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... Hello and thanks for writing to me, I would be very interested in the CD you used prior to your surgery. I'm am giving this all I can and have worked very hard for the past few months to get to this point, and I don't want to cancel surgery because I so crazed! I do need something to calm me down other than meds, I take enough of those! My surgery is scheduled for May... (11 replies)
... level PLIF turned out so much easier than the one level PLIF I had several years ago. ... (11 replies)
... are in various stages of recovery now. Some have posted since before their surgeries, and are still posting there recoveries. ... (13 replies)

... S1 discs removed and fused with hardware 28 Nov. would like to here from others who have had this surgery and what their experience with results and also how recovery went? ... (13 replies)
... pain, but this I couldn't. Day three was better meds finally fine tuned to control everything , I was able to walk with a walker to nurses station maybe 40 yards from my door. Day four much better and was discharged. ... (13 replies)
... Hi Lone Star I am new here and this is my first post. I am 7 days post-PLIF surgery, L3-L5 exactly like you are having done. I love my x-rays showing my new rods, screws, bolts, cages etc :-) I came to this surgery as a progression in my journey living with a type of inflammatory arthritis for 20 years. I am 49 and have had a hip replacement in 2006 followed by revision... (7 replies)
... Would like to hear from someone who has had ALIF and PLIF surgery, especially if it was a revision. ... (10 replies)
... en you heal the most. You might be med free but unable to be comfortable enough to sleep..thats not good.. I don't really understand why we are not told that the recovery from this will be a long process..I was never told that were you? ... (7 replies)
... OK, guys. One week ago tonight I was just being wheeled to my room from the recovery room after the completion of a PLIF at L4-L5 and decompression there as well as at L3-L4. According to the doc, there were no surprises. He did just what we'd discussed, etc. And I am feeling just about the way I thought I would. My question is how do you judge progress? I don't know how... (28 replies)
... ews and bailed on them. So I only had screws at L4 and S1 . He wasn't upfront about it either only telling me he had trouble with hardware placement .i found out from my current surgeonThat lack of stability caused a non union so my 2nd surgeon did revision PLIF And now I have all 6 screws. ... (7 replies)
... Before my surgery, my doctor very much underplayed the recovery from a fusion. That seems to be pretty typical, from what I've read here. The doctors don't want to scare their patients away from surgery. I was only well prepared because of all that I read here on the boards. ... (5 replies)
... Aug 04, 2012, it went well but recovery was hard the first month, or two. ... (13 replies)
... months. The reason it is so important in the first 12 weeks is that it stretches out the spinal nerves in the lower lumbar area, which helps to keep scar tissue from attaching as it is forming and filling in. For this reason, it is best to take many short walks rather than one or two longer walks. ... (13 replies)
... I was 58 when I had the first surgery, and had been living with very limited "activity" for the preceeding five years due to my condition. For some reason, that recovery was more difficult than my second fusion, which was a much bigger surgery, involving 3 levels and spinal reconstruction. ... (11 replies)
... First, do not let the one year recovery frighten you. What that means is that it takes a good year for the new bone graft to develop fully and set up strong and hard. ... (7 replies)
... ain every now and then. Its not anything real bad. I don't take anymore pain meds. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that not everyone has a terrible outcome from getting a fusion. You will be in pain for a while after the surgery. After all it is a major surgery. ... (13 replies)
... Yes! yes, this is true I am either up walking around or lying on the couch with support for my knees ( which are killing me) or sitting in my computer chair for only about 15min at a time. Sitting was the problem before surgery too. Walking always helps me but at some point you have to sit down... (13 replies)
... The use of a recliner really depends upon your surgeon. Some are very much opposed to their use as they often do not provide adequate support in the right places...and bend the person in the wrong places. You may find that most couches and upholstered chairs sink down too much to be comfortable (or healthy for you). In the early stages of recovery, sitting is not... (13 replies)
... hours at a time and built up from there. ... (7 replies)
... k three and four before i began to have much positive attitude and relief. Be patient, dont let your muscle relaxers run out. It is hard to catch back up, i know from experience! ... (13 replies)

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