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... ve had 3 episodes of extreme sciatica. The first time it happened, I thought I felt it coming on slowly, my right leg was really sore for some reason. I remember waking up one morning soon after that in excrutiating pain. I could barely walk from the pain. I toughed it out and went to work. I didn't know what was wrong with me. ... (0 replies)
... Hi sassy. Yes, do tell the doctor about these symptoms. He may order an MRI to see if there is anything going on in your lumbar area. Be sure to make note of what makes it worse and if there is anything you do that makes it better. Please stay in touch and let us know what happens. Carol (10 replies)
... I've long had pain from my left hip that sometimes shot to my knee. I recently have started having knee problems. But, my question about sciatica comes from my more recent symptoms--I'm waking up at night with burning pain that starts in my left hip & shoots all the way down to my feet which have been achy all over & it's worse at night, pain & burning, especially intense... (10 replies)

... is my pain is a 10 plus... and especially when I get up of the morning... I sleep flat on my back, that is the only way I get relief... and I wake throughout the night with my legs and such.. ... (8 replies)
Jan 21, 2011
... the lidocaine in the patches is absorbed thru the skin to the nerves. they really help my neck pain at night while i am sleeping. the only thing that prevents me from waking up with neck pain. ... (34 replies)
... I get something similar to this. When I lie down at night and get relaxed,my tailbone feels like all the nerves are waking up and going haywire. Unless I pop my back it doesn't go away. It feels like there is a lot of pressure there too. ... (5 replies)
... blems with my back are lumbar lordosis, sciatica, spodylolisthesis and a pars fracture. My pain like you said, started in the morning and would often wake me up at night. It was so bad that I had difficulty breathing. I didn't wait to see a doctor. ... (6 replies)
Severe Back Pain
Jun 23, 2003
... Don't let anyone tell you the pain is all in your head! You keep at the doctors until you get resolution to your pain. Some ideas could be your intermittent shots of major pain are due to a nerve being impinged... ... (6 replies)
... as out in the back yard and was running the weedeater, and stepped in a hole and twisted and fell... fell onto my hurt but I ignored it... later that night I began to have horrible, horrible pain, worse then my typical sciatic pain....especially in my leg just where your butt meets your leg.. ... (6 replies)
... or so down my left leg. Post op its excruciating at times in same area in back and sciatica is worsening. Doc says no hardware is out of place? ... (8 replies)
Jun 10, 2011
... y. With excellent Doctors, strong family and friend support and prayers you can navigate your way thru that tough, tough, tough first week.I can remember vividly waking up from the surgery and thinking... ... (10 replies)
... I don't have a bottle of that sciatica homeopathic, but there isn't anything in there to hurt you. It decreases the inflamation around the spine naturally. Puts the body back in balance. ... (10 replies)
... beforehand, but for me being on 5mg of Xanax a day, it never worked, Actually it did nothing at all, he said it was because of the Xanax. ... (12 replies)
... First....I am so sorry for your pain and I know how you feel. My sciatica focused across the top of my foot so the blanket or sheet just touching it was horrible. ... (10 replies)
... Started waking up with bad back pain almost 4 years ago. ... (44 replies)
... At the age of 13 whilst playing on a park suffered what I think was a slipped or ruptured disc at L5. Crawled home 2 miles on hands and knees felt like i'd broken my back in agony. Spent several days in bed drugged to the eyeballs by my GP. ... (5 replies)
... d. My back got so bad I could not find any comfortable position or height to wrap the Christmas presents and no friends would help. Then just after Christmas the sciatica in my left leg started, constant and worsening. In the end, end of January on the Monday I saw one of my two GPS. ... (0 replies)
It hurts!
Dec 27, 2004
... I don't know what this is, it just started last evening and kept me up all night long! It is very uncomfortable, and painful and my meds don't help AT ALL. ... (18 replies)
... k pain. I had pain in the right buttock area and it was a very sharp pain. I had pain all the way down the back of my right leg and my two little toes. I had the sciatica severely and I was tripping all the time. After I had my discogram I had begun to use a quad cane and was dragging my leg and could barely walk at any distance. ... (156 replies)
... per week. I have just finished with visit 22 and no real relief to speak of. When I started I was in pretty good shape...sleepoing through the night and had minor pain daily. Unfortunatley, like another memeber, my pain came considerably worse after the 7th treatment. ... (8 replies)

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