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... To answer your questions.......but remember you are still fairly early in your recovery so you may actually be great after you heal and the edema goes down. ... (4 replies)
... Oh my goodness, Jeff, you poor guy. I am so sorry to read that you were in such agony after your operation. Makes me grit my teeth to think of all that pain you had afterwards. I am glad to hear you are feeling so much better now! I can't believe you were actually out walking a few miles after all that; good for you! I have a herniated disc in the lumbar region with a lot... (7 replies)
... Hi, Everyone is different but this is what worked for me. We rented a hospital bed and put in in the middle of the living room. I had it for 2 months. When I got home I used a walker in the beginning. Then I moved on to a cane. I started walking as soon as I got home. Just a little each day with help from my mother, husband or whoever was around. I think it is good to... (21 replies)

... Thanks Moldova, that makes me feel bette. Hope your recovery is going well x (2 replies)
... Hi Paco, that sounds like great news, congradulations! Since your pain has been so greatly reduced, the pain now is probably post -surgical related and hopefully should decrease day by day. I wish you full, totally pain free recovery! (4 replies)
... The recovery definitely seems to vary by individual. ... (17 replies)
... Like they said, it all depends on how you heal. I was out for over two months. I had a really rough recovery, at week two my stitches opened up and had to have more stitches put in. As well with getting an infection. Things happen. All I can say is don't rush it. It is not worth it. I tried to really push myself back to work as soon as I physically could and now I am... (17 replies)
... You went from totaly disabled to standing and walking .. I hope you have a full recovery .. ... (12 replies)
... Don't push the recovery time. That is my opinion. ... (13 replies)
... absolutely!! you were totally right to encourage physical activity. i believe the exercises i have done these last two years of back pain have kept me in optimal shape to recover from my surgery. people in this country often worship at the alter of western medicine and expect a pill or a scalpal to solve all their problems. but these are only half of the picture; nutrition... (10 replies)
... Seth, I just wanted to give you as much info as I could to try to help you out. I am glad that you are in a profession that can really help you. I wish you a speedy recovery. Good luck and take things slowly. :wave: Angie :) (10 replies)
... thanks, luckily i am a personal trainer by profession and i am very well versed in all the appropriate stability exercises. you can be sure that i will commit to a lifetime of back maintenance! if i am lucky enough to find relief i won't ever give that up!! (10 replies)
... sorry i didn't get back sooner to answer your question but the pain meds i'm on have knocked me out! i'm not sure about the specific question you asked about the mri, but there was a big herniation apparant on the film. my pain was mostly back pain and only a littlt leg numbness and slight pain. but the back pain was totally overwhelming. i couldn't sit in a chair a all and... (10 replies)
... I felt really good for about 2 years and now I am having pain again. Anyways, my point of saying that is I am hoping your doctor will have you do PT after your recovery from surgery. It was suggested to me by a PT that I should of had PT after my surgery 2 years ago. ... (10 replies)
... Please keep us posted on your recovery and take care and take it easy. ... (10 replies)
... Saying some prayers for you that your pain gets relieved and you have a quick recovery! May the Lord be with you and His angels watch over you in Jesus name! We'll be praying for you :) ! Love and Prayers, Kelly and family (7 replies)
... I think this is the kind of new minimally invasive laser surgery they are doing...I know the spine place in tampa is doing new surgerys like that, not sure if its the same. I hope it fixes the problem for you. Their is alot of new technology that we can't get our hands on. Did you insurance pay for it? I wish you the best in your recovery. (2 replies)
... The surgery will not provide you a guarantee, as you Wife knows this having had fusion surgery. Recovery times are much quicker today, than when she had hers done, but it still takes time. ... (3 replies)
... This is my story. I had the laminectomy May 2006 and am heading back to the OR for a fusion. (7 replies)
... I hate to pour water on your parade, but I had the same experience with the recovery of a laminectomy done Oct. 31. ... (7 replies)

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