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... erected position, the right side of my back would go numb. ... (0 replies)
... I have been experiencing a burning pain in my left shoulder blade for awhile now, but lately has become quite constant. ... (1 replies)
... shoulder blade pain, arm and hand pain, numbness, tingling, etc. ... (6 replies)

... and a college student. I was doing my homework the other night on my couch laying at somewhat of an angle propping myself up with my left elbow, writing with my right hand. When I moved to switch positions I found a very intense pain right under my left shoulder blade. ... (1 replies)
... tingling sensation that starts on the right side of the back of my upper neck and spreads down and into my shoulder blade. No matter how i stretch or if i take ibuprofen, use a heat pad or ice pack, and lay down, the sensation doesn't change. ... (1 replies)
... Hi, this is my 2nd time posting here and I had my surgery in Feb, and this is 5wks post op for me. I have some questions that I would like to ask if anyone has gone through this and its not just my body being weird.... ... (2 replies)
... C7 in January. ... (1 replies)
... Hi, I am a 34 year old mother of 4. I have had this very wierd spot in my upper back from the right side of my spine going into the shoulder blade area. It has been painfull, and numb off and on for years... doctors could never find out what it was... ... (2 replies)
... urs, no lung decompression and no rib involvement. I had a Harrington rod placed, and a year or so later, they did a second surgery to remove the rod. I had no numbness after the first surgery, but after the second one I had a numb spot just under my right shoulder blade that was maybe a 4 inch diameter circle. ... (2 replies)
... So first i went to urgent care for tingling in right ARM...i explained hys of anxiety. He said it was muscular and thought klonopin would be best. Still in pain after 2 weeks i went to a new pcp. She rx somas and refilled the klonopin. ... (1 replies)
... c6 fusion nov 2003. Had little to no discommfort besides the usual post op pain. Last week I began having pain in neck and in right shoulder blade. ... (2 replies)
... what im feeling is not really pain, but a feeling of numbness in my shoulder blade area. also some inflammation, or at least that's what it feels like. ... (1 replies)
... Hi, I appreciate anyone's input as I have been in pain for 3 years now in constant search of answers.... ... (2 replies)
... m hoping for any insight at all at this point. So here goes my babble. In 1984 I fell down a ladder, landing directly on my tailbone, on a steel deck. Felt massive electric shock and some tingling in my hands that passed in seconds. ... (3 replies)
... For the last month, I have been seeing a chiropractor for a soreness I have been experiencing in my back. Months ago, I began experiencing a soreness in my abdomen. When the tests I underwent didn't reveal a cause, and when I began to feel a numbness in my mid back, I decided to see the chiropractor. ... (1 replies)
... On Saturday, I was walking out of my house, and slipped on a pretty nasty patch of ice, resulting in me slipping down one stair. At that time, my shoulder was in a lot of pain, with slight numbness in my finger. ... (1 replies)
... sation to the lower limbs. The exception to this is when there is pressure on the spinal cord itself, when a cervical nerve issue can cause pain, numbness, etc. in legs and feet. ... (6 replies)
... shoulder pain, around my right shoulder blade. It seemed to affect my left arm significantly less. ... (2 replies)
... t sure if its completely numb, but it tingles and feels like it's asleep. It started about 2 yrs ago. I noticed it while doing dishes. It would only happen once in a while mostly while standing. Now, it's almost constant. Sittingm standing, driving, walking, ..etc. The left side is starting too. ... (5 replies)
Back Problems
Jan 24, 2004
... t really know when and how the mess got started but about 3 months ago I began to have tingling numbness in my left arm going all the way down into my fingers. Constant stiffness in the neck and shoulder regions, both sides. ... (0 replies)

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