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... all bulging disc at L5, but the doctors do not feel this is causing her pain, because the pain extends from her shoulders to the lower back, and some muscle pain in the upper thighs. She has no numbness or tingling in lower extremities, bladder or bowel problems. ... (3 replies)
... thanks...wc is definitely a pain in the behind to deal with. ... (48 replies)
... wrist, bursitis in both hips, mild kidney damage, Depression, Anxiety. ... (13 replies)

... Thanks for your response. I am 32 years old. Everyone says you are way to young for this. I am really sick of that line. Anyways, I have pain in both hips, pain down the back of both legs, pain down the front of my thighs. Sometimes the thigh pain is really bad. I usually have hip pain everyday. ... (4 replies)
MRI results
Aug 13, 2006
... Hi could anyone interpret my results for me and confirm that the severe pain I get in my lower back and left leg especially when walking can be attributable to this. ... (8 replies)
Drx 9000
May 15, 2006
... months progressively got worse. Started having weakness in my front thighs and strange and phantom pains in different parts of the legs. MRI back in April revealed a herniated disc on L3. I also have a few narrowing problems and dry discs where the previous surgery was. ... (59 replies)
... and sometimes I break them in two so that I can have something smaller dosage but more frequently. I also take a muscle relaxer at bedtime and sometimes during the day. ... (6 replies)
... stumbled, twisted and fell.... started experiencing sever pain, in my buttocks, and right thigh, and calf, numbness in my right calf and foot, tingling and crawling feeling in right calf... Went and saw a orthopedic surgeon, had MRI done, showed a disc buldge of approx. ... (12 replies)
... Do you have any idea what caused your back problems back in '78, and therefore brough you to physio? ... (4 replies)
... ray and cat scan, the next morning my surgeon came in and said i have bad news im like WHAT!!! ... (7 replies)
... lly follows cauda equina injury. Symptoms of pelvic organ dysfunction are often invisible to others, but can still severely affect the patient's quality of life. In addition, other problems such as difficulty in walking or severe unexplained pain can be a source of great distress. ... (15 replies)
... Firstly, I'm 35 if that helps to clarify anything in my history lol. ... (7 replies)
... ving severe back pain two years ago or a little less. Around the same time I started having ridiculous hand pain, swelling, weakness and numbing pins and needles in both hands, plus what feels like "electric shocks" in my hands. Talked to doctor concerning both was told it was two different issues. ... (4 replies)
... My reflexes in my ankles and feet were diminished, and hyperactive in my knees. ... (3 replies)
... A physical therapist is not qualified to make diagnoses like that. He isn't a doctor, tho I know he sees a lot of problems. Most likely, he is linking the numbness to pinched nerves, and it is true that can happen, but generally, you will have accompanying pain. ... (2 replies)
... pears that my slight impotence has been cured.I know a lot of people get embarassed to talk ablout this but I also know a lot of my female friends suffer through numbness or pain. ... (4 replies)
Need advice
Aug 27, 2008
... ain. I have always had chronic back pain as I am well endowed as a lady, am considered as a dwarf because I am only 4'8 and also because of a few auto accidents. In January 07, after I had suffered a heart attack at 37 in November of 06 I was sent to do a stress test. ... (3 replies)
... has dealt with a case of piriformis syndrome where it caused sciatica, numbness, but not a whole lot of pain. Actually, the only time it really feels painful is in my right leg during long car rides. That's when it hurts the most. I have numbness from my thighs down to my feet. ... (11 replies)
... I have a nueroma in my right foot and also a locked shoulder on my right side too. He also said that I have lots of pinched nerves in my lower back area which is causing this numbness. At first I had lower back pain and now that has subsided from the treatment. ... (2 replies)
... weeks ago I noticed a numb toe and thought nothing of it at the time. However since then, I've had progressively more difficulty walking, the numbness has progressed up my legs all the way up to my thighs. ... (3 replies)

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