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... What does it mean if your one hip is higher than the other (1 replies)
... One hip being higher than the other can mean a lot of different things. When I was 13, my mother noticed that one of my hips where higher than the other, and it turned out I had scoliosis. ... (1 replies)
... The reason I ask is that sometimes there is a problem in the back that causes you to make these compensations. It makes it seem like one leg is shorter, but in reality it is caused by a muscle imbalance and a mechanical problem in the way you are aligning your body. ... (8 replies)

... Ha! This is a standard line they tell everyone, that one leg is longer than the other. ... (12 replies)
... If this shorter leg thing is new to you, you might want to get it checked out. Sometimes people are told one leg is shorter than the other, when in reality it turns out that the pelvis is rotated and it causes one hip to be carried higher than the other! ... (3 replies)
... i have one hip higher than the other. ... (4 replies)
... I think this is quite common. ... (4 replies)
... are higher than the right side. This is obvious on my xray and yet no one has mentioned it. I see on the net that this can be fixed by adjustment, then again I am told you need a shoe lift. ... (12 replies)
... T can always tell if the joint is out of its socket by looking at my hips, when I lay on my back. If one is higher than the other, then the SI joint is out of its socket. As soon as it is popped back into place, the hips are the same size again. ... (8 replies)
... I couldn't lift it above elbow height and it was constantly bent and also 2" shorter than right hand. ... (3 replies)
... I have one leg "longer" than the other, too. I have a severe scoliosis. I can stand on my left foot with my leg completely straight and freely swing my right foot. ... (5 replies)
... hat post. I've had ankle surgery but since wearing boot, limping and ets. I have terrible lower back pain, mostly when standing or walking. The chiropractor says one hip is higher than the other and put me in an insert in my shoe of the one that is lower. I think it may be helping. ... (2 replies)
Back Pain Newbie
Oct 18, 2003
... rds. I am very sorry to hear of all the pain that you are experiencing. First I want to start by saying that it seems as if all chiro's tell their patient's that one leg in longer than the other, or one hip is higher than the other. ... (6 replies)
... If one hip is higher than the other, she may have a scoliosis. Has she gotten a diagnosis from anyone? ... (3 replies)
... ost op. However I'm still in pain. So it could be chronic pain. Still not sure what causes that. But this doctor who is a physiatrist mentioned that he thinks it is my sacroiliac both sides causing pain down the leg into the toe because the one hip is higher than the other and the pelvis tilted back on the other side. ... (10 replies)
... please help im so scared recently i went 2 the chiropractors and found out i have 3 vertebrates out of place and one hip is higher than the other which is causing my nausea,headaches,and coughing for over 2 months i dont know if its serious...each time i go for more treament the chiropractor has 2 pop it into place...why.! :/ lately ive been so nauseated im about 2 puke like... (4 replies)
... That is about the best description of sacroiliac joint issues I've ever read. ... (9 replies)
... all structural alignment, there are other issues that could be contributing to this problem. ... (7 replies)
... Well, I discovered something interesting at PT yesterday...and now everything she is doing with me makes sense. This woman is a specialist in using biofeedback to treat pelvic floor dysfunction. ... (7 replies)
... g on piriforamis problems. Usually there are just a couple things that become problematic. The SI joints connect the sacrum, the lowest level of the spine that is immovable, with the iliac which a part of the pelvic girdle. There are no muscles involved in the SI joints. They are held in place with ligaments. ... (9 replies)

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