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... This is an update of the MRI lumbar sacral spine. ... (10 replies)
... Lumbar MRI without contrast. ... (6 replies)
... can give you a very general idea of some things that may be discussed at your appointment....To my reading, nothing jumps out as being terribly "wrong." All the lumbar discs are fine with the exception of the one located between the Lumbar 5 and Sacral 1 vertebrae. It appears to have a slight bulge and a small protrusion. ... (5 replies)

... s1 is the bottom disc in your spine which connects the lumbar area to the sacral area. ... (2 replies)
... S1 spinal bifida occulta at frist sacral segment. ... (4 replies)
MRI Lumbar Spine
May 10, 2017
... iscs that are the gelatinous "cushions", shaped like a hockey puck, that separate one vertebra from the next and, along with the facet joints, are what allow the spine to bend and twist and have movement. ... (3 replies)
... that you have a bulging disc between the lumbar 5 and the sacral 1 vertebrae that is pressing on the S1 nerve. The nerves that emerge from the spine innervate various parts of the body.... ... (3 replies)
... ither from films. As stated that 14mm disc bulge is its width. It's 5mm AP. They call it broadbased. The surgeon said he couldn't do anymore to that disc. If the spine specialist and radiologist and the MRI show no nerve compression or cauda equina what can I do now? ... (8 replies)
... thx , pls advise if lumbo sacral belt or lumbar traction exercises ve a role . ... (2 replies)
... and pain in both legs and the bottoms of my feet, also a few bouts of sciatica pain. What they were really looking for were Multiple Sclerosis lesions. The brain MRI was all clear. ... (11 replies)
... Learn the proper ways to lift, carrying, bend, etc. so you are not stressing your back. Learn good structural alignment and posture. Try to take care of your spine before you develop worse issues! If you smoke, stop. ... (5 replies)
... Films show a transitional vertebra at the limbo sacral junction which I have assumed to be L5. Mild lower lumbar scoliosis to the left. ... (5 replies)
... down, sometimes it doesn't and it's painful. Obviously there's the stenosis but the retro is most definitely compressing those nerves in my back. I have had bad sacral pain as stated above which could be the result of retro and a herniated disc in that region. ... (10 replies)
Jan 8, 2012
... lateral stenosis and minimal foraminal narrowing. Sacral Tarlov cyst present at the S2 level, measuring 2CM maximally. ... (3 replies)
... OK -- not an MD, but here goes: First, you have what is either a fragment of disk material that has broken loose, or scar tissue, which is putting pressure on the spinal nerve that exits the vertebrae. It doesn't indicate which level -- but the implication is that it is the level where you had your prior laminectomy. Also, between your 5th Lumbar vertebrae and the 1st... (5 replies)
My coccyx injury
Dec 23, 2015
... sacral spine area since you fell? ... (7 replies)
... rib bearing lumbar vertebrae with lumbarisation of S1. ... (5 replies)
... Sorry for the rambling, but I feel like my entire spine is disintegrating. ... (0 replies)
... The classic fusion for spondylolisthesis is through the back of the spine only. In certain situations, adding a procedure from the front of the spine may allow better correction and increased fusion rates. ... (3 replies)
... S2 and a Tarlov Cyst within the sacral canal. ... (1 replies)

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