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... 4/07 awoke with severe low back pain 6/07 MRI showed L5-S1 annular tear and dessication (no fluid left) 9/07 Epidural nerve root test, negative. Not nerve pain. 10/07 Provocative discogram (hurt like ****) found a bulge at L4-L5 with some leakage, but not painful. It hurt really bad when they did the pressure, but since the pain did not go away 15 minutes after the 4%... (6 replies)
... Invertebral disks between T12 and L3 show degenerative endplate changes with Schmorl's node. There is no disk herniation, canal stenosis or foraminal impingement. ... (16 replies)
... Tears are nothin to mess around with. Loss of disk fluid means loss of disk height. ... (16 replies)

... S1 disk with a very tiny central disk herniation. No evidence of nerve root impingement'. ... (11 replies)
... S1 disk shifted position so that the bulge is now more anterior, perhaps on the left side instead of the back left side. Could that be possible? ... (7 replies)
... r annular tears and you'll see the opinions. In the mean time, keep stretching and building those leg, stomach and lower back muscles to keep the pressure of the disk that is doing that work. ... (16 replies)
... Hi Paula. I had a herniated L5/s1. The first orthopedic surgeon wanted to first do a miscrodiscectomy then wanted to to a complete fusion a month later! I thought that was a bit drastic so I went to another orthopedic surgeon who wound up performing a hemilaminectomy -- where they basically cut off the portion of the disc pressing on your nerve and leave the rest of it in... (11 replies)
... cal studies have been completed. The IDET is used for small annular tears and actually changes the structure of the disc material. Nucleoplasty is the removal of disk material through a catheter and secondary needle. Risks of internal disc infection with both of these procedures is foremost. ... (16 replies)
... :confused: Recently had an MRI and my doctor just let me know that I have a 5-millimeter tear on my L5-S1 disk. I had the MRI because of numbness and burning down the front of my left thigh and leg. I've also developed pain in my lower back. Does anyone have general advice on whether this is common or serious? The doctor has prescribed physical therapy so far. I've also tried... (10 replies)
... om the annular tear. There is a new procedure for fixing tears called an IDET procedure. It basically superheats the disc, melting it, then as it solidifies, the tear is gone, and hopefully so is the pain. ... (11 replies)
... Injections for over a year equals chronic pain syndrome. Orthopedic surgeons are looking at surgury which means $. Go to a site on Prolotherapy and read up on it. (11 replies)
... Paula, is there a physical therapist in your area that does manual adjustments? My therapist is able to adjust my SI when it rotates out of place. But, I agree - you need to find your pain generator. My SI dysfunction is a "result" of my bulging disc, not the actual "cause" of my pain. Good luck! (11 replies)
... S1 with annular tear and mild multilevel facet arthropathy. ... (11 replies)
Annular tear
Oct 15, 2002
... I also have had two epidural injections after the tear was diagnosed via the MRI, and both have given me temporary relief from the pain. ... (3 replies)
... I cut and pasted Occam's name. Not my spelling error, can't take credit for it :) (16 replies)
... Hi Ken, I found the way to cope was firstly admitting to yourself what you can and can't do and accepting it. This did take me a while to realise mind, but since I have done I am feeling improvements and look on the positive side and compare it to what it used to be and am thankful. Every now and again I don't feel so strong and I do get down then I quickly realise and pull my... (17 replies)
... S1 disk tear in the annulus. ... (17 replies)
... L5 disk also showed some degeneration. ... (2 replies)
... Of course, knowing what it was and being able to fix it were two different things. Disk trouble is VERY slow to heal because there is no circulation to the disks. I tried a lot of different techniques with not much success. ... (14 replies)
... I cannot answer your MRI question, but, I will suggest you obtain another MRI since it has been a year. Something else may have gone wrong since you are experiencing pain that is so much worse. After all my Medical records were lost in the mail a long time ago, I now always get copies of any and all medical records, lab results, etc. I toss them in a box I started back... (4 replies)

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