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Jul 4, 2001
... I have some arthritis and some degeneration, facet joint irritation at multiple levels and some spinal stenosis. ... (2 replies)
... There are a couple other people on the board who have either just had or are considering the new SI Bone procedure. You should find out if that's what your doctors are talking about. ... (14 replies)
... With a fusion, all of the pressure is borne by the next disk up which may lead to its demise... ... (11 replies)

... My therapist is able to adjust my SI when it rotates out of place. ... (11 replies)
... and I have an appt with her on Monday of next week. I will post if I learn anything of benefit. ... (2 replies)
... Manaul adjustments are great but if you have to have them done more than a few times it may be more than just being out of place. When I researched SI dysfunction the bulge was not causing it, the ligaments being lax were. ... (11 replies)
... I had sacroiliac strain which made my right leg about half an inch shorter than my left. ... (10 replies)
... lay on my back, knees up. Pull my knee to my chest, then hook my hands around my knee and push towards my hands. This puts pressure on the SI joint and allows it to go back into place. Unfortunately, mine goes back out within the hour. ... (34 replies)
... When they move, even a millimeter can cause terrible pain, but cannot be seen by xrays, MRI, or the wrong kind of physical exam. My D.O. will tell me I'm in alignment when I know I'm not, and then my PT will confirm I'm about a millimeter tilted forward. ... (34 replies)
... For awhile, I was pain free. I am going back for more Prolotherapy. The ligaments get torn or stretched out and there is no way for them to go back to the original position on their own. ... (14 replies)
... ip which for 12 years of pain and popping still low back pain and I go back to a therapist from 12 years ago and he is reading his notes and tells me that I have Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction in which is the same thing he told me before sense looking at me while sitting my left knee is setting out 2 inches beyond my other knee!! ... (19 replies)
... where they basically cut off the portion of the disc pressing on your nerve and leave the rest of it in place. Of course it can always reherniate or degenerate down to nothing, in which case I'd need a fusion, but it seems a heck of a lot drastic. ... (11 replies)
... enough to diognose an SI problem. 1st, 1 leg will be longer than the other. Also, the area of pain for the SI joint, is really specific and it is not like some of the other back issues that I have, where some movements create one type of pain and then moving in a different position it is a different pain. ... (16 replies)
... And no matter what, I'm uncorrected in the AM almost all the time. Probably 350 days of the last year. ... (3 replies)
... I was diagnosed with SI joint dysfunction last March 2006 after a 90 day ordeal of right buttock pain, sciatic pain, and difficulty walking and inability to sit at all. This occurred after I bent over and couldnt stand up. ... (16 replies)
... Find yourself a TENS unit and a good physical therapist that understands muscle energy technique. My physical therapist has kept me working for a couple of years. Sadly, My luck may have run out. ... (19 replies)
... Sacroiliitis is actually an condition of inflammation, not a true dysfunction where the joints slip out of their rightful places. Sometimes an infection is present with sacroiliitis because of a break in the tissues, like when in a car accident. ... (19 replies)
... Glad to see your responses... more and more I have the impression that this is a common but undiagnosed problem, causing lots of heartache as it goes along. Nice to have knowledgeable company. ... (34 replies)
... bracing mechanism of the pelvic girdle. More severe SIJD problems come when you've been in a car accident. And what about your feet? ... (19 replies)
... Hi there, I also have SI joint pain. It is a pain in the butt! How did yours start? ... (3 replies)

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