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... Hey Al, thanks. Question. How long did it take from the time you started taking Nuerotin until you started feeling some relief? ... (10 replies)
... Thanks Carl. I guess the loopiness just took me by surprise. I have only been on Nuerotin for 3 weeks now. Until recently I felt nothing. I raised my level from 900mg to 1200mg two days ago and today I woke up feeling really strange. ... (10 replies)
... He is actually my pain mgmt doctor doing my stuff. However he works within the Oklahoma Sports injury and Spine center. On the meds topic, he gave me Mobic and Nuerotin for my leg. ... (6 replies)

Mar 6, 2005
... Gabitral is also known as Elavil. I do take that along with Nuerotin and combined it is great. I have to take it at night because it makes you very tired. I have been taking it since September '04. ... (3 replies)
Feb 5, 2005
... Hi Cindy, I have been taking Nuerotin since September. I had a two level spinal fusion and afterwards I had terrible foot pain. My doctor also told me it was my nerves waking up. ... (18 replies)
... re foot pain. My doctor told me it was my nerves waking up. It was unbearable for the first month. I was taking about 12 percocet a day. Alan recommended the Nuerotin and my doctor put me on it. I was eventually up to 2400mg a day and the pain had pretty much gone away. ... (7 replies)
... So I went today ... He reviewed my MRI and said I did in fact have 2 bulging disc that is prob causing my pain. He is going to give me an ESI and see if that helps. He gave me a new stronger AI pill , Lortabs , and nuerotin. I just took my first nuerotin. I took the Lortab and the AI earlier and it completely knocked out the pain to where I was about to even dance around to... (5 replies)
Foot pain
Mar 5, 2005
... Ben, I would really recommend Nuertotin. I had foot pain after my spinal fusion and the Nuerotin along with Elavil has done wonders for the pain. I did have to go up to 1800mg Nuerotin but I am foot pain free. ... (4 replies)
... I had the leg pain before surgery and I still have it. Also during the surgery my doctor damaged a nerve in my foot. I take Nuerotin for that. I am taking 1800mg a day and the pain seems to have gone. If the Nuerotin is not helping you I would suggest asking him to increase. ... (9 replies)
... or formally known as RDS. He said it can happen when you have back surgery. All the symptoms I have are pretty consistant with CRPS. He raised my Nuerotin to 300mg 3 times a day. I am hoping that I do not have this becuase looking on the net I do not see any hope for the future for this. ... (4 replies)
... This is my first post, so let me tell you a little about what I've been going through. I am 21 yrs. old. I worked as a full time bartender at a restaurant that I've been with for almost 3 yrs. now. I am about to start my senior year of college and am trying to graduate with honors. I live with my boyfriend, we moved into a nice big house about a year ago, and we have 3 dogs... (4 replies)
... I have had a lot of back problems for the last 2 years or so. In Jan of 2010 I got the pain in my right buttocks and shooting down my leg. I have a couple herniated disc and stenosis. It took them til Jun to give me cortisone shots. I had 3 in June and 1 in January 2011. The pain was gone from June until January of 2012. I had 2 more shots at the end of Jan '12 and 1 in Feb.... (46 replies)
Spinal Fusion
Dec 24, 2011
... back in for surgery on the 4th week of Post Op, to back the screw out some on L3. I hope this helps because by now, the pain is not excruciating but have to take nuerotin and oxycodone to keep sane until surgery. ... (8 replies)
... aug... I started dealing with pain down the other leg so bad I become bed ridden...this is the only relief I get...and I now go to Pain Management...I have tried nuerotin and numerous other meds to no avail...they will be trying a Spinal Stimulator Implant... ... (20 replies)
... Ok so I had another ESI on Tuesday. It hasnt worked quite as fast as the 1st one but the pain seems to be going away slowly. I still have pain in the ankle area and tightness in the buttock but no where near the level it was. I asked my doc what he meant when he said I had damaged discs and how it affected my back by causing Sciatica. He said that there is no physical... (6 replies)
... Hey guys I had my first ESI today to help with a 4 month battle with sciatica.... I actually got the pain figured out last week when my doc prescribed mobic and nuerotin. He said I should still take the injection. My question is how long after can i go back to doing physical activity , assuming there is no pain. Is there any risk of messing up the effect of the injections... (0 replies)
... leg pain has increased severely to where I am calling into work. He has ordered another MRI which I will have on Tuesday and prescribed me to Nuerotin and nitrotryptylin which have not helped at all. Even if the MRI looks the same, I want another opinion. ... (0 replies)
... I've been on nuerotin for 2 months. I'm up to 800mg 3 times a day. I was just like you and thought it wasn't working. I didnt seem to have any relief from my nerve pain. ... (12 replies)
Jun 10, 2006
... As far as the Nuerotin goes there are quite a few side effects, some report weight gain, tiredness, fogginess, constipation, dry mouth, and headaches. ... (23 replies)
... Ok, well its been a week now on the Neurotin... (I take both - 75 mg Topomax and now 400 mg of Nuerotin)... I am repeating myself again (same as I did at high levels of Topamax - this drives my hubby insane!!). I think something is helping turn the volume down a touch on my back... Maybe the neurotin?? I also just started aqua-therapy, so maybe the combo has helped?? (not... (14 replies)

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