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... Pain started in my lower back in September 05. Got worse and worse as the months progressed. BY December I was in alot of pain. Pain was in lower back, shooting down both legs, butt, down to my feet. Even noticed uncontrollable spasms in my leg muscles. ... (5 replies)
... to make a long story short, i have Temporomandibular joint disorder, i was just diognosed today but also it has been brought to my attention that my one shoulder is about 2 inches lower than the other causing alot of pain between my shoulder blades. ... (6 replies)
Drx 9000
Apr 26, 2006
... One of the main reasons I did not want to go with the surgery is what happened to you. I did alot of research and found that in many cases pressure put on the other discs after surgery greetly increases the risk of damaging the other disc. Also, there is a reason why our disc herniate. ... (59 replies)

Drx 9000
May 10, 2006
... I think that our attitude with things has alot to do with the outcomes. This treatment we are doing is one of those "things" I have complete faith in the treatment. I have only 4 more left. ... (59 replies)
... Welcome to the board. ... (1 replies)
... Hello. For the past 4 days I have had a pain in my right shoulder blade. Lower area away from the middle of my back. It kind of came on all of a sudden. Now it is burning and feels like little shocks. It is so uncomfortable I cannot wear my bra... ... (1 replies)
... Hi. I posted this on the bone disorders site, and didn't get a response...Please help. ... (3 replies)
... my daughter has the same back pain but not the popping or fractures you discribe. It would be wise of your mother to get you to an Orthopedic guy ASAP. ... (2 replies)
... If I raise my hand in class, often my elbow makes an extremely loud popping sound and it HURTS. This happens with my other joints when I move them, too, especially my hips. ... (2 replies)
... There are abnormalities in the sensations in the suboccipital region, such as numbness, pins and needles, or a feeling of swelling. ... (6 replies)
Lower back pain
Sep 11, 2011
... I woke up yesterday morning with some minor soreness in my lower back. By the afternoon, it had gotten pretty bad. ... (3 replies)
... it's not that the leg is actually shorter, but because the pelvis is tilted up on one side due to the bottom of the "S" curve, it makes it seem that the leg is shorter. I limp slightly when I walk, and the more I walk the worse it gets. ... (20 replies)
... doesn't hurt so much but really bizzarre. It is very upsetting. My left lowest rib in the front is sticking out more than the one on the right and is about an inch lower. I have no lateral curve though and have been told off hand by various professionals that I don't have scoliosis. ... (9 replies)
... For around 4 years I have suffered pretty bad back pain, in my lower back. The pain is brought on by continuous standing in one spot, I.e washing dishes, or walking more than 20 minutes. I can describe the pain as a constant severe dull ache. ... (1 replies)
... is squashed thinner than the other so my spine causes my right shoulder to be at a lower level than my left. Its not real obvious, maybe an inch or so. ... (1 replies)
... I have lived for so many years with back pain that it has become a part of my life. Certain things make it hurt worse than other things, but something is always hurting. I have never taken any kind of pain killers, just relievers such as Advil. ... (1 replies)
... I was in a trampoline class and hesitated at top of a jump and crashlanded bellyflopped hands down face went into mat and legs flicked up. I was more affected by lower back, but i probably had whiplash in neck from impact, had bleeding nose. ... (1 replies)
... I believe was a term of endearment given by parents and grandparents of German decent it meant mischievous boy or child, or even an outright rascal. I was given the name by a boss who got tired of me asking "Why? ... (17 replies)
... We are in the same boat here. One of my shoulders is much higher than the other. I do have scoliosis but I'm not sure that is the cause. If you are a female, see if your lower shoulder is the one you carry your purse on most of the time, I believe that may have something to do with it. ... (4 replies)
... Thanks everyone and you are all most welcome! I am happy as you to hear uplifting news and extra excited this one is from me! hehe. ... (14 replies)

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