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... op microdiscectomy and said they jog 2 miles a day. ... (4 replies)
... S1 herniation, I had a microdiscectomy 2 weeks ago. It felt like a miracle. I woke up with absolutely no left sided pain just some expected incisional soreness. Never even took a tylenol. ... (15 replies)
... great interest. I am 6 weeks microdiscectomy post op. My problem began in Jan 2011 by taking a fall when a desk I sat on collapsed. ... (3 replies)

... I walked 1.5 miles today about double what i usually walk and my left halmstring is sore. Similar to the pain I was getting post op from my microdiscectomy 15 days ago. Wanted to know if this is common and if I over did it. Also wanted to know how much I should walk. When I was walking I felt GREAT. ... (1 replies)
... ple here who understand this. I am praying I have not reherniated. The surgeon's PA I saw said that aching in that area was very normal when I saw him at 3 weeks post op. But I had not had these jolting pains at that time. ... (7 replies)
... Dear Carol and TetonTerri and everybody else listening out there, Well, the appointment went better than expected... I think I have a doc who is aggressively on "my side" for once! He was scratching his head about the new symptoms on the "wrong side". First, he told me he strongly felt that I wasn't going to be one of the 5-10% who re-herniates based on how it looked... (15 replies)
... S1 microdiscectomy and I have read quite a bit of advise in a few posts. In fact, some of the posts that I read were so relevant that I could not believe they were from 2003. ... (2 replies)
... Well, after two months of the worst pain I have ever lived through I made it through microdiscectomy surgery on Thursday..... ... (14 replies)
... Well, after two months of the worst pain I have ever lived through I made it through microdiscectomy surgery on Thursday..... ... (0 replies)
... My husband is 2 months post op from an L4-5 microdiscectomy and he still has a lot of leg and back pain. He had another MRI done on monday as well. It says that the scar extends into the nerve root canal which is most likely what is causing the pain. We will find out at his next doctor's appointment on Monday whether they will need to go back in or if it will disintegrate on... (6 replies)
... hey everyone! Well as you can see by my title I'm 3 months post op from a L3-4 and L4-5 microdiscectomy. I just got another MRI done on monday because I'm having a lot of pain down my leg still. I asked for the report and it did not reveal anything new. The doctor told me that my discs were worn out and that's what is causing the pain but on the MRI it said mild... (6 replies)
... Calin, I remember weird nerve sensations when post op that felt like baby jolts but werent associated with leaning over or any movement , they were just at random or it might be nerves coming alive but its so early post op if i were you i would call surgeon & let him know, ask what to do, etc. Is it the SI joint ? The SI joints are located 2-3 inches from incision on me &... (7 replies)
... Reading everyone's posts has been really helpful, so I'm gonna post my experience and hopefully it will help someone else too. I'm very newly post op. ... (1 replies)
... My post op sharp sciatica pain went away within 2 weeks of my last post. Scared the livibg daylight out of me. No explaination for it was found.... ... (15 replies)
... wks ago, I had a very large herniation removed and I did great the first week, but I think that I am now having muscle spasms. I see my doctor for my first post op visit this week. ... (2 replies)
... Calin, SI pain does hurt me too especially when i have been inactive laying around in pain or when i was post op laying around & then get better & increase activity & bam, the SI "erupts" ! I had it happen last Tuesday, usually a trigger point injection by the dr with depo medrol & marcaine makes it go away but i would go ahead & call the surgeon if i were you. I hope that... (7 replies)
... about calling today. I am trying to get back to work and I just clearly freaked out at this. It doesn't last...and I remember very early on in the first 2 weeks post op I felt similar sensations when trying to roll over in bed. ... (7 replies)
... rgery was successful and that is wonderful news!! It is so nice to hear of such a positive outcome! Had I not taken a nasty fall down a flight of stairs 3 days post op, I feel as though that is where I would've been in my recovery. ... (1 replies)
... Just giving the update...good post op MRI looks good. No reherniation, no new disk extrusion, no resitual fragments.... ... (15 replies)
... Hi, I am 2 years post-op Microdiscectomy. My first week, I crept about wondering what was going to happen if I actually bent down or did something. I did have residual pain on the nerve which came and went. I was back to work after 12 days, but not allowed to sit for too long. I was also driving the car. I have had sessions of pain since then, which went away again and... (14 replies)

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