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... L4 disc affects the L4 nerve...which innervates the inner leg and medial foot and may also be causing some of the discomfort in the buttock region. ... (10 replies)
... Hi Kerri, I am having the same symptoms, though not in the back of the thigh. I have had an MRI and am now going for a CT scan. Have you had any luck with your diagnosis?? Hope you are feeling better. Will let you know what my final diagnosis is if it helps. (10 replies)
... Just wondered if anyone had suffered the same probs as I'm getting at the moment. For the last 1.5 years I've had lower back pain on and off, xray and bloods haven't shown anything unusual and have managed to control it with chiro and PT. ... (10 replies)

... mes a year for a week at most. I am now in my forties and recently had a severe flare up, which has left me with constant pain, soreness and weakness in my left buttock and upper thigh. My knee is also sore at times, essentially the whole left side from my flank down to my knee feels inflamed. ... (11 replies)
... it starts in my low back and goes down to my buttocks on both back just feels so weak. The buttock pain is a hell of a lot worse than the back pain. ... (11 replies)
... So I've been dealing with back pain radiating down my left buttock, thigh, my knee joint, calf and foot. ... (0 replies)
... My doc has diagnosed that my leg probs and buttock pain caused by SI prob, had SI joint injection last week. Pain went away for a few days in calf, buttock, thigh, but still having probs with left foot. ... (23 replies)
... Appears that you may have back nerve compression (herniated disc) the leg pain indicates this so you need an MRI scan (11 replies)
... I have had minor back pain over the last few days and I thought it was cause from stress. Today I went to move a heavy table and my back completely gave out. ... (11 replies)
... or at least made a connection for the first time. I went for a 20 minute walk at lunch time today and now I have an achy pain very low down on the left side directly above what most would consider the top of the buttock. ... (11 replies)
Pain tolerance
Nov 11, 2002
... message....but as I sit here reading all the posts a thought has occurred to me. I see that people with bulging discs are in extreme pain, and that others take pain medication when getting epidurals, etc. ... (3 replies)
... lumbar hernations. My back pain was increasing around my cycles, since I was having 2 cycles per month this was getting out of hand. ... (5 replies)
Post-Op Pain
Dec 11, 2002
... foot pain following surgery. This pain diminished however. Unfortunately, after one week of relatively pain free days, the same pain returned. I called my surgeon who insisted that the pain was normal and that it might get even worse before it gets better. ... (6 replies)
... hitting the floor very hard! Ever since I've had back pain which then caused painful sciatica in my right leg now it's stopped in the right leg and I have all the same symptoms in my left leg. ... (2 replies)
... joint pain does not show up on an MRI and produces the symptoms you have described. I have suffered with them as well. ... (11 replies)
... on in my neck and shoulders for about 10 years. Just recently the pain went down my arm and into my hand. Also causing numbness, tingling and very weak. My MRI is also "normal". I'm now going to physical therapy. ... (11 replies)
... In the past I have had the flare ups but they go away, this time the pain started out as acute and now is more dull but definitely still there. ... (11 replies)
Lower back pain
Jul 10, 2008
... MRIs done in a supine (laying down) position dont always tell the tale and even others. I had a blown disc that did not show on over 3 years of MRIs (it appeared healthy). Get another opinion and more if needed. Some are better than others. I suggest seeing a spine surgeon (neuro or ortho) at this point, before you seek out the Rheumy. Unfortunately, it is a bit of a... (3 replies)
... That is my gut feeling. The original extrusion was quite large at 1cm and paracentral but slightly to the right and he said he he took a fair portion of the disc away. When I bend its now all pain down the left buttock / thigh and to the ankle when depressing the clutch pedal on the car. I really dont think I can face surgery again. (8 replies)
... I would reccomend you at least get a consulation with an orthopedic spine surgeon simply based on your history of scoliosis, occasional sciatica, and now more consistent pain. (11 replies)

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