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... but can be associated with some types of rheumatoid arthritis, such as ankylosing spondylitis. This condition often causes inflammation and degeneration of the sacroliac joints which can easily be mistaken for low back pain, and can cause severe stiffness. ... (2 replies)
... they say I am not a surgery candidate and I have been sent here and there for 2 years, I feel nov of 2010 and a couple months later I started having this pain when sitting and had the mri had a disco gram say its not my bulging disc, from there the back specialist sent me to pain management and she had blood test, basic xray showed nothing, she did emg and thats when she said... (9 replies)
... mushroom2, This thread is several years old. You might want to start your own thread, then it would be easier for us to answer you and give advise....:)janiee08 (5 replies)

... I am also scheduled for a diagnostice cortizone shot in both si joints. I am very leary of this procedure because my pm doctor is just guessing it might be my si joints. He did a lower lumber nerve diagnostice test and found out I don't have any nerves being pinched. I had this done with fluroscope and it was very painful. I didn't have any sedation. I have pain in my... (5 replies)
... Hey spineys i am going to repost what i have been reported per dr. see if anyone can make sense of this and refresh my memory as the Rheumy said it might be this and others say it's not(dr.s) MRI: Findings:06/25/07 MRI Lumbar Spine without Contrast : Transitional Element at Lumbosacral Junction is felt to Represent a Partially Sacralized L5 with a broad Transverse Process on... (4 replies)
... I have sacroliac issues, and recently I've notice that the SI pain is less but there more hip pain where the pelvis meets the femur (instead of where it meets the spine: SI). Question: are your hip pains in that area, where your leg meets your pelvis? And is it worse at any certain time of day? (13 replies)
... Judy , whats causing your sacroliac pain ? ... (46 replies)
... What are the tests that diagnose the SI as the pain generator? All the neuro did today was to press on both sides of my hip. Does this show up on MRI or Xray? (5 replies)
... If you have had tests that diagnose the SI as the pain generator, then I would go ahead with the injections. They helped me a lot....Be sure the doctor uses fluoroscopy, though. Many dr's say they dont need it because they have done so many....WRONG. Steroids can be dangerous if injected into the wrong area. Also know that you should never have more than 3 steroid injections... (5 replies)
... I had three of them. Didn't do squat. You have to find out what is causing the pain in the SI. Have you tried a local to see if that makes the pain go away? Cortizone only takes away the inflammation, not the cause of the inflammation. It is simply a diagnostic tool. Are you out of kilter? Maybe you are twisted and need an adjustment. If you do get a cortisone shot, make... (5 replies)
... I Have Been Told That A Shot Into My Si Joint Would Lower My Pain Tremendesly Anyone Have Any Views Or Exsperiences (5 replies)
... i have been told i have changes in the l5 s1 left side facet joint but cant understand why all my discs look fine apart form 1 at l3 l4 which is very mild i am in a considrable amount of pain in my lower back and groin and cant see the facet being the main cause of pain my doctor agrees he also said that he thinks it could have been caused due to my sacroliac joint bein... (0 replies)
... Hi Elizabeth! Go to and then look up sacroliac joint injury, so much info. More than any other website that I have found. I wish we could communicate directly, need to figure out a way. ... (10 replies)

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