg dr about doing that blood work on me ... (11 replies)
Pain patch????
Jul 25, 2004
... I tried the patch, it helped only if I took my percocet with it. I did not need as much percocet though. There are 2 kinds of patches though. ... (8 replies)

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