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... hile....and the sad thing is, we never know what is "too much" until after we've done it and are laid low by recurring nerve pain. Most of the time it just sets recovery back a bit...but when done repeatedly, it can set up a sort of chronic nerve irritation... ... (3 replies)
... d be in my 50's. I am nervous about the procedure, have been prepping for it, exercises, reorganizing my kitchen, practicing with the grabber. I amworried about recovery and would love to hear from others who have gone thru the same as myself. ... (0 replies)
... Hi evian 7, I am now 9 days post Laminotomy (not Laminectomy) and formaminotomy on L3-L4, L4-L5. I didn't have any disc issues. Like you, I was very athletic, love to move, etc. I've been dealing with my left leg weirdness for over 5 years and my left lower back started really hurting about a year ago. I did everything I could to manage the pain and improve my... (6 replies)

... There isn't too much to add. If your surgery goes as planned and there are no unintended results, you would be happy with the surgery. After about six months' recovery you would probably be able to resume at least some of those activities. ... (6 replies)
... g it to my situation. I have seen many people state that they have had the micro then still turned around and had the fusion anyway. Of course we know that the recovery time is much longer since this is a bigger procedure, but could someone give me some more insight that may have had them both? ... (3 replies)
... Eventually the stitches will fall off, not to worry. They are more irritating that anything else. You have already felt what the over effects of doing something that you shouldn't be....hence the reason not to push doing things. Your long sitting at your GP has shown you how bad it feels. I don't think that you did any damage, but it does take several days to recover from... (5 replies)
... for severe sciatica, although my recovery went reasonably well I did have a few hitches. ... (0 replies)
... I think you are very wise to question that you will be back to a "normal" life in two weeks. I can't think of anyone I have known, either personally or on these boards, who would be able to pick up where they were prior to injury. If you said six weeks and then still being very careful in how much you lift and in not bending or twisting at the waist, I would say, it is... (10 replies)
... that you have offered this information, I feel like I am reading my own story. Even the 5 years with no problems. I am in the very same boat. I am meeting with a surgeon tomorrow and I'm not interested in having surgery yet however....I fear he is going to say I am not fixing the problem. I really can't answer your question. Only you can. In my case, after... (10 replies)
... f you do have the surgery, then as noted, there are a number of people here who I am sure will respond to you and give you lots of tips on preparation as well as recovery tips. ... (10 replies)
... You might want to check with your doctor before using the treadmill, at least when you are fairly early in recovery. Some surgeons do not want their patients walking on a treadmill until their healing is complete. (3 replies)
... Jay, Your still in the very early stages of recovery. There is so much trauma involved in a major back surgery like you had it takes months to heal and the swelling to reduce. Give it time. In the meantime don't hesitate to talk and ask questions. That's healthy! Peace to you, Jay (13 replies)
... Actually sometimes the pain can become worse before it becomes better. Mending nerves can cause a lot of pain before they finally settle down. Sorry but recovery takes so much patience as we all just want to get back to "normal". We all recover at our own individual pace and do not compare yourself to anyone else. ... (13 replies)
... h nerve pain for weeks after surgery and then pain starts to worsen or there is an entirely new pain in a new location, this is not a usual and customary part of recovery and the surgeon should be contacted. ... (13 replies)
... There is a possibility of nerve damage but it could just be from the length of non use or the severity of compression damage. Its a common misconception that once nerves are damaged, they don't repair themselves. According to my neurosurgeon, they can take a year or longer to heal, although it may never recover fully, it will heal to some degree. Wait it out and go through... (7 replies)
... Hi All, 29 year old male. Herniated discs about a year ago and suffered from major sciatic pain in left leg. Finally decided on surgery on March 16. I am 6 weeks post op from this surgery on two herniated discs in my lower back. Fairly certain they are L4-L5 and L5-S1. Surgery was a success. Relieved all sciatic pain down left leg and even reduced some numbness. I... (6 replies)
... If the PT exercises are causing you pain, don't do them! After surgery, my PT exercises were significantly modified from what I had been taught pre-surgery. I would hardily recommend not doing the same exercises you were doing before. If you and your doctor feel like you are ready to start, you should be re-evaluated and given modified exercises. Of course, walk, walk,... (12 replies)
... You are still fairly early in your recovery from the last surgery. ... (12 replies)
... Wow thanks for the excellent reply tetonterri66!! Yes the MRI is going to be interesting. I just plan to dump a bunch of narcotics into the system and hope I can make it! Yes I have discussed with my doc. I suspect the cervical issue is from laying down and trying to watch TV and the laptop. But it has gone on for about 3 months now and its time to be sure nothing bad is... (81 replies)
... Glad you got reassurance. Def think it is better to ask and be sure...and reduce the recovery stress too. ... (6 replies)

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