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... hey i feel your pain....recovery from back pain is very difficult and i have learned that you have to stay strong mentally. I am 20 years old and six weeks ago i had a discetomy/laminectomy on my l5-s1..... I still have sciatic pain but have seen minor improvement each week. I just hate it when doctors dont understand hhow much we all struggle. I was struggling those six... (7 replies)
... o chop it off. I was too afraid to have a fusion because I have osteroporosis and was afraid the hardware wouldn't hold. The surgeon told me the laminectomy and discectomy wouldn't take care of the back problem. ... (4 replies)
... But spinal surgeries can take a long time to heal and each little step in the recovery scale is worth aiming for. ... (15 replies)

... I am very sorry to hear and yet very sorry to tell but it seems your fusion for some reason failed. 6 months is very long recovery period. ... (15 replies)
... LAMINECTOMIES are still done. I had a LAMINECTOMY (FUSION L5-S1 and the implant with rods and screws) September.2, 08. It's BARBARIC Surgery that should be eliminated and have these surgeons upgrade their skills with the new technology that is available today. (13 replies)
... You've read all correct and well. Traditional discectomies and micro-discectomies (laminotomy, interlamincetomy and smilar) are not done any more. New and modern neurosurgeons have accepted MISS (minimally-invasive spine surgery) concept. Advantages of MIS include: * Less post-operative pain * Quicker recovery (13 replies)
... I had the leg pain for almost a year. At first it was alot and then it tapered off. I sometimes get it in the other leg but it goes away. I was told the nerve gets really irritated and it needs time to heal. The doctors had said about 6 months but it definitely was longer. I was told the pain in the back wouldn't go away as I opted to not have a fusion and I have alot of... (9 replies)
... The thought of depression never had entered my mind... until now... I am scheduled for 4 level PLIF on the 28th Jan, L3, 4, 5, S1. I have always felt I was a positive person and after going through 6 knee surgeries, 2 heart attacks (stents firmly in place now) and a double discectomy L2/3 L3/4 in 07, I never had an issue. IMO, a postive outlook and to trust in higher... (26 replies)
... Jen, Thanks for the repy and the info. I may try to see if walking straighter will help the clicking. It seems to be intermittent and they did suggest that it could be a tendon but it makes sense what you described because sometimes it feels like it is in the hip and then it feels like it is in the back. Good luck with your recovery. Hopefully you be feeling some... (8 replies)
... Hi everyone! My husband had a micro-D yesterday, and the doctor said that everything had gone ok, but he is now in great pain in the back and has weakness in the leg. I think the back pain is due to the incision and the doctor says it's normal, but I haven`t found too much information about recovery, so I wanted to ask about your experiences. Is the incision pain awful... (10 replies)
... Hi: Speaking of inflammatory.......I would like to mention: One week after my micro-d L5-S1 my right leg felt like it was ON FIRE. It burned, it hurt, it felt swollen (it wasn't). Horrible! On fire right from the very top to the very bottom of toes. Called the neurosurgeon. He prescribed the 6-day steriod pack (Methylprednisone 4mgs.). Well, it was a miracle. On... (11 replies)
... Hi: Yes, this sounds perfectly normal. I had a micro-d L5-S1 7 years ago. During my recovery, I had all kinds of different feelings/pains/pings/sensations that I didn't have before surgery. The back takes about 6 weeks to stabilize and form scar tissue (normal). So during this time you MUST be careful at everything you do. Watch your posture. No twisting, bending.... (11 replies)
... I am glad to have met you (so to speak :) ). It is amazing how many people on the boards have gone through what we go through and I have found the same excitement that you described, when I found someone who descibed their situation and it resembled mine, to the tee. I am pretty sure that in the next month or so, you are going to see a complete turn around when it comes to... (17 replies)
... have lost most of the the disc height at that level so I am having other problems now, but the surgery itself seemed to work. In fact, the pain I experienced in recovery was nothing like the pain I had endured before getting it done. ... (8 replies)
... I'm so glad you are now home and can begin the recovery process! I will pray that the surgery will be a complete success. Please take it easy even if you are feeling pretty good! ... (7 replies)
... You are in my thoughts and prayers today, Erin...I pray that you have a "successful" surgery and a quick and "painless" recovery! I do believe in the power of healing! :angel: (7 replies)
... Hi Erin aka Moose ~ I just posted to you on your other thread. Did you get a satin bottom sheet for your bed that you will use once you get back home???? If not, hop online right now and order one. It is the single-most important thing I did for my recovery!! Get a good night's sleep. You'll be fine. My surgery was a little different; I had a one level fusion.... (7 replies)
... Ice is Ok but NO ibuprofen! The inflammation is necessary in the early stages of recovery for your blood supply to do its job. ... (17 replies)
... Hi. I don't think it's time to hit the panic button just yet. It can take as long as a year, maybe more, for a damaged nerve to heal, IF it is going to. Most of the time, it's a slow recovery. Did you have some nerve impingement prior to the surgery? If not, it could be that the nerves are just irritated from the surgery itself. Give it another couple of months to see if it... (4 replies)
... To answer your questions.......but remember you are still fairly early in your recovery so you may actually be great after you heal and the edema goes down. ... (4 replies)

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