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... hmmm where should I start, roughly 4 years ago I injured by back in a lifting accident at work, resulting in many painful months of work. ... (4 replies)
... About a month ago i posted to this site..i was diagnosed with a minor disc bulge in the L5..originally I had numbness in my left buttock area, leg and foot not even being able to move my toes... ... (2 replies)
... Hey guys. I'm 5 weeks post op from spinal fusion of L4 to S1. Just recently I'v been experiencing strange feelings in my left foot. It feels as if the top of my foot is badly sunburned. I also have feelings of pins and needles on the bottom and on my toes. ... (5 replies)

... I have been battling back problems for a long time with back pain, pins and needles in legs and feet. I had a discectomy 2.5 years ago. ... (1 replies)
... surgical pain was mainly in my butt and leg, but my post op pain in my back from the surgery itself was quite intense for a few days, but it really did get better each day. I felt pretty good after about 2 weeks. ... (7 replies)
... some muscle spasms, occasional burning in one hip, tight hamstrings and pins and needles in both legs with an internal tingle in my calves. I have no numbness or reflex changes. ... (2 replies)
... I'm only twenty. A year ago I've experienced the first incident with a bulging disc. First I've felt severe low back pain. I wasn't able to bend and basically every change of position was painful. ... (6 replies)
... All my research suggests my condition should be taken seriously, at least some sort of intervention, like pain meds, physio etc. and if all else fails, surgery. ... (4 replies)
... assess whether you're a good candidate for surgery or not. If you're healthy enough to handle the surgery and have a problem documented by imaging that can be easily fixed by a surgical procedure, then it's likely that the surgeon will say you should have surgery. ... (4 replies)
... cervical DDD, arthritis, mild stenosis, sciatica, etc. He said it was highly unlikely and wants me to have blood work done. However, since a few hours after the last injection, my middle toes and middle fingers have been constantly numb and tingly. ... (3 replies)
Drop Foot
Sep 14, 2005
... Hello, For the last 18 years I have suffered with back problems. Originally, playing squash, I hurt my back and was told it was sciatica. Since then, I do something daft each year and my back goes. I dont get sciatica, just a really painful back. ... (6 replies)
Drop Foot
Jun 14, 2010
... I was stripping furniture yesterday, bent over of course for hours, and when I returned to normal position, I felt very bad electric shocks down my legs, and my back was killing me last night. This morning, low and behold, very bad foot drop in my left leg. ... (6 replies)
Needle Toes
Mar 18, 2011
... It's very common to have nerves damaged by spine issues, resulting in neuropathy in your toes and feet. Symptoms can include numbness, tingling, "pins and needles", stinging feelings, shocks of pain, feeling very cold, you name it. ... (3 replies)
... Now, the only pain I have is occasional mild lower back pain when I've been sitting too much, and muscle spasm pain in my hamstring and calf on the left side. ... (6 replies)
... toes numbness and extreme weakness right after the surgery. ... (9 replies)
... S1 back in June of 2004..... I have Chronic Radiculopathy of the Right leg, and now in the left as well....constant pain from my lower back to my hips, into my legs, feet and toes.... ... (6 replies)
... this is what is suspected to be causing my problems, numbness in legs, pain in lower back, loss of feeling in toes, pins and needles in left arm. ... (3 replies)
Pins and Needles
May 5, 2004
... Actually, by blocking the nerve root around the L5 level, your pain in your toes should be releived. ... (1 replies)
... A year and a half ago I started having pins and needles in my toes. It comes and goes. No leg pain. ... (36 replies)
... fusion rehab. I still have low back pain when sitting and pins and needles in my toes on occasion. ... (12 replies)

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