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... Just a quick question on recovery for a microdisectomy, if there are any hunters in here. ... (1 replies)
... I had a microdisectomy (L4/L5) on August 25th, and am still recovering. I felt great for about a week, then started doing a few little things. It didn't phase me at all. Then I picked up my 38# son. Now, it feels like I never even had the surgery done... :( How can I tell if I messed it up, and need another (gulp) surgery? I have the same leg pain, back still hurts, etc..... (15 replies)
... Hi :wave: I just wanted to say Thank you and very well put!! Everything you said is exactly what I do or have done and Im doing alright and now about 9 weeks post-op! Isnt it great to have the hubbys to the work?!?! They do such a great job when they have to lol! Thank God for our husbands that helped out so much during our recovery! Glad you had a successfull surgery! I... (1 replies)

... Good luck on your surgery. i've had other surgeries, and the microdisectomy was a breeze and not very painful. What was a pain was rolling over in the bed. That takes some time to get past that pain. ... (9 replies)
... l5 with microdisectomy on May 17 of this year. It has been ridiculous trying to get back to where i was physically before surgery. ... (9 replies)
... For minimally invasive Microdisectomy, a recovery period of a couple weeks should me more than sufficient to return to a desk job. For physical activity, my neurosurgeon told me recovery would be 6 weeks. ... (32 replies)
... Trisa, My experience with a microdiscectomy was in 1999; I could barely walk into the hospital (a lot nerve related issues from a herniated L4 disc), however the nerve related pain was completely gone after the surgery (I do realize my experience may be the exception, I have heard of many different recovery scenarios). I do know I left the hospital walking better then I... (9 replies)
... Morry, I can feel your pain....literally and figuratively. I badly herniated L5-S1 ~18 months ago, and went through MUCH soul-searching regarding submitting myself to surgery. As a military member, the immidate reaction of my doc was to have surgery. I objected, as there had been no effort to run the process of concervative treatment. I "won out", and got to... (1 replies)
... Had a 2nd MicroD this past Tuesday. Surgery was only supposed to be 1 hour, but it ended up lasting 2.5 hours. Surgeon came to see me in recovery but I was too groggy to remember what he was talking about......but I see him on Aug 6th so I'll find out why the surgery took so long. ... (17 replies)
... Hi everyone! My husband had a micro-D yesterday, and the doctor said that everything had gone ok, but he is now in great pain in the back and his legs are weak. I think the back pain is due to the incision, and the doctor says it's normal, but I haven`t found too much information about postsurgery recovery, so I wanted to ask about your experiences. Is the incision pain awful... (0 replies)
... Yes, to regain use of leg and foot to walk again and to get rid of spine pain. keeping fingers crossed. Hard to be patient. Long recovery for me. Hope you don't. ... (4 replies)
... Hi all!! Is everyone still out there somewhere??? I am wondering where my old chat friends went!! Hope someone gets back to this thread soon!!! Remember me, I had a lamy/discectomy on Sept 5th. I was doing well until I went back to work. Everything kinda got crappy. I'm terrified that the surgery didn't work now. Everytime I try to go to PT is hurts me! It did help me... (289 replies)
... ith spasam down right leg. Although not only there also down left but greatly reduced. Orig problem from 5 yrs ago have gone through all nonevasive theraphys and Microdisectomy on location. Also looking for info on Recovery as to what to do for it. Been living with for 5 yrs..... ... (0 replies)
... I had sciatic pain for the better part of six years, but not due to a disc. I had severe central canal stenosis and spondylolisthesis at L4-5. Due to the instability caused by the spondylolisthesis, my first surgery was a fusion. While the fusion was medically successful, it did not resolve the sciatic pain, so I kept looking for answers. So I went through a couple more... (9 replies)
Jun 5, 2013
... Brooksy1948 Welcome - Teteri66 is right on. Definitely get more then one opinion. I went thru the whole gamut ,PT and two series of injections before having surgery last January L4-S1 discectomy left side. I was told before surgery it would be 6 to 8 weeks recovery. It's more like 6 to 8 months. I went with a highly regarded neurosurgeon who is a spine specialist. I did get... (3 replies)
... (18 replies)
... Hi...I also had a lamenectomy/disectomy in Dec. 2011 and since it was my second ion l5/s has been a difficult recovery! I walk swim and do my exercises but without neurontin.....I would be in constant pain. My surgeon said that I had permanent nerve damage but as TTeri has said......they tell you that when they don't have a reason for the pain. I hope to get another... (18 replies)
... Hi gmak I had microdisectomy or the neurosurgeon cut an entry into my back and removed the compression on my nerve root at L4-L5. I had the herniated disc for 3 months before diagnosed and then 1 month before the operation, the pain was and still is the same as before although overtime I am sure we forget the pain and discomfort. It is comforting to know that your pain was... (11 replies)
... respond. I am surprised to hear that you are still suffering after four years post surgery, I hope that you have had another MRI to check if all is okay. I had a microdisectomy and I have work insurance so this paid all my bills as well as for the Lycria, seems to be very hard in the USA for medical needs. ... (11 replies)
... Since no one has acknowledged your post, I thought I'd just say that you will need to be extra careful in the days post surgery, and for about the first six months. Usually the surgeon has to take a bit more with a second surgery...but it is hard to make generalities as each situation is different...depending on size and location of herniation, etc. You may find the... (1 replies)

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