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... miacy hip muscle tenses up .I get pai in my lower back and down my leg.I had a scan on my lower back and my hip .I was told that its the sacriiliac joint that is the cause of the problems.what treatments would be available to me . ... (1 replies)
... Hi, if your SI joint is hypermobile than you may benefit from Prolotherapy. Here is a recent link about it (1 replies)
... With regard to self-correction exercises. They are critical to pain control and recovery, but - it's VERY important for SI Joint sufferers to consult with a PT beforehand. The SI Joint, when out of alignment, can be Out in many ways. Anterior rotation, posterior, inflare, outflare, upslip, and downslip. You can also be unilateral or on both sides. Traditional,... (8 replies)

... JeffEngland, Thanks very much for the information. I appreciate it. I am not the original writer of this thread but I have been diagnosed with SI joint dysfunction and have had radio-frequency nerve abation done to the nerves of the right SI joint. I am looking to take more control of my own health and try to do some things to deal with the residual pain I still have and... (8 replies)
... Btw here are some self-correction exercises which will restore the sacroiliac joint back to its natural alignment. To be done twice daily. 1. Lie on the floor on your back with both legs lying down. Bend your right leg up at the knee and bring towards the chest and grab behind knee with both hands. Then push down with your right leg, resisting against your hands. Your knee... (8 replies)
... I would see a specialist, but there is no harm in doing core stability exercises no matter whether you have a bulging disc or sacroiliac joint pain. Swimming is very good for strengthening the joint. Do not bother with breast stroke, swim front crawl or back stroke (I like to do it on my back just moving my legs and using my arms just to keep me afloat!) Core stability... (8 replies)
... Have you been diagnosed by a spine specialist or a pain management specialist? If not, it would be wisest to get a definition and reason for your pain rather than start doing exercises that might harm something else. You don't want to do exercises for the SI joint, for example, if your trouble is facet joints or bulging disc, etc. First the diagnosis....then the exercises... (8 replies)
... I was wondering what type of strengthening (or pilates) exercises are good for rehabilitating the joint? I am in PT and have some home exercises but also feel that I have a lackluster physical therapist and I'd like to do more. Is there a book or DVD? Thanks. (8 replies)
... Hi! Have you been diagnosed with SI joint dysfunction? SI joint pain can be the same type of pain as lower back herniation pain. It is important to get a proper diagnosis to find the best treatment. It will help to get more details about your case, how long you have had this, what tests you have had done etc. Usually Physical therapists have programs to treat the SI... (8 replies)
... I have had it. It occurs most often because of weak core muscles and weak glute muscles, combined with tight hamstrings, psoas and piriformis muscles. The net result of this over many years can be that so much strain is put on that joint that it becomes weak and the ligaments become loose. The sacroiliac joint is supposed to move a little, but in a lot of people it is... (8 replies)
... what causes it and how to get relief (8 replies)
... hi, i am new here. i was wondering if anyone else on this board has an SI injury that won't go away & only gets worse? i have been suffering from a work injury for 1 1/2 years & so far no one has been able to fix it. it took them months to figure out it was my SI not just a pulled muscle that was the problem. i have had injections (1 in the ligaments around the SI & 2... (11 replies)

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