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... Also, since you are doing some research, the SI joint can also cause radiculopathy that is similar to what people commonly refer to as "sciatica." Also the piriformis muscles can be affected and can cause similar pain. You might want to read up on those conditions, too. (22 replies)
... Thanks..but i think my problem is Sciatica..I am having it taken care of..thedeg (22 replies)
... Denise, When did this start????? I was so surprised to see your email, All I can say is that yes I have experienced pains where I did have and did'nt have pain before, and next day they would be gone, which sometimes nearly made me feel I was totally mad !!!!!! Had a posting actually "same pain as before surgery" Sounds like abit of sciatica, did you drive much the other... (5 replies)

... Unfortunately, NO. I've had mine for about a year now and it has just gotten progressively worse and now in both legs. ... (13 replies)
... but both legs have been affected. ... (8 replies)
May 6, 2002
... also the nerve test showed that i have an l5 radiculopathy in my left leg,but both legs hurt. ... (13 replies)
Sacrum Pain
Mar 28, 2009
... hours I encountered extreme weakness in the legs making it difficult to support my body weight although no sciatica or apparent neurological deficit with my legs was otherwise noticeable. ... (0 replies)
... The reason I ask this is because before the procedure, my main concerns were intermittent sciatica in both legs, and pressure in my low back that made it difficult to stand after awhile. Sitting seemed to be OK. ... (32 replies)
... motion Frankenstein, but I walked without my sciatica pain and that's all that mattered to me then. I had back pain, but not sciatica. ... (13 replies)
... problem since my childhood. I first noticed that if I sat in our new car behind the driver and rode for a long time, I'd get bad nerve pain in my back and down both legs. Sitting anywhere else in the car was fine. ... (7 replies)
... I am about 6 and a half weeks post op and I still feel like crap. My legs are always burning and my sciatica is killing me. We should all start a rock band and call it "sciatica". ... (3 replies)
... I had 3 areas of stenosis, but only one of them was 'moderate to severe' and that's the one that was compressing on both sciatic nerves... so horrific pain down both legs. There were also bone spurs. Nothing was 'dangerous' in my MRI, but it did show why I was in so much pain and experiencing immobility from the pain. ... (5 replies)
... Hi, I had sciatica pain in left leg, which then also went into the right, and lumbar stenosis, which caused deep aching cramping pains in the backs of both legs. So I had different leg pains from different things going on. I had epidurals, which did help the sciatica pains in both legs. ... (15 replies)
... mile before my legs feel tired, especially my right leg. I have had three steroid shots for sciatica in my left leg and am now free of pain but do have a burning feeling in both legs at night, which is annoying but bearable without medication. ... (14 replies)
... years now up in the high desert. Im 44 yo..I've had sciatica for 5 years now, in both legs with low back pain. ... (17 replies)
... S1 back in January and March. I also had my knee surgery 6 weeks ago. I am in a lot of pain for the past week in my lower back left side. I know a lot of it is sciatica but I have major swelling in my feet, ankles and both legs and I have been to three doctors and they aren't sure what is going on. ... (11 replies)
... I had return of sciatica 6 months and mine began with more intense PT. They thought my fusion had failed, but infact.. I was solidy fused when they did the CT Scan. ... (11 replies)
... well im not sure if i told you guys this but here goes. yesterday i went to the er because of the severity of weakness in both of my legs and severe throbbing and gnawing in mid thoracic back. the nurse comes in and asks me what brings me to the er. ... (2 replies)
... I have never been told by any of the medical professionals I have seen since this all started that I have sciatica or that my pain in from the sciatic nerve. ... (10 replies)
... Are you seeing a neuro? The burning in the thigh and tingling could be signs of MS. I would ask about it. (9 replies)

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