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... It's been nearly three months (12 weeks) since my lami discectomy for a herniated disc L3/L4. I am going back in for a check-up in two days. I still have the severe sciatic pain in my glute, still running down my leg and sharp pain in my toes. I have been on Gabapentine for the last month, not much help or noticable relief. I currently take 2400mg of Advil daily (12 pills). ... (13 replies)
... I have been keeping a thread going with my own discectomy recovery. ... (1 replies)
... From what I gather, I had an open discectomy. When I asked my doctor which one it was, he gave me a different answer all together using terms I had never heard of. I think that due to the 3 inch incision in my back that this was not micro. . . Thanks for the insights. When I spoke to the doctor's office this morning, we are thinking about moving to anti-inflammatory drugs... (8 replies)

... So I guess I am here just to reach out and say I am pretty nervous about the recovery and surgery in general. ... (3 replies)
... weeks, but lately all the stories I'm reading are talking about heading toward fusion before recovery from discectomy is even complete. ... (8 replies)
... ssue has formed around the nerve again, the doctors will not go in and remove the scar tissue because they say it just forms worse each time you remove it.....My recovery after surgery was not bad at all, I was totally pain free immediately after surgery, and it stayed that way for approx. ... (21 replies)
... What are the differences between fusion and discectomy as far as recovery time goes? ... (6 replies)
... I wish you a great recovery and keep us posted on your progress!! ... (8 replies)
... I just was wondering what kind of a recovery process i can expect after a discectomy. How long approx. until i can return to school? ... (2 replies)
... Your recovery sounds very normal to me. Recovery is always slower than patients feel it should be. And, you've already answered your own question. ... (81 replies)
... Edit: I have added a new post at the end of this thread: it is now 4 weeks post discectomy. So, it's been exactly two weeks ago today that I had my "open discectomy" aka laminectomy/discectomy. To recap: 40 yr old male. Non smoker, healthy active 6'4" 180lbs. I have had a sore lower back for nearly 20 years, lumbar strain with occasional soft tissue soreness.... (7 replies)
... Well...My neuro sent me to surgeon on Feb 2. Surgeon said I had to have l5-s1 removed as it is reducing my thecal sac by 50%! He did say he would have to cut some bone but would remove the whole disk. Same thing he said the scar tissue would form and that was all that would be done. I have asked in several posts here and on another med site about laminectomy/discectomy and... (14 replies)
... that my doctor not do an endoscopic surgery. good luck, hopefully it will work out for you. oh, yeah, my dad just had a discectomy a month ago and it cured nine years of back pain totally. no endoscope for him either. ... (8 replies)
... Anyway, thank you for the support you have given me. I will check back over the next few weeks and let everyone know how the recovery is going. ... (17 replies)
... I am 12 days post two level discectomy surgery. I still feel tremendous pain along with a new numb tingling right toes, foot, and leg. Also experiencing muscle pain in both legs. ... (7 replies)
... As it is a workcover issue, having the ESI this time is more about Workcover not approving any other procedure. They approved the Discectomy and first round of ESIs but now wont even approve seeing a pain specialist! ... (13 replies)
... Before I answer your question, would you prefer to be prepared for the worst and then discover it wasn't as bad as you were anticipating, or would you rather assume this will be similar to the discectomy, and then wake up from surgery and be surprised? :eek: How big was your incision with the discectomy? And you're having TLIF this time, right? But is it MIS this time? ... (1 replies)
... Op to correct siatica and a herniated disc that has been causing pain, numbness and tingling of both legs, buttocks, hips and back. Last year I have a discectomy and it was successful but I guess I didn't baby it enough and it is back. I have done 4 injections, much PT and anything else that the doctors recommended. ... (4 replies)
... Thanks for sharing your experience. I am opting for a discectomy since at thie point in my life, being that I am unemployed, it makes financial sense to get another discectomy so I get better long enough to get a job !! ... (6 replies)
... Hello Jeschn, I had L-5 S1 TLIF surgery 21 days ago and my calf muscles are in constant charlie horse mode. Its sciatica from swelling after surgery is what i was told. A normal phase of recovery. Ask your Dr but do not worry yourself too much. There are lots of phases to this type of recovery. walk as much as you can, it helps me. Good luck in your healing. agwhitten (3 replies)

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