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MRI help please!
Sep 8, 2015
... discs are showing some signs of degenerative change, but according to report, there is no apparent nerve compression. ... (3 replies)
... Your MRI sounds like mine except I had arthritis in L4. ... (6 replies)
... Hi there, well to start my husband does have hip pain and leg pain, but it's from his back...pinched nerves that all started with the inital leg injury and just snowballed. ... (30 replies)

... Basically I am not allowed to lift anything greater than 10lbs, no bending, sharp turns ,squatting, kneeling, no sitting or standing longer than an hour. i work in a hospital as a cert. nurse assistant. so that pretty much right there puts a huge damper on my career. ... (8 replies)
Back pain
Dec 5, 2010
... t is causing your pain. But, from my reading of the written report, the words that jump out at me are "neural foramina partially obliterated, and compression on nerve roots. ... (3 replies)
... op am having the same results when my doctor checks these things on my right leg. I am still having nerve pain, tingling and numbness in my lower right leg and foot. ... (10 replies)
... Since you've had this problem for several years, and have a new symptom of your foot and leg getting numb, it is an indication that the nerve compression is getting worse. ... (4 replies)
... into 2 wonderful doctors that both said they would not have done my surgery without further testing and felt the doctor that did my surgery was overly aggressive in treatment by surgery. ... (11 replies)
... The sciatic nerve can become pinched in the pelvis where the nerve exits from the "inside" through the sciatic notch. It then goes under the piriformis muscle. ... (1 replies)
... S1 was in a pinched position. ... (7 replies)
A little anxious
Mar 15, 2007
... or a neurologist. If your GP isn't helping, insist on a referral to a specialist. If you have pain that runs from your hip down to below the knee, that could certainly be sciatica. Sciatic pain runs along the path of the sciatic nerve. ... (9 replies)
... L5 that left me with sciatica off and on in right leg, but mostly a deep ache in the hip and buttock, with low back pain, mostly achy, sometimes sharp. ... (5 replies)
... Hello. This is my first ever post. I am so frustrated and tired of being in pain, I thought I would ask for some help from people who are experiencing the same thing. ... (0 replies)
... From the description of your symptoms and what is noted in the MRI report, your "issues" seem fairly straight forward. ... (5 replies)
Need advice
Aug 28, 2008
... done for the low back, and hip pain I see that on the diagram the chirpractor had highlighted L4, L5 and the Sacrum and I am thinking these are the problem disc in question based on the procedure done yesterday. ... (3 replies)
... A nerve might have become pinched or, you may have a muscle strain. ... (5 replies)
Weird pain
Dec 4, 2003
... you can get rid of thrush by using a couple of tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to some warm water. Thrush is caused by antibiotics or an imbalance of yeasts in your system. I used to get it all the time. It seemed to get me when I ate too much sugar. ... (2 replies)
... ll try that. I just can't accept them telling me I should be ok. I feel like they're covering themselves or not taking it serious. I'm sure after three surgeries in two years, they're getting cynical. I've been asking them to check my hip. They refuse. ... (2 replies)
May 23, 2007
... I also had on and off spells with my back for years and in late 2005 or early 2006 my pain went chronic. I had alot of pain in my hip and legs. My hip even hurt to touch it. ... (8 replies)
... Here's the thing , I have spondy also , had pain in my legs hips and feet , plus back pains , I had a laminectomy and fusion of L4-L5 and still suffer so I can't tell you what it could be, sorry..:confused: (5 replies)

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