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... Lisa, I am not sure what the nerve is called, but I know I have pain down the front part of my thigh and ends around the knee. I have lots of numbness and tingling in that area. ... (9 replies)
... Hello I have the same problem what you have and it is cause you might have a back problema nd you need to go and see a doctor fast mine is caused my back I have nerve damage in my back and it goes down my legs and in my stomach the stomach just started about a week ago all you can do go and get checked out by your family doctor and see what they say and if you need to be seen... (4 replies)
... But he told me the CT Scan shows more of the openings in the spine where the nerves exit. ... (1 replies)

... I hear you as I had 2 kids within 13 months and yes, your forever lifting and trying to balance one on your hip. Hubby has a pinched nerve in his neck and wears one of those cervical soft collars and it really helps him. ... (11 replies)
... around my hip, in my groin, down the front of my right leg and thru my knee. Went to dr. ... (2 replies)
... excersises. One of them is sitting with my feet straight and flat on the floor, with a 6" wide pillow between my knees. Tilting forward so that there is an arch in my back, relaxing shoulders, I sqeeze my knees together. ... (4 replies)
... Sorry to hear of your troubles, but don't despair too much. Need to ascertain whether the disc herniation is the cause of your pain, or something else. My gut feeling is it could be a misalignment issue considering that the injury is a result of trauma. It could be simply that your pelvis is misaligned which is putting undue pressure on your spine. Often these complaints... (10 replies)
... thorasic in my chart. ... (22 replies)
... CT scan of my whole back down to my mid thigh. I also had xrays of my hips and it showed DDD in my hips and around my SI joint area. But, my doctor said that wouldnt be causing me pain. ... (8 replies)
... al of a collapsed disk. My burning, tingling and numbness is ALL over my legs, front, side and back, not just the back of my leg. That is interesting about the pinched nerve in your hip. My hips do hurt alot but I thought that was from my back also. Again, every one is different. ... (8 replies)
... Gin, I forgot to ask you, what kind of shape was your mom in before this fall? ... (14 replies)
... Yesterday somehow I think I pinched a nerve in my hip or upper leg. ... (7 replies)
... intense burning, then I began having intense cramping in the back of my legs at night. Because of an amazing podiatrist! I was directed to a neurologist, then an orthopedic specialist, and even a pain specialist. ... (1 replies)
... and have an issue that's a little frightening. Thank you in advance for any help or suggestions you can offer. ... (4 replies)
Hip and leg pain
Feb 6, 2010
... i 2 days both legs were hurting and I could barely walk. It felt like barbed wire was wrapped around my legs in my groin area. I wasn't sure if I'd done something, moved the wrong way or what, but then I thought maybe it was a pinched nerve... ... (1 replies)
... the only thing bothering me, rolled me to my side and pushed in by where the sciatic nerve comes around the hip to down the front of the leg. Pain exploded in my head! ... (6 replies)
Lower back pain
Aug 12, 2008
... Mine wraps around to my hip and often down my leg causing charlie horses. ... (3 replies)
... one in Sept. and one in Nov. ... (7 replies)
... My problem is not from my back though. The ortho explained it to me that it depends on where the numbness, buring, etc is. Mine is around the knee and mostly in the front of the leg. Which means I have a pinched nerve in my hip. It is called Meralgia Paresthetica. ... (8 replies)
... Horrible calf pains that feel like an ice pick, burning and numbness in the outside of the thigh and hip pain to boot. ... (13 replies)

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