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... Hello Jeschn, I had L-5 S1 TLIF surgery 21 days ago and my calf muscles are in constant charlie horse mode. Its sciatica from swelling after surgery is what i was told. A normal phase of recovery. Ask your Dr but do not worry yourself too much. There are lots of phases to this type of recovery. walk as much as you can, it helps me. Good luck in your healing. agwhitten (3 replies)
... Hi, this is my first time posting on this forum so no idea if I am doing things correctly but it's been great reading about other people's experiences. I am a 23yr old female & recently (4 weeks ago today) had spinal surgery. I believe it was a laminectomy & discectomy of L4 & L5, due to spinal stinosis & 2 bulging discs that were pinching nerves & the day before surgery... (1 replies)
... Can anyone tell me how long the recovery should take? ... (2 replies)

... Please keep up posted on how your recovery period goes. There are several other people on the board who are considering a discectomy. ... (10 replies)
... Hi, I had a micro-d 11/21/06. It was L4-L5. I finally returned to work Feb. 26. I am not sure what the time frame is for a discectomy. I just thought I would add my thoughts. My post-op period didn't go well, because of the severe nerve compression. I am still not pain free and wear a lidocaine patch. Hopefully, all will go well with your recovery. Take care and... (8 replies)
... He commented that I could be out of the hospital the day of the surgery and recovery time is approx. ... (3 replies)
... and the dr. says this is nothing to worry about and that PT will fix me...hopefully. However, my symptoms change and I cannot tell if it is due to my recovery from the surgery, or the new disk herniation! ... (4 replies)
... S1 level on August 21st and I had a question regarding recovery time. ... (3 replies)
... S1 Discectomy this past Tuesday, July 5th. I feel much better than I thought that I would, and have been walking every day since my surgery. ... (0 replies)
... Not sure if this helps or not, I am three and a half years post op, I agree that the relief from my discectomy was fantastic, I walked the same day as the surgery, my back did feel unstable then but quickly settled. ... (10 replies)
... I have had a great recovery. I have amazed doctors with my healing process. So should that make me feel I will have a successful recovery from this surgery? ... (15 replies)
... but recovery isn't all that much different. In your case, you will not want to do anything that will risk a reherniation... ... (3 replies)
... Hi - I am in my 2nd week home recovering from discectomy/laminectomy of L4-L5 just like you are going to have. It took longer(surgery) than anticipated but it sure relieved the leg pain and foot pain and numbness. I was told to start walking immediately which I have done. I now do about 15 minutes morning and afternoon. I too have a total desk job and was told not to sit... (17 replies)
... I mistakenly thought of a discectomy as a minor procedure. Yikes. ... (0 replies)
... For those who are googling, searching or following my other thread Here is where I am at now: open discectomy / lami 2 months ago today. I am currently flat on my back, feet elevated with 4 pillows, typing on my iPhone 8 weeks since my laminectomy/discectomy L3/L4. The disc was severely ruptured, I... (0 replies)
... Is it true that although a microdiscectomy may have a shorter recovery period, the traditional open discectomy ensures that the job is done properly and right the 1st time? ... (3 replies)
... I have another question about the laminectomy/ discectomy recovery. I am still waiting to get a third opinion about surgery and I am scheduled for a discogram in two weeks. I was wondering what the average time to be able to go back to class after a discectomy. I start classes three weeks after my discogram and if I am going to get the surgery, I will not have much time to... (5 replies)
... s a party drug. They started me out with a light sedative through the IV, then fentenol, and then... well, everything got kind of blurry and then... I woke up in recovery with my anethesiologist telling me it was all over and I'd done great. ... (14 replies)
... Generally during surgery, the surgeons give you steroid injections to help reduce the swelling after surgery and aid in the recovery process. The steroids help you to get up and move after surgery which is vital to recovery. ... (3 replies)
... e who suggested a nerve block considering you are so early in your post op recovery. I had a epidural when everyone cautioned me that it was way to early in my recovery to do so, I ended up with pain in both legs and would have taken the initial pain in a heartbeat. ... (6 replies)

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