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... Late in 1998 I went back to the Neurosurgeon and she said that she could take care of the pain by having a 2 level discectomy to relieve the pressure on my main nerves. Being new to the game and not knowing much about it, I agreed to have the surgery. ... (3 replies)
... Can anyone tell me if this is the 'normal' recovery from fusion surgery? ... (8 replies)
... gery was done 20 years ago for scoliosis. When I had this done I was 15 and out of commission for a whole school year. I know that things are different now and recovery time is a lot shorter but I still think this type of surgery takes time. You did not say why your friend had this surgery but I'm sure it was important. ... (7 replies)

... luvbunny, I am scheduled for my Microendoscopic Discectomy on Feb. 6th in San Antonio, Tx. The Dr. ... (5 replies)
... Hi, Telzey. I noticed that you posted a question for Successtory. The info you've just passed on here is so valuable. I would like to know what you've heard about the success rate of nucleoplasty vs. that of discectomy. Thanks, and keep up your strong recovery. You are an inspiration for us all. (5 replies)
... aid procedures. Make sure your surgeon is the right one. HE is the KEY. The longer you are open on the table, the more your pain will be and the longer your recovery will be. My second 2 level decompression with fat graft took 2 hours. This last 2 level fusion with hardware took 2 hours and 15 minutes. ... (14 replies)
... S1 discectomy. But I was in the hospital for 3 days! I'd say that your going home the day following surgery might be a hint at how fast and well your recovery will go. ... (4 replies)
... Baxter it sounds like your doing well keep up the good work and don't over do it. You mentioned that your considering going back to work in the 12-20 week period, :nono: let your back heal properly and take time out for yourself. Don't forget to eat more fruits and vegetables while your post op as this will speed up the recovery process. Invest if you can in a... (25 replies)
Success story
Dec 23, 2002
... Hi Paula, Thanks for your update and good news. I had a discectomy l4/l5 and think maybe someday, I may too need adr. In reading the TOS of the board, I think it is OK for me to ask which ADR and which doctor. If you have surgery in France, I'm guessing PRODISC with Dr. marnay. Again, continued success with your recovery, and as always, try not to overdo. Joanne (4 replies)
... The only people I have spoken to, who return in about a month, are discectomy surgeries. ... (17 replies)
... A quicker recovery by far than the IDET. Good for you, I say! ... (9 replies)
Having surgery
Oct 24, 2002
... So i am taking the plunge, I am going to go ahead with surgery. numerous oppinions have made me decide. I am going to have a lumbar discectomy L5-S1 in 5 weeks. Now i am just curious....what can i expect? is it painful, how long is the recovery, how long do they make you stay in the hospital? if anyone has had this surgery and can tell me a few things that would be great. ... (7 replies)
... Hi Jen, I had really bad leg cramps and minimal back pain New Years Eve of 1998 and found myself in urgent care. I was told it was sciatic pain, was given main meds and pt and in a couple of weeks I felt better. I've had leg cramps off since then, but nothing I couldn't tolerate. In May I had another episode of this horrible pain and was back in urgent care. I was told I... (2 replies)
... Does anyone know what the recovery process is like for a discectomy? ... (10 replies)
... I reciently went to an ortho surgeon, who recommended a discectomy to remove part of the disc. He left it up to me to decied if and when to have the proceedure but recommended it asap, but ultimately it is my choice. ... (10 replies)
... or is there still hope for your recovery ? ... (6 replies)
Back surgery
May 19, 2002
... ter or go through pain management. I am really quite scared of what I may have to go through in the future. Is this normal pain or am I not allowing myself the recovery time. ... (14 replies)
... Discectomy six months ago. My recovery was going well until I decided to go back to work. My back and sciatica pain returned again. ... (6 replies)
Surgery scheduled
Apr 23, 2002
... I'm scheduled for surgery on May 7th. They feel that the discectomy will do the job. She said the EMG showed I should have a successful recovery due to the fact that the nerves have no serious damage right now. Yahoo! However, I'm in serious pain and wish I could go into surgery right now! ... (6 replies)
... I am just curious as I posted a new topic...Post Surgery Recovery Regime... ... (5 replies)

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