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... Hi Julie, I have had this for a few years now ever since my surgery, I have had injections in this "lovely" pain in the butt muscle to relax it and it did help for only 2 days or so, The shots were not worth it. ... (4 replies)
... There is a condition called piriformis syndrome. This is where the piriformis muscle which is a hip rotator muscle, tightens and presses on the sciatic nerve that runs through it. ... (4 replies)
... My fam doc told me I had SI joint pain but a phys therapist thinks it's piriformus muscle. Anyone know about this pain? ... (4 replies)

... My husband, disabled retired Navy veteran, has excrutiating muscle spasms down legs, peripheral neuropathy left leg, has many types of treatments tried. Therapy for lymphedema affecting "reservoir" in lower back helped. ... (2 replies)
... The piriformis is a large muscle that runs across the buttocks from the sacrum and attaches over by the hip. When it becomes taut, the pain often seems like "hip" pain. ... (16 replies)
"what a pain!"
Oct 23, 2007
... and this can too contribute alot to hip pain as well as Sciatic Nerve type symptoms. I would highly recommend researching some piriformus stretches and also a little more about SI Joint Dysfunction on Health Boards as a few of us have contributed to this topic quite a bit. ... (3 replies)
... hing. My right piriformis is rediculously tight all the time. When I sit on something hard, like in a hot tub, I can feel the thickness of plumbness of the right piriformus when moving back and forth and the large bump that is felt when my "sitting bone" rolls across it. ... (9 replies)
... Any time the SI joints are involved, there is the potential for pain that can be in the buttocks, hip area or groin region....there is a big, strong muscle that attaches at the sacrum and runs across the buttocks, attaching by the hip on the other side. It is used to flex the hip and is very important for walking. ... (8 replies)
... This also allows the attachment of the piriformis muscle to get "caught", which results in it getting pulled taut. ... (4 replies)
... I have been much better, though not complelety happy with my neck, but not so bad life is on hold. I am going to start school in a week and will work through my muscle pain with manual therapy, learn some relaxation and maybe even look into accupuncture. ... (11 replies)
... Sometimes piriformus muscle syndrome will mimic the pain of sciatica. This would be separate from any problems you are having with tingling, numbness, etc. ... (3 replies)
... speaking of motto how's the buisness going ? Whats your speciality ? Good to see ya again brother. Dan (4 replies)
... I do not have this, but I have heard my P/T talking about it. I know that I ahve read several posts here about it, so you may be able to find info. by searching it in the advanced search area. I hope you can find something that helps you. Lorie (4 replies)
... As a result from DDD I also suffer with sciatica. Which is not uncommon with severe DDD. My piriformus muscle is probably tight as well. ... (7 replies)
... Hey Jennifer, you said you went to massage chiropractor worked with a technique called 'active release' for deep tissue injury and I had immediate releif from the tightness and pulling in my right hip with sitting and bending. He unlocked hip flexors with this technique as well as releasing spasms in my leg and my sciatica disappeared. I am beginning to see the... (38 replies)
... Sacroiliac Joint Disorder and Piriformus problems...hmmm...this sounds so familiar to me! It sounds like exactly what I have, albeit, on my left side. ... (38 replies)
... been complaining of my sciatic nerve hurting. I've even had negitive myeolgrams. I just discovered it and it's a God send. There is a little triangluar shaped muscle in my butt cheeck called the "Piriformis" when irritated it tightens and presses on your sciatic nerve and makes ya hurt like heck. ... (7 replies)
So depressed!
Sep 1, 2010
... e edge of ur bed, raise one leg and place the foot on the knee of the other leg, then pull towards the leg on tops opposite shoulder, if u feel a pull across the muscle in ur bum then that's what ur suffering from. Untrapping nerves can help with this. ... (5 replies)
... This new diagnosis would also make sense with the piriformis problem as piriformis attaches to the ligaments around the sacrum and illia and would become inflammed if those structures are inflammed aswell. So with you it is possible the cause is the Sacroilial joint and the symptoms are being aggravated / maintained by the piriformis muscle. Obviously this is conjecture at... (16 replies)
... Ask spine specialist about "Piriformus Syndrome." Rare condition, hard to diagnose, usually caused by body trauma that affected lower back, abdomen, and/or hips and legs. SI injections temporary. Use tennis balls to roll on lower back and/or on buttocks under hip bone to release taut nerve(s). My husband's situation progressed to excrutiating muscle/nerve spasms before... (4 replies)

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