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... c I felt a certain spot in my spine that felt a pop and felt like I was stuck there with a hot poker. Then I got nerve pains shooting in both outer hip areas, had to shuffle, and then the spasms started in. ... (15 replies)
... ed that I couldn't do very much without triggering the lightning like pain so I have been taking it very easy ever since. But about 6 months ago I started having Sciatica type pain. Both sides of my butt hurt all the time but in general The pain is basically from the waist down. ... (13 replies)
... I have been having mild sciatica since 2005. Told by my GP at the time that it was "normal degeneration" I ignorantly didn't pursue it. The numbness was so mild I thought it went away. ... (2 replies)

... respected neurosurgeon and in Sept. 2007 I have laminectomy, fusion, insertion of cadaver bone in both discs and insertion of titanium rods and screws. ... (0 replies)
Jun 18, 2003
... Daubie, thanks for your post. It is valuable advice and I will surely seek treatment in these other arenas if the sciatica doesn't "calm down" with the adjustments, exercises and icing techniques my chiro has discussed with me. ... (6 replies)
... right legs, both on the back and front which is fine with me. Boy is it nice now to be able to have a way to deal with this severe left leg sciatica that continues to plague me! It's not perfect, but it really helps. I'm still not able to sit at all as the pain breaks through immediately upon sitting. ... (3 replies)
... s down the buttocks. It starts in the middle of the buttock and covers about 2 inches of the sides of both cheeks. There are many points there that deal with back pain, sciatica and muscles problems with the legs and feet. ... (29 replies)
Bulging Disk
May 21, 2001
... I go to bed, I need to move from one position to another because after a while I start feeling pain anyway. But I do have just a regular pillow to put between my legs and it helps... ... (3 replies)
... spinal fluid sac was nicked and I had to lay flat for 3 days. Doctor saud they did clean up a bunch of scare tissues from first surgery. I had a laminectomy for both surgeries and the second they had to add screws. ... (15 replies)
... My search has been going on now for almost 6 years. My thoracic back problem and the cervical back problem both began after I started looking for help with my lumbar spine. ... (3 replies)
... I have a bunch of problems with my back including a slight herniated disc. I have been using both ice and heatfor the past year. I love the heat the most because it soothes me and it feels so good. ... (8 replies)
... e edge of the vertebra which compresses the nerve root or spinal cord. This is called "hard disc herniation" because it is made of bony spurs. A combination of both conditions can occur as well. ... (8 replies)
... RACHEL: I needed to respond because Jenny is not a physician (nor am I) and is giving you dangerously incorrect information. Cord compression at the cervical level does NOT show up in the legs (unless your spine is cut and then you may be a paraplegic/quadriplegic). I have herniated cervical and lumbar discs. I have pain/sciatica in my legs from my lumbar (lower back)... (5 replies)
Strange symptoms
Jun 6, 2009
... I have had sciatica once before, and it is nothing like that. It does not hurt as such and it is not piercing down my leg or anything like that. ... (1 replies)
... go. After some time my legs would feel very heavy and had no energy. ... (4 replies)
... I had these wrap things on my legs that tighted up at intervals to 'massage' the legs to prevent blood clots. They're uncomfortable and hot. ... (24 replies)
... I went to ER, waiting several hours, to see MD who told me he believes I am just experiencing "disc pain and sciatica irritation." He said MRI not available at the time but hesitantly offered a CT scan 'if I wished. ... (0 replies)
... m sore inside around the surgery area and to my left side but not to touch it. I feel tenderness on my bottom and spasms between my legs on and off daily. I try not to sit long and listen to my body. Some days I feel bad and spend the day in the bed. ... (2 replies)
... I am a 44 year old active, fit guy from Tampa, FL. After years of weightlifting I had some sciatica pain back in November of 2014. It was very severe pain for about a week. Sitting was the worst. Not too bad when standing. ... (4 replies)
... I have sciatica, chronic and acute it is nearly unbearable at times. I have a heaviness in my legs that feels as if I am carrying concrete slabs around. I have weakness in my legs as if I'm going to lose my balance and fall down. ... (11 replies)

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