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... I have done PT and medications are tricky for me as I have a gastric condition which limits my intake of most pain killers and anti inflamitories.... ... (3 replies)
... Your pain pattern sounds like a typical case of a L5 nerve compression...and the pain sounds like what doctors call a typical sciatica. ... (3 replies)
Dec 7, 2003
... The pain will go through your bum and down to your toes. When it's real bad... ... (2 replies)

... I am a 44 year old active, fit guy from Tampa, FL. After years of weightlifting I had some sciatica pain back in November of 2014. It was very severe pain for about a week. Sitting was the worst. Not too bad when standing. ... (4 replies)
... Just stumbled on this site, as I was searching the web for some answers, as I am in more pain than I have ever been in my life any feel like I'm at the end of my rope. ... (10 replies)
... year old female in good physical shape. I just lost 50 lbs. through eating right and exercising. I work out 5x wk on the treadmill and 3x week with a trainer. 3 weeks ago, I developed a very pain ful left hip..went to my internist.. ... (4 replies)
... c I've had severe sciatica where I couldnt sleep either. I couldnt sit, stand, or lay down. Actually laying down was even worse for me one time. ... (5 replies)
... Im 23 years old and was an active runner, and exercised regularly. Two years ago, I felt this slight pain begin deep in my right buttock. Within a week or two, it became pretty intense. I've been dealing with it ever since, and can't get it to go away. ... (2 replies)
... Did anyone suggest to you that you might have a lower lumbar disc issue that is causing both the sciatic pain and what is thought to be the hip bursitis? ... (4 replies)
... There is a machine called a Pro Adjuster that is used folks like me with fusion surgery who are not canidates for traditional chiro manipulation. It is said of it that it adjust yer spine throught a laser or some kind of mechanism. ... (2 replies)
... I was told that I might have injured it a long time ago, but only now feeling the pain now. ... (2 replies)
... c I had no choice. I need an income so somehow i've had to just do it no matter how much pain I was in. ... (10 replies)
... I've gone to a pain management clinic, seen a shrink, had biofeed back, all done by WSIB. ... (5 replies)
... I just re read your original post and think I misunderstood when you said sciatica. The original post indicates you get a sharp pain on occasion that runs down your leg. Does this mean you do not have leg pain when standing or walking? ... (13 replies)
... to the right bulge with no nerve compression. My pain is on the LEFT side. ... (3 replies)
... years later. Things got progressively bad in the past 2 years. I am suffering from quite a bit of low back pain, that is chronic. I am also suffering from groin pain and a constantly tight hip flexor muscle. Rarely, I get shooting pains in my feet. ... (1 replies)
... Majority of the time, the pain is not constant. If I lay down, there is usually no pain. The pain normally occurs when I change position, bend backwards or forward, and walk. If I stand or sit for more than a half hour the pain starts. ... (11 replies)
... When i stand i get numbness around the outside of my knee on my right leg, as soon as i move it stops. On my left side i get pain in the shin and calf area and also in my groin. I wake at night with the pain on my left groin area and can't lie on that side. ... (4 replies)
... So after 4 years of dealing with pain that was mostly with sitting and flaring up in the middle of the night.... in the blink of an eye it completely changed today. ... (3 replies)
... growing aggravated lower back issue. Months back I felt hip pain, almost like sciatica pain, and it seemed to have gone away. Then I developed later what seemed to be a lower back ache. ... (3 replies)

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