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... Hi! I can't really answer your questions on getting the calf cramps from sciatica, but, I found out I have a herniated disc in my lower back, and was told that can cause leg cramps, as well as pain and discomfort in the legs. ... (9 replies)
... Make sure the leg cramps can't be something else either. ... (9 replies)
... what do you do for cramps in your calf muscle and are ther any exercises to help restore muscle in your leg I got pretty good bit of atrophyalso. does neurotin help with cramps? ... (9 replies)

... tch the lower legs. OF course I don't know if I explained this stretch good enough for anyone to figure out, LOL...but I hope so. Of course I dont know what your cramps are due to, so if it's something other than just tight muscles, it might not do any good. ... (9 replies)
... I've had horrible daily leg cramps for years. Nothing ever seemed to help. Then more back problems started in so had to go to the dr for a dx and was prescribed Lyrica for the burning pain. ... (9 replies)
... The mention of the Ivory soap for leg cramps is quite interesting! My son just told me he heard the same thing on a medical program. Where exactly do you put the soap..... ... (9 replies)
... and the other day my left calf started in a few times. Actually my left hand has been, also. Before surgery I had severe spasms all the time all over my body, it pretty much stopped after surgery until I got another problem. ... (23 replies)
Severe Leg cramps
Jan 31, 2008
... shots in November. I had the 6th shot a week ago. Next step is radio frequency. About a month ago I started getting horrible leg cramps. I use to get toe cramps that came and went over the years. Nothing this bad. Lately they are worse and worse. I woke up yesterday with a horrible pain in my calf. ... (23 replies)
Charley Horse
Apr 4, 2007
... at least I am honest about it. LOL. If I remember right, you are one week 2. I began having cramps off and on from week 2 to 6. They were very severe. ... (21 replies)
... I want to give you a very good advice and if you follow it, you will forget about your cramps and if you ever develop them again, just do it again and they will stay away from you for a while. ... (7 replies)
... Thank you for asking this question. I too suffer from this in my right leg. My doc upped my skelaxix which helps a little but makes you sleep longer. It doesn't help as well as I would like but if I don't take it, it is quite a bit worse. It gets so bad that my ankle will either curl in our our (very painful) in a spasm while sleeping. Good luck! (9 replies)
... They also told me to try capascin which is a topical cream you can buy at the pharmacy. It has red pepper in it. BUT be careful, I put way to much on and severley regretted it. (9 replies)
... You might try: *icy hot or bengay and massage it in. *hot tub/bath *Magnesium with vitamin D *ivory soap under your bed sheets under the leg (wives tale but does work) *drink orange juice *drink a tonic water *get a bananna (9 replies)
... Please, i would like to know this also? Monkey (9 replies)
... morning and they were moving me off of Valium back to Skelaxin. I am taking it the full four times a day and also bought a tube of Biofreeze to massage into the calf areas where it hurts so bad. They weren't wanting to give me much of anything else and said it would just take time. ... (4 replies)
... minutes, but my calf will ache for days. Can the back injury cause these cramps? ... (11 replies)
... Hi there, This is my first post so I hope I get it right. I,m 40 and suffered for 12 months with "pure" they say. I had no back pain to talk of, just excrutiating pain from above my left buttock/hip and all the way down my left leg, ankle and foot. I believe it is unusual for sciatica to affect ONLY the front of the leg? Eventually I had MRI scan followed by... (12 replies)
... I've had three lumbar back surgeries and after the third I was getting terrible leg cramps mostly in my calf and sometimes in the but and hamstring. The leg would tighten up so bad I couldn't even move and would just have to wait it out with tears in my eyes. ... (14 replies)
... has anyone experienced severe cramps in both calves as a result of a herniated disk? ... (7 replies)
Mri analysis
Jun 15, 2012
... feet first. From that time on I ended up with a severe hunch over, weakening in my left arm and right leg gained calf cramps. ... (2 replies)

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