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... so I know that I should have checked with my insurance as well but I didn't think the test would cost so much. ... (5 replies)
... The pain doc was going to try a lumbar denervation this coming week, but I suggested if I could have a full spinal MRI done first, before doing any more denervations, especially since my pain is off the charts. Lucky for me, she didn't hesitate to order it. ... (10 replies)
... Talking to the receptionist over at the private MRI clinic, she said the technicians will decide when I get there whether or not I need a contrast MRI. Does that sounds right? ... (9 replies)

... I would not have an MRI done if this is your only symptom. MRI's cost a fortune and are usually done only when every other test has been done. Many people experience a popping or cracking sound when they move their own neck or back, comparable to adjusting your own neck. ... (2 replies)
How do you do it?
Jun 26, 2013
... fering with low back pain it has finally over the past couple months gotten to the point that I can no longer live with it. I went to my doctor and he ordered an MRI which I had done last week. ... (5 replies)
... Thank you so much for all your information, I will look into everything you suggested. I just want to get better and return to work. The unfortunate problem with working in Staten Island is that it is very small and all the doctors know eachother. They are affiliated with the same hospital. The neurologist I am seeing is reluctant to say what is wrong or how he can help... (5 replies)
... (5 replies)
... Unfortunately, sciatica and disc problems can sometimes be very difficult to diagnose. Often an MRI will clearly show the problem and the options for a fix are laid out, but sometimes the answers aren't clear at all and can be very frustrating to work through. ... (5 replies)
Posting For Wife
Sep 1, 2003
... bone area sounds like the best test for now. ... (13 replies)
... Cauda Equina is not a concern now, and the only relief I have had from this is the chiropractor, I'm wanting to just go back to him. He is getting a copy of the MRI report Monday Morning. I'm going up presumably to do the spinal tap, but first I'm asking about the disc. ... (8 replies)
... Because the second MRI came back normal, I'm not sure if your doctor will even be able to do the discogram. ... (14 replies)
... My ct scan was a mess to read and I doubt that my mri will be any different. Trouble is my old surgical steel screws vs the newer titanium ones. ... (4 replies)
... I forgot I have also had one EMG on my legs which hurt like crazy however on my arms I have had the test done 3 times and never had any pain from it at all which the neurologist said is not good. ... (7 replies)
... It is funny that here in the United States, we complain about the cost of health care, prescription drugs and things like that but we don't appreciate the speed we are able to get tests and results. ... (10 replies)
... i am on workers comp. i dont no why it isnt temporary total,before my treating physician released me, i had a appointment with a neurosurgeon, who wants another mri taken first, before he does anything else. i still hurt the same as i did before my doctor released me. i dont no what i can do! should i get a lawyer? ... (2 replies)
... Was a discogram or EMG or some test done to confirm those were the discs that were generating the pain you felt post op after the 1st surgery? ... (15 replies)
... since last novemeber I have had severe pain in my right leg and lower back after being told the waiting list for physio was 18 weeks my doctor gave me anti-inflamitories and codydramol tablets also due to spasms in legs diazipam, he also advised me to go private for cyropractor cost me 58 per week 3 weeks later I was in more pain than before, ended up with an emerency pysio... (10 replies)
... to the sciatica. I'm not sure what part of the spine my MRI's were done on. A few months ago it was so bad I could barely walk, although by the time I had the MRI done the sciatic pain had subsided alot. Right now the pain that is bothering me the most is the pain in my spine itself. ... (4 replies)
... I'm Active Duty US Airforce and after about two years of PT, drugs, being told it was imagined I was finally given an MRI and guess what? ... (5 replies)
... rhuemy says we won't do another MRI until I decide to have the surgery in order to find out what more is going on back there. ... (1 replies)

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