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Need help !
Aug 20, 2012
... I am planning on having hemilaminectomy and microdisectomy surgery to give space to a pinched nerve that causes tingling numbness in my right leg. I would like to here from someone who has had this surgery. ... (1 replies)
... e it limits. I can't sit as long as I use to without feeling some soreness in my lower back. walking doesn't feel so right some times too. i'm thinking since the microdisectomy surgery, the disc ability to act as a shock absorber has lessen which could cause problems later on which i hope it doesn't. ... (34 replies)
... I have a feeling due to my long recovery from this damaged nerve that I may be on this for 2 or 3 years. ... (0 replies)

... anesthesiologist gave me the general anesthesia. I was completely out, didn't feel a thing and woke up just as they were wheeling me out of the OR and into the recovery room. I was surprised that my family couldnt be there for that right away, but they got to come in very soon. ... (18 replies)
... and I just reached my 3rd month of recovery on the 14th of this month and although I feel like a "new woman" overall, things still are rough and living with some sort of pain is completely normal. ... (23 replies)
... nuary 14th of this year. I have to say that it was worse than I expected. I didn't expect to be back at work in two weeks like some doctors say, but I expected recovery to be alot quicker. Now I know it has been only two months, but my quality of life kind of has gone down, not up. ... (8 replies)
... Hello, I just had a lumbar microdisectomy yesterday on the L5-S1 disc. Right after I woke up and got up to walk in hospital I noticed the bottom of my right foot feels asleep. I never had this problems before. The reason why I had the surgery was from sciatic pain down my right leg going into my calf. I have had back problems with a herniated disc for 2.5 years. My latest... (6 replies)
... I had to have 2nd microdisectomy on same disc L5S1 and am better but I will never be able to do a lot of the things I did before the original herniation. ... (3 replies)
... its just a matter of recovery time. ... (14 replies)
... My understanding is that a microdisectomy is noninvasive and requires less recovery time? ... (12 replies)
... ere and there to let me know hey i'm still around take it easy. I just hit my 8 week mark today and optimiusm is there, finally. The doc had told me 6 weeks full recovery and i'd be back doing everything i previously was. Bologne. This is a day to day healing process that cannot be rushed. I've learned to have alot of patience. ... (9 replies)
... Have almost the identical situation as you. L5S1, 1.4 cm extrusion - 8 weeks since calf weakness began. Couldn't do a calf raise with left leg -- not even able to get heel off ground an inch. Saw 3 big name, highly regarded surgeons in Los Angeles: one Said to try an epidural steroid injection with 3 weeks, surgery within 8 weeks or else risk permanent nerve damage. ... (18 replies)
... Like the many others on here, I am at my wit's end. Background: I have a bulging disc in my L5-S1 area and I also have a segmentation defect in that area which causes my hips to be not centered and shifting towards the left side. The pain in my back, hip, leg, and foot are all on the left side. Pain: It's been 3 weeks since my back went out. The first 2 weeks - the... (7 replies)
Failed Surgery!
Aug 25, 2010
... >>>>>>>>>>> I'm so sorry your micro wasn't helpful. I'm afraid that it isn't as unusual as you've been lead to believe. You are right to seek a second opinion. You might want to get a 3rd as well. If you can find an orthopedic spine specialist, that might be your best bet as far as finding someone who will talk with you and listen. At least, that's been my experience. It does... (18 replies)
Failed Surgery!
Aug 23, 2010
... I had a microdisectomy done earlier this year and I'm not any better than I was before surgery. ... (18 replies)
... i'm sorry for what you and your husband is going through,, i told a woman from SS that last week,, this not only takes from your life it affects your whole family in alot of ways. alot of the time pain meds will take care of alot of the pain issue BUT cause other issues and side affects which are equally crippling. so the phrase damed if you do and damed if you dont seems to... (16 replies)
... I had a microdisectomy in 2004. Keep in mind that all hospitals do it a little differently and each one's experience may be different. I feared the worse too but it wasn't so bad. ... (25 replies)
... Hi Eddie. Welcome to this board. Sorry to see you having issues so young. My first disc issue started at age 18, but I am now 45. You never told us what surgeries you had done. With that fast of a recovery, I am assuming you had a microdisectomy(ies). If you only had microd's done.. there are still medical options available to you along with others. Please tell us what... (5 replies)
... thanks, luckily i am a personal trainer by profession and i am very well versed in all the appropriate stability exercises. you can be sure that i will commit to a lifetime of back maintenance! if i am lucky enough to find relief i won't ever give that up!! (10 replies)
... I am glad you are feeling better after the surgery. I had a microdisectomy a few years ago at the same level that you did. I felt really good for about 2 years and now I am having pain again. ... (10 replies)

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