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... rage you to get a lumbar MRI in addition to a MRI of the hip. I think chances are good that you have something going on with that level that is impinging on the L5 spinal nerve root. ... (9 replies)
... ridging. There is a small left paramedian focal disc extrusion on the sagittal image 6 and axial image 16 causing posterior displacement of the traversing left L5 nerve root. ... (53 replies)
... I see no reason why your sciatic pain would go away in six weeks. I see no reason why it would go away at all unless or until the nerve is decompressed! One thing that few surgeons mention is that the nerve itself can become scarred when there is movement as in a spondylolisthesis. ... (54 replies)

... S1 that is pinching my Sciatic nerve. I have daily pain in my left buttock and down my left leg. ... (51 replies)
... sacrum, stretching over to its hip attachment. It can become irritated or inflamed for a variety of reasons. Due to its location, when it is taut it can cause sciatic pain. This is because the sciatic nerve runs directly underneath the piriformis, and in some people, the nerve runs through the piriformis muscle. ... (12 replies)
... This is a very lay person opinion but I would be careful with the nerve block injections, particularly if they don't have much effect. The injections are not as benign as you may have been led to believe. ... (4 replies)
... ll i was forced to have a 2 level laminectomy and i then went back to me ortho and others and they recomended a fusion because it just was not a severely pinched nerve but a discs was bad as well.. i wound up having a 360 lumbar 3 level lumbar fusion, talk about pain and now i need more........ ... (8 replies)
... L5, but I had bad nerve compression that caused numbness in my feet, and later, ankles and slightly up into my lower legs. ... (2 replies)
... s1 are herniated and pinched sciatic nerve. im afraid im not gonna be able to return to ,my physical labor job. also im getting addicted to percocets. ... (21 replies)
... s1. I am currently taking Valium, percoet and Lyrica. The sciatic pain is still there. Orthopedic surgeon wants to be conservative and try two more injections before he will consider fusion. MRI report indicates dics matter impinging on nerve root. Guess I will just have to wait and play the medical game. ... (7 replies)
... t that I had NO pain. The ESIs are also somewhat diagnostic...I think proving the main source of my pain to be disc related. I think most of my pain is with my sciatic nerve in my butt. ... (11 replies)
... my time..eastern central i guess.anyways my back is feeling better than it was earlier granted ive got several beers in me now..i was told that they can only do injections every 2 months..hey if the pain is gone im happy but what im cincered with is wether or not the problem has been fixed if i feel no pain. ... (51 replies)
Sciatic Pain
May 7, 2007
... Hello other coast Paul, Thanks, i think, I have played golf for 35 years and over the last 3-4 years really improved and was enjoying it more than ever. I can accept the reality of not playing for some time, perhaps even a few years, right now I have to get rid of the pain as I am close to not being able to work. The Vax-d thing scares me to death, I am seeing my ortho weds... (20 replies)
Sciatic Pain
May 4, 2007
... Hello from another Paul with similar symptoms(see signature). I had the burning shooting tingling pains down my right leg for awhile. I did that vax-d table decompression for 2 weeks. It resolved 95% of the sciatica pain for me, although I still have another pain in the L4-L5-S1 region. I fell in love with golf, but have since accepted the fact that I will never play... (20 replies)
... ese years. They try other methods to alleviate your pain and try and make your more comfortable with medications. Not all meds are narcotics. They even prescribe nerve medication's such as neurontin and topamax. And then you have your muscle relaxants and anti inflammatory's. ... (6 replies)
... Doing nothing is an option but it depends on how badly the nerve or nerves are being compressed. If the disc bulge does not heal, usually the situation just gets worse and worse. ... (8 replies)
... I have no idea how I'm going to pay him, but I guess all the more reason to find new PM...his office wasn't open today, so tomorrow I will call and cancel the 2 injections I already scheduled... ... (22 replies)
... young people too can have disc issues. But after suffering for years, I had some pretty bad off disc. I just didnt want a fusion ugh..... I had a slight nerve impingement. I went through all the epidural injections and other procedures before my fusion. The injections did help my leg pain. ... (5 replies)
... I know, sometimes I just want to wear a sign that says, "no... I don't have sciatic pain! ... (27 replies)
... It is very surprising that you don't have sciatic pain. L4, L5 and S1 nerve compression almost always results in sciatic pain. ... (27 replies)

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