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Partial foot drop?
Jun 10, 2005
... is it possible to have partial foot drop? ... (5 replies)
... Yes, you are showing signs of nerve damage if you develop foot drop. That is one of the criteria for surgery on an emergent basis....which means that you need surgery sooner, rather than later. ... (1 replies)
... I am going for walks, but it's a big problem to go too far with this weak foot. It starts to ache really badly after only about 100 yards, as I have the partial foot drop. ... (30 replies)

Partial foot drop?
Jun 28, 2005
... ValerieK- I didn't find out much about my foot, but I do know that it has to do with my nerve being irritated. I'm scheduled for surgery on Tuesday July 5. as for the bladder issue, he said that it was also from the nerve being irritated, and it will all resolve itself after surgery. I'm in Buffalo and found a great ortho-spine surgeon, and the staff has been more then... (5 replies)
... from scar tissue, a widened ligament, and possibly a small reherniation, and my exam in which all he did was look at that left foot flexion, he feels I definitely need a laminectomy. ... (6 replies)
Next step
Feb 27, 2007
... in my case since I'm not in pain and the foot drop is mild. ... (12 replies)
... I had severe sciatic pain down to my foot, muscle weakness, muscle atrophy, and numbness and pins and needles in my foot. Parts of my foot were numb, but not the entire foot. ... (8 replies)
Can't lift my foot
May 22, 2003
... I have had partial foot drop since my initial injury. And it is caused by nerve damage or pressure. Had you been sitting in a funky position for awhile? ... (16 replies)
... microdiscectomy. I woke up from the op with partial foot drop. Very weak in the ankle, could not raise my foot very much at all. ... (10 replies)
... Kevin, What was wrong with your back? I don't even have a disc herniation. Well, my MRI is 2 months old. I called the doc today and he ordered another one. The soonest I can get in in Tuesday. I first noticed this weakness about 2-3 weeks ago. How was yours dropped -- partial or not? Kate (9 replies)
Need help
Jan 14, 2006
... th strange leg sensations down both legs, but now I'm home it has decreased. I guess we are all in the same position. I have no sciatic pain at all, still have partial foot drop, but I've almost got used to it. ... (10 replies)
... I am 10 days post op and went to bed last night completely free of pain and walking reasonably apart from partial foot drop. ... (8 replies)
Partial foot drop?
Jun 28, 2005
... Nsmatch- I'm having a TLIF, on L5-S1, its a complete fusion with hardware. and actually the dr's initially wanted to wait until after my October wedding, but then changed their mind when I started with the urgency problem, then they kept bumping up my date so I would recover in enough time for my wedding! ValerieK- go get a new MRI and request it of your lower back! my... (5 replies)
Partial foot drop?
Jun 28, 2005
... kt41577- Your problem with the big toe is specific for one nerve root, the L5 nerve, which comes out of the L4-L5 disc region. You also mention some new problems with urination, which makes surgery a bit more urgent than usual. I'm guessing you'll be having a posterior L4-L5 fusion next week? Anyways, best of luck to you. (5 replies)
Partial foot drop?
Jun 28, 2005
... I have a bulging, calcified disc at T8-9 and some DDD (I'm 29). I'm not in constant pain, but rather constant discomfort. I can deal with the back/leg/toe issues, but am most concerned about the bladder/bowel issues. What I've been told is that my spinal cord is being irritated and could cause any and everything. My gyno seemed to think it might be a lumbar problem, but... (5 replies)
Partial foot drop?
Jun 28, 2005
... I also can walk on my heels & toes, but it doesn't feel right, and I'm more shaky than I have been in the past. Also have the same bladder (and bowel) problems. I'm in the process of finding a new doctor. Were you able to find anything out? Or anybody? (5 replies)
... Wow...I'm so glad I found other people that can relate to drop foot problems. My sciatica pain started when I stood up after sitting at a show at Knotts Berry Farm in Feb 2002. ... (56 replies)
... Seems to me that as the nerve regrows down the leg and into the foot, the drop foot would become less and less pronounced because the nerve signals were getting through to the muscles. ... (22 replies)
... ith a moderate size central, left paracentral and posterolateral disc herniation. This is best seen on the axial reconstructed views. In regards to the patient's foot drop, this is most likely the area of greatest concern. There is also bulging into the right neural foramina but to a lesser degree. No facet changes are seen. ... (5 replies)
... here's nerve regrowth, and IF it happened at the level of the spine, then IF it regrows all the way, it'll take about a year to reach the foot, if you're about 6 foot or so. ... (22 replies)

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