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... Well I am not to tickled pink about having another surgery to get Hardware out. And I'm not going to do anything hasty either. Common sense is that the more you get cut open the more problems you are going to have. And even though the surgeon said that after the spine is fused the hardware is strictly cosmetic. I kind of find that hard to believe. The Hardware's got to help... (8 replies)
... I continued to have horrendous sciatic pain that ran down one or both legs. ... (8 replies)
... release pressure off the sciatic nerve. Just search for the words sciatic nerve release. One great sciatic nerve stretch is to stand straight facing a wall, put both hands on the wall, and bending one knee, keeping the back straight, lean forward to do gentle but firm stretches. Change legs. ... (5 replies)

... burning pain at the back of my thighs for about one month now. The pain is usually more intense on my right thigh, but both hurt. The pain is heavily aggravated while sitting, thus forcing me to stand up from my chair or move around a little bit. ... (5 replies)
... anges that take place over years from wear and tear on the spine. The discs narrow, dry out, the capsule weakens and bulges, and may press on nerve roots causing sciatica pain. The osteophytes are bone spurs, part of the arthritic process. The facets are joints off to each side of then spine, also affected by arthritis. ... (5 replies)
... one of my main problems has always been bending over with twisting being second..and now since my injury injury walking is the worst both legs and hips are affected i guess you would call it sciatica.dr says drop foot but i dont see it. ... (12 replies)
Are we done yet?
Oct 15, 2011
... Op to correct siatica and a herniated disc that has been causing pain, numbness and tingling of both legs, buttocks, hips and back. Last year I have a discectomy and it was successful but I guess I didn't baby it enough and it is back. ... (2 replies)
... I think that a doctor would probably never admit some problems. At least, those that can be covered up. Sometimes it's not possible. I was very impressed with Mayo. I can't give a real opinion until I get the final results from this first appointment amd then see how any possible treatment might go. Right now, they haven't recommended any because they don't see any reason... (23 replies)
... er in my life had any issues with my left leg, then soon after surgery for my right leg sciatica, i have a numb LEFT leg and drop foot with severe neuropothy on both legs!... ... (23 replies)
Jun 20, 2011
... t know what happened to me to day, I went to work my legs were burning and I was scared I was gong to make my back worse, the pain and burning was no worse than before. ... (6 replies)
... We sound like we could be twins going up and down those stairs:) My problems also started with severe arthritis in L4/L5 area with bone spurs, bulging disc, stenosis, calcified cyst, sciatica down both legs, severe muscle spasms (thankfully intermittant) and spondyliothesis. When I first went to the Doc for this they took an x-ray, gave me pain meds and had me do PT 2-3x per... (7 replies)
... walker and the molded, hard plastice, back brace that weighed more the me. I went back for my follow up about a month later. During this time, leg still on fire, both legs and feet were swollen every morning to the point I could not walk until the swelling went down. It was a horrible month! ... (7 replies)
... ish daily down both legs when sitting or the moment I lay down for the night. I didn't know if it was worth it to seek a NeuroSgeon again. ... (4 replies)
... o. Sometimes people have it when in their twenties for awhile, then it goes away and doesn't return for several decades. It is possible to have sciatic pain in both legs, or it can switch from one leg to the other. What we call sciatica is just a symptom coming from something else that is causing nerve compression... ... (7 replies)
... if you can't afford to do that, you at least need to see your family doctor. It sounds like you have something going on in your spine, but it doesn't sound like sciatica which makes pain run down one or both legs. It does sound like it could be spondylolithesis....or you could have a bulging disc. ... (3 replies)
... It was done without contrast (done by VA, and the don't like to use contrast. (3 replies)
... It's also possible that the MRI did not show something....was it done with contrast? I think you should discuss this with your dr. as he might want to order another MRI or ct-scan. Carol (3 replies)
... Have you had a flexion/extension X-ray? It is possible that you may have some instability at the L5-S1 segment. That level is the most common one for the development of spondylolisthesis, which is where one vertebra slides over the top of the one adjoining it. This can lead to a nerve compression...and because there is movement, the symptoms can move around. Also, and... (3 replies)
... I have had several MRI's over the years, and basically they show degenerative disc disease, primarily on the left side, S1 nerve root. Even though the MRI shows a huge herniation/ rupture into the left side root, it doesn't show anything on the right side, but I will say this, I get pain down the right side as well, just no where nearly as bad as the left. Is it possible to... (3 replies)
... After delaying surgry for almost 16 months while I underwent epidurals, nerve blocks, etc.....I finally agreed to another surgery. I may have waited too long as both my legs are weak now. ... (20 replies)

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